SUCBTH Chapter 12

Demon Sword

After the lunch break, D-class member once again gathered on the sport ground wearing jersey.


The difference with their first time* is that everyone wearing phantom converter on their arm. [TL : Running 30 laps from chapter 9]



「This time it’s will be light sparring by using Phantom Weapon. Since many of you didn’t get that experience yesterday」



When Ooma their homeroom teacher saying that, the student faces brightened and they look delightful.


Thanks to Tendouji Ayato holy sword incident, except for Souji who was his opponent, the rest of them can’t even use their Phantom Weapon to their satisfaction, so they’re accumulating a little frustation.



「As explained by Hoshina sensei yesterday, your body that already wearing converter is being protected by a barrier called Phantom Material Armor so you won’t be receive an injury」



The keyword requirement is different with the Phantom Weapon, the Phantom Material Armor activating automatically, and the students body already wrapped in powerful transparent membrane.



「But, if you continously receiving attack, your Phantom Armor will soon reaching it’s limit, you should’ve hear about the dissapearing of Phantom Weapon and Phantom Material Armor」


「That sound like MP」





While nodding to Eisuke muttering, Souji’s thinking back about his conversation with Kyoko.



(The Phantom subtance that was forming the Phantom Weapon is said as mysterious kind of materials which is created by altering energy to a form according to human imagination. In short you can say that it’s depending on how much you can manipulating 『Phantom Material Interference Ability』 )


High phantom material interference ability means that one’s can manipulating more powerful the phantom material, releasing powerful special ability repeatedly, and defending againts many attack.


If that ‘s the case, there’s still one problem.



(What’s she mean by the power of mind?)



The indomitability courage to never give up at all even in the most desperate situation.


The will of steel to perserve no matter how much the trouble or crisis fallen upon one’s.


That kind of power is what come to him. But ———-.



(How can it be, it’s just that your lack of training, isn’t it?)



If mental strength have a direct connection with battle ability, it won’t come to the degree of surpassing the few elites of SDF after all, shouldn’t they do the training of average ranger?.


Instead, A-Class the so called the most extreme pinnacle management is loosely as they’re playing futsal.



(Phantom Weapon Interference Ability, is that mental strength different from what I think ?)



Is what he felt, though he didn’t have the evidence for his hyputhesis.


When referring to what kind of power is it, he really didn’t have any idea about what it is.



「The PHantom Armor alarm will ring one time when the it reduced by half, furthermore the alarm set that it won’t stop ringing once it’s on the verge of it’s limit. But, if you didn’t heard any of that sound in the midst of zealous battle, you can keep battling as long as you like」[TL : Sound like ultraman to me]



As addition, though there’s possibilities that there’ll be one’s who’s attacking with ill intent, you won’t feel anything in this place.



「That’s why, when your opponent armor, the match will start after both parties set auto lock on their Phantom Weapon  」



And saying adding to make sure that there won’t be any accident during the match.



「A~nd, make sure to report to me before starting your match. The one who starting the match without permission will be ………… Well, just pray so that it won’t happen」



Though he didn’t state the punishment, it’ll certainly terrible.


Everyone trying to find a sparing partner while trembling due to Ooma threat.



「Brother, let’s spar now」


「Yeah, wait a —— 」





A pleasant and energetic voice cutting between them the moment Souji’s about to accept Eisuke invitation.


The owner of that voice who pointed her finger like an attorney was, Hirasaka Hinata.



「Will you spar with me, Souji-kun?」


「I don’t mind」



Souji peeping at Eisuke next to him while a little surprised due to the sudden change of event.


And then, Eisuke puffing his face with a cool smile, pretending to not seeing him.



「Brother, I pray for your happiness」




「Since I’m going to spar with Itsuki, I won’t envy YOu-AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaarGHhhhhhhh ——————! 」



Running away while raising a loser wail, Eisuke throwing himself on the chest of a pretty boy, and receiving beating from the surrounding boys.



「What’s he mean ?」


「It doesn’t mean in that way …………..」



Well leaving Eisuke antics aside, Souji back who didn’t care about such things caused Hinata to blushing a little.


Anyhow, they then requesting for a match to Ooma and standing opposite each other in wuite disance.



「「Armitize*」」 [TLC :  武装化 – Armament activation]



Light gushing out from their Phantom Converter and bring forth legendary weapon into their hand.


Souji sharp spear, Dragonfly slicer “Tonbogiri”, Materialized.


On his opposite, Hinata is waving a Katana outside of it’s scabbard.


When she slowly unsheathing that katana, the bluish blade appeared along with chilly air as if freezing even his body.


That’s ice or maybe dry ice, it’s always emitting chilly cold smoke.



「Gleaming Sword[氷の刃, or Ice Blade, or Ice Brand] ……… no, the Katana that emitting mist, could it be Murasame ?」


「He~, you know about it with just a glance」



She feel it’s amazing that he know that without her explaining about it so, Hinata give her honest admiration.



「That’s right, this is the sword of Inuzuka Shino of Eight Dog Warrior from Nanso Satomi Hakkenden*, Murasame parts should be scattering ———- or so it says in the internet**」 [TL : Nanso Satomi Hakkenden[Tale of Eight Dogs] is a novel written by Kyokutei Bakin in 1814 – 1842]  [TLC** : 「そう、これは南総里見八犬伝の八犬士・犬塚信乃の刀、抜けば玉散る村雨丸――って、全部ネットで調べたんだけどね」]



Whether it is useless or she choose to not read the book further, Hinata swing her katana while smiling wryly.


And then, drop of water created from the blade, made a splashing sound as it’s dropped to the ground and made it wet.



「It’ll washing the blade even if it’s used to kill human, it’s sharpness will never reduced but, they say it’su seless against CE. No wonder it’s deemed as useless with just this」



She’s gripping it while looking at it with warm eyes.


The blade is without wavering, she positioning it right in the middle stance in front of her, though her arms and shoulder is relaxing without any futile movement, both her feet filled with power within that interval*. [TLC* : 刀身はぶれる事なく、正中線と真っ直ぐ重なり、肩や腕は無駄に力まずリラックスしながらも、両足は一瞬で間合いを詰められるように力が満ちている。 ] [TL : Kendo Middle stance]


「Are you experienced with kendo?」


「Even if I’m look like this, I’m a regular in national championship. That’s why, I ———— Won’t feel dissapointed with my weapon!」



In that moment, Hinata’s leaped at him as if her body is bouncing.



「MEeeeeeeeee*―――!」[TL : She want to shout “MEN” in kendo term, just a reminder]



Facing the high speed face guard attack with all of her power, Souji receiving it with middle part of the shaft of his spear.


But, that’s not the end of Hinata attack.


Consecutive slash coming from both of his side rushing at him like an avalanche.






While repelling that attack with his spear, Souji’s grimacing facing such troublesome attack.


Everytime he receiving the attack, the cold fog that was bursting out from Murasame spraying on his face like sand.



(Even if it’s useless againts CE, this ability is troublesome if the opponent is human)



If he’s trying to take some distance, Hinata will definitely won’t miss that chance.


Taking some breath in the middle of when their weapon interlocked, the moment Souji tried to take some distance, Hinata slashing at his right wrist as she quickly retreating backward.


(Hiki Kote!) [TL : It’s one of kendo technique — > 引き小手っ]


Souji immediately separating his right hand from the shaft of his spear and evaded it while rolling to the back as if falling on his bottom.


To prevent against pursuit he sweep his spear horizontally while getting up, Hinata who’s seemingly guessing that correcting her stance to the middle stance* in the beginning while adjusting her breath.  [TL* : Chudan no Kamae]


Their terrific exchange of offence and defence causing some commotion from the classmate who were watching them.



「As I though, even my sure kill pattern is useless」



While pouting as if a little frustated, Hinata praising Souji skill.



「Nope, I’m also surprised by your speed. But, Isn’t that too light for a  if you’re going for a『Kill』 *? [TLC * :  ただ、本当に『斬る』には軽すぎるんじゃないか?]


「………. Tch, you can even read as far as that」



When his words pricking her sore spot, Hinata eyebrows creased from pouting.


Since kendo is a sword fight without danger which using wooden sword[Bokutou] or real sword[shinken], for safety reason it’s using protector and shinai[bamboo sword], that sport is changed depending on the estabilishing rule, even at the current age where bullet is exchanged, there’s no great game that could beat swordmanship*. [TLC : 剣道は真剣や木刀で斬り合う危険な剣術から、竹刀や防具を使って安全にし、ルールを定めてスポーツ化する事により、銃弾の飛び交う現代でも、剣の道を残した偉大な競技である。]



On the other hand it’s transformed into a really different swordfight by hitting specific parts such as Dou[Body]*, [Kote[Gauntlet]*, and Tsura[face guard]*, hitting those specific parts quickly.


Though Hinata sword swiftly hitting her opponent, she draw a line and didn’t go for a kill*. [TLC* : 陽向の剣は素早く相手を叩くが、巻き藁を引いて斬る動きではなく。]


Though there’s everchanging skill, one’s can still hit specific parts like foot, upper arms, or shoulder without training.


「Well, it’s not like I’m qualified to said that too」



Even Souji’s  Sorachi spear arts style was a technique which is completely being polished as anti-personal martial arts to it’slimit, it didn’t have any scenario which it could be utilized to battling the like of a crystal opponent who could shoot energy beam, it’s usefulness in a battle againts CE isn’t that much different from kendo.


Nevertheless, his mind is calmed down with this match, though he didn’t have any intention to yield either.



「Next, please receive my attack」



Suddenly raising his spear, then pointing the tip toward Hinata body.


Though it’s called Phantom Material Armor, in fear of ponting the naked blade, in a short moment he’s aiming at her body, he take a stance with Tonbogiri*. [TLC* : 幻子装甲があるとはいえ、抜き身の刃を向けられる恐怖に、彼女の体が強張った一瞬を狙い、蜻蛉切が伸びた。]





The thrust that even faster in the blink of an eyes which won’t give any leeway for evasion nor defence is coming at Hinata left shoulder.



「Kuh!!! 」


Being obstructed with Phantom Material Armor, let alone not receiving even one injury, even an impact won’t endanger their life.


With her legs staggered when the spear hit her shoulder, then he executing his second thrust without letting her to breath*.  [TL* : I don’t know how to translate this [二撃目] –> I’ll use Xnumber Thrust for the time being]



「I guess I should take this seriously huh*!」


She clumsily revolving her body to for defence and then, though Hinata trying to slashing at him, the second thrust of his spear tip preventing that.






Though she tried to prevent that with her sweep, Souji’s pulling his spear as if already reading that move, and using the recoil to execute the third thrust with all his might hitting her legs.



「……! 」


Unable to withstand the impact, she fall on her knees.


Though that was the best chance to pursue her, Souji missed that chance and putting his attention to the back as he shift his attention to Hinata.





「What’s matter?」


「Is the degree of Phantom Material Armor endurance different for the place that got hit ?」


「Nope, it’s same for all spot」



Ooma answered back while admiring the match between them.



「It was something like HP in video game.  Whether you’re attacking finger or head, one attack will only causing one damage」



In short, there’s no need to worry for one’s to fall in one hit on the contrary, even just one graze enough to shave one’s armor, which will lead their armor to reach it’s limit soon.



「Then must we avoid all the incoming attack at all cost? Isn’t that asking for impossible」



Hinata standing again while gritting her teeth in frustation and set her stance again.


In middle school division, tsuki* is a banned move, even ignoring the fact that she’s not used to that move, Souji thrust is just too fast. [TL* : A stance where a kendoist taking a stabbing stance, it’s highly difficult move and banned for the one who’s not used to it as it’s targetting throat] [TL : One wrong move and it’ll be mistaken as 18+ WN]


But, the beam attack of CE is at the same speed as it, or maybe even faster.



「Here I come」



Looking at Hinata stance, Souji resuming his attack.


HIs thrust that coming like a bullet in succession is as if being absorbed by her limbs. [TL : Meaning that she’ll become a human full of hole if it’s real weapon]



「To be able to do, this ……!」



Though Hinata’s trying desperately to ward it, even that can’t keep up with his attack.


At the same time as his 14th thrust hit her left shoulder, the alarm bell reverbrating from her arm converter and then both of their Phantom Weapon is vanished at the same time.



「That’s it, Game Set」



With Ooma declaration of the end of the match, the clapping sound resounding from the classmates who’s watching their match.



「Ha~h, it’s my defeat right ……………………. 」



Even while taking a deep sigh, Hinata didn’t forget to show her gratitude after match bow.


As it’s also Souji habit, he returned her bow.



「Thank you very much, that’s a nice fight」


「Same here, thank you for having a match with me」



Souji obediently catching Hinata’s hand which is offered to handshake.


But, she was suddenly pulled her hand instantly after that.






With his balance suddenly disturbed by that, Hinata lightly headbutting Souji forehead who’s falling forward.



「I’m really grateful to become your opponent. But, Could you stop going easy on me ? 」


「That’s ……………. 」


「Please don’t lie to me, you’re only aiming at my legs or arms 」



Though Souji’s attack only at those place, it’s easy to apply stabbing attack due to it’s wider target, and he didn’t even once thrusting his spear to a place such as her body or face.



「Moreover, That’s not the only way to use Tsuki*」[TL* : Pierce stance]



It showed in his fight against Tendouji Ayato, Tsuki* isn’t the only kind of strike he didn’t use, he also didn’t include smiting[kyouda : 強打] or mow down[Nagiharai : 薙ぎ払] in between his attack. And the reason for this is ———



「This is a mock battle assuming that the opponent is CE right ? If I can’t avoid that attack, there’s no way I can avoid laser beam attack right?」


「No, I just……」



To Souji frantically trying to made an excuse as he’s seen through, Hinata let go of his hand.


「It’s okay, it’s not like I’m being angry at you because you’re against this useless me」



Souji’s using his heart since he’s against a girl, furthermore she’s completely defeated even when he’s cutting corner, so she’s unable to forgive her own weakness.



「Even so, Though I’m confident that I won’t lose to normal men …………. I still can’t beat the trained one」


Hinata smiling till her teeth can be seen while saying that*. [TL : sunny smile]


In front of her dazzling smile, beaming brightly like dazzling sunshine, Souji feeling ashamed to his own shallowness.



「I’m, really sorry for that」


「I’ve said before, you’re not wrong. But, if it’s really weighting your mind, you’ll be going all out for our next match right?」


「yeah, it’s promise」



Souji entangled his own rustic pinky finger to the slender pinky finger which is offered by her.


Someone is coughing from behind while they’re creating their own world.



「Cough, though I’m okay with you showing your brilliant spring time of youth, you’re not forgetting that we’re still in the middle of lesson right?」





Being reminded by Ooma, finally recalling that they’re being seen by their classmates, Hinata untied their linking pinky finger with flushed red face.



「Hinata-chan, you’re so bold isn’t ?」


「Ko-Kokoa! Please stop with that strange misunderstanding!」


「T-That kind of face against a boy, so ecchi-desu …………. 」


「Even Kanna !? 」



Hinata beginning to made an uproar as she’s being teased by her girlfriends.


An arm strongly tapping Souji shoulder who’s smiling from his back.



「……Brother, as I thought should we have a match to decide the winner? 」



Dwelling inside Eisuke eyes who’s already gripping his club is a thich killing intent composing of envy[羨望] and jealousy[嫉妬] .


Several other guys who’s also clad in black aura also waiting for their turn behind EIsuke.



「Haa~h, Are you sure?」





Without even trying to hide his fruitless enmity, Eisuke began to dance like a savage tribe.


There’s no need to say that the corpse of those unpopular guys is scattered across the sport ground few minutes later.

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