SUCBTH Chapter 10


「W~e are the lively ACE troops♪」


「What’s up with your weak voices, yell a little louder!」
「「「We are the lively ACE troops!」」」
「Yosh, running from morning till evening♪」
「「「 Running from morning till evening!」」」

Running in desperation were the D-class students, singing marching songs often heard in movies. Behind them was Ooma, who chased them from behind as they lightly circled the sports ground.


All those who were in sports clubs during middle school were somehow able to keep up with Ooma, while those who were in liberal arts clubs quickly tired out.

「I can’t run anymore…」
「I-I almost died…」

Itsuki, whose lack of stamina could be seen at a glance, and Kanna were both breathing heavily and collapsed in succession, turning the sports ground into a corpse-littered field.
「Gentlemen, although I don’t mind even if you stop running, I won’t let you return to the classroom until you’ve finished 50 laps. Don’t worry, sensei will keep you company till night」

Hearing Ooma’s heartless words, the ones who collapsed screamed, regretting their lack of stamina before getting back on their feet and continuing to walk.
「T-This Gorilla is a demon…」

Since Eisuke still had some spare stamina thanks to being a member of the tennis club (which he entered to become more popular with girls), he muttered a complaint. Naturally, it entered the so-called demon coach’s ears.
「Since you still have room for more, I’ll add 10 more laps just for you」
「HIIIIiiiii!? Please forgive me, Neanderthal-sensei!」
「Yoosh, I’ll give you 30 more laps for free」

Looking at Eisuke who raised such a strange voice, the rest of the class was thinking the same thing.
Is that guy an M?


——— Or.
While he performed such an act, the students who were former sports club members somehow managed to finished their quota.

「The last lap is a dash!」

While screaming, they were forced to endure a dash for their last lap, as if there were whips lashing at their sore legs.

「Good, you did it, now make sure you keep yourselves hydrated」

Ooma showed his appreciation to the students who were still running by offering a kettle filled with water, still looking as if he could keep running for longer.

「Such monstrous stamina…」
「He is a monste~r…」

Slumping on the ground, Hinata and Kokoa couldn’t even walk anymore.

「Speaking of monsters, then THAT guy too」
Looking over with stunned expressions, they watched the two people who were lapping the rest of the class.
They were Eisuke, who got an extra 30 laps despite looking out of breath already, and his friend Souji who kept him company, wearing a normal expression that didn’t show signs of exhaustion or breathlessness at all.

「You… how can… you’re still that calm…?」
「Because I’m used to this」

Whether it was helping with his family’s field, or spear training with his grandfather, or playing in the mountain with the neighbourhood kids.


Except for the times when he had to study for school, Souji was constantly moving his body. This kind of running wasn’t even enough for a warm up.

「But, this training is very light, isn’t it」
「…Are you sane?」

Though Eisuke was grimacing when he said that joke, Souji answered him with a serious look on his face.
「As a soldier in training, your way of thinking is too weak」
「Well, that’s true…」

Though the 50 laps assigned by Ooma was too severe for students without stamina, it’s not that hard for students originally from a sports club.


If they were running on unleveled marshlands or forests, it surely would have been an endurance contest that’d make them vomit blood.
As training for a soldier who’ll be sent to the battlefield, this was indeed even sweeter than candy.

「Though that’s true, how can you call this training sweet!」

Eisuke, who rebuked in an frustrated tone, had forgotten about his anger and pointed to the side of the school building.


With its sections covered by verdant green lush, there were only level, bright brown colored drylands.
There, were the students of A-class who were currently enjoying themselves, happily playing futsal.

「GO, Otome!」
「Kyaa~, my kick isn’t that strong」
「Ayato-kun, you’ll be on the same team as me after this」

Without even trying to win the game, it was completely as if they were just playing around.
That place was the paradise of a bittersweet youth, which was the polar opposite of the D-class who were drenched in a sweaty hell.

「Look properly at those A-class students!」

Initially suspicious of why Eisuke became so furious, Souji looked over towards A-class and immediately knew the reason.
There was not even a single male student, except for Tendouji Ayato.
In other words, it’s a SUPER HAREM of ALL HIS CLASSMATES.

「Eisuke, your kansai dialect!」

Even Souji broke into a cold sweat looking at his friend, who was so angry that he reverted to his standard dialect.

「Ogre-sensei, what the hell is THAT!」[TL : his name is Ooma[Great Horse] a bit different from Ooga[Ogre]] 「It’s Ooma. Yeah, aren’t they disappointing?」
「How can ye’ be okay with that! Let’s just break that lady-killer’s balls RIGHT NOW!」
Eisuke had completely snapped to the point that he threw the kettle at his homeroom teacher.
But, the one in the great field didn’t even notice that.
「Most girls are excellent students, so it’s only natural that most of them are gathered in A-class」
「There’s exact data that shows that those girls’ compatibility with phantom weapon is high」

「I mean that’s too biased, right? How can 70% of our class be yankee males!」
「Since the boys’ suitability is low, it’s obvious that this is a gathering of leftovers」
「Even so, even so-!」

Eisuke vigorously pointed at the frolicking girls of A-class while shedding tears of blood.


That’s right, all of them, basically EVERY SINGLE girl in A-class was a peerless beauty who won’t lose to idols or super models. It was a complete gathering of beauties.

「Compared to that MELON paradise, the girls in our class are just like CRUSHED[FLATtened] POTATOES, aren’t they?」[TL : MELON is well it’s their size, crushed potato is FLATtened Potato]

「Kokoa, hold his left arm」
「Okay, I’ll leave his right arm to you, right, Hinata-chan」

Both halves of that too-honest idiot were being locked by the two girls.

「EH, how can you be this fast? Don’t tell me, this is love confession!?」
「Yeah, you’ll accompany us and chat for a while ri~ght? 」

While Eisuke had already begun forming flower fields in his brain, the petite Kokoa’s friendly smile had a hint of a grin as she dragged Eisuke behind the school building.
Except for the timid Kanna, the other girls also silently followed them.


And then not long after they had completely vanished behind the school building, a terrifying, agony-filled death rattle resounded throughout the school grounds.
「He really is an idiot…」

In response to someone’s mutterings, the rest of the boys nodded their heads in agreement.
Even his friend Souji already offered a prayer for the dead, then turned to look at Ooma’s face again.

「Sensei, how much of that story from just now is true? 」
「Eh? About what? 」
Ooma was naturally smiling without even needing to hear Eisuke’s loud scream.
But, it was just an act. His eyes were clearly unstable for a moment.

「Hou, the ones who have already finished their assignment return to the class immediately. There’s still some class time left」



To Ooma who’s ordering them to return, even Souji can’t continue his investigation and could only following his order obediently.


Since Ooma told them to return, even Souji couldn’t continue his investigation and could only follow his order obediently.
But, his homeroom teacher muttered in a voice low enough so that he was the only one who could hear it.

「Don’t think too much about it」[TL : it could be translated as “Do not put your trust too much into it”]

Without even giving a warning, his words were full of kindness, as if trying to suppress his student’s anxiety.

That’s why, meekly nodding his head, Souji headed off towards the back of the school building, taking the worn out rags that were his classmates along with him.

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