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 ­ Awakened while Threading Beads (2)

TLed and Edited by: Evilarmour

Proofread by: JSmith



[Bead Thread] [F]


Threads beads.



Was what the information window read.


“F? Is it saying the skill is F rank?”


It appeared to be the case from the way it was right next to the skill.


Hunters were ranked from F-rank upwards.


The abilities used by Hunters were also said to be ranked from F upwards, based on data such as strength and effect radius.


To have confirmed such a thing like this having thought it had nothing to do with me.


It was a huge shock [1]


He was still in a state of bewilderment but Hyun Soo instinctively knew.


He had awakened as a Hunter.


Normally one had to take the secondary examinations to awaken, but it wasn’t like there weren’t cases of unrelated ordinary people or trainees who had given up the Hunter training process, awakening.


That may have been the reason why he clung to that thread-like hope.


The fact that the supernatural phenomenon that only occurred to Hunters, a dream that he had thought a lost cause, was happening before his eyes made the whole situation feel unreal.

His rank would be low not having developed his ability but what mattered was that he had awakened as a Hunter.

Just by being a Hunter, there were many more jobs he could do.

Since the appearance of the Dimension Gate, mortals were forbidden entry into the Dimension Gates as they were unable to return should they enter.

They were unable to return as they were unable to deal with the monsters as well but ultimately they were unable to escape the entrance of the Dimension Gate.

In other words, while it was possible to go in, going out was impossible.

As a result, mortals, no matter how good their physical abilities, cannot go through a Dimension Gate.

“However, I can enter now.”

Regardless of their rank, no matter how low, just by awakening and going into a Dimension Gate, it’s a different story.

Even working as a handyman or a porter [2], the number of zeros for the amount of money earned changed significantly.

While it was chump change to what real Hunters earned, what one makes would be beyond compare to the amount they would earn from part-time jobs at convenience stores or net cafes.

“It’s the jackpot. This really is a huge jackpot[3].”

This day is full of surprises.

I still have no idea what’s happening but I’ve managed to pass the crisis for the moment.

Given that he had awakened as a Hunter there were plenty of ways to earn money.

There were numerous other things to check out even before that but what was important was that the crisis had been avoided.

“What other things are there……?”

Searching the floating window here and there with his finger, Hyun Soo’s eyes widened.

There was a skill with a mere SS rank.

Hyun Soo’s eyes flew wide open. He couldn’t breathe.


► Skill List

[Interface] [SS]

[Skill Make] [D]

[Bead Thread] [F]


“Is this real?”

He wasn’t crazy for sure. It wasn’t a dream either.

Weird. Then are my eyes playing tricks?

One of the three skills was SS. Immediately his eyes moved towards it.

Hyun Soo rubbed his eyes again.

Yet still the letters ‘SS’ did not disappear.

He could see nothing else. Only the letters entered his eyes.


If asked if he knew much about Hunters his answer was ‘no’.

He did know more than other people. He was once in the Hunter Training institution after all.

However, that was a long time ago.

There will surely be a difference in basic knowledge in comparison to experience-based knowledge.

Despite that, Hyun Soo could feel it.

Sparkling letters SS. It almost seemed like the letters were emitting light.


A SS-rank skill in addition to the Hunter awakening.

SS-ranks skills were ones that were few in number even throughout the world.

The most famous one was America’s S-rank Hunter, Mikhail’s ‘Phoenix’.

A merciless flame skill that can instantly neutralise the energy fields of A-rank monsters.

Its appearance was almost like that of a bird on flames and was thus named Phoenix.

The most popular and well-known Phoenix.

Mikhail once stated in an interview.

“Phoenix is a magical skill that made me into a S-rank. Of course the appearing of Hunters and occurrence of magic-like events mean that reality is a far off dream.”

There was nothing more to be said on the importance of a SS-rank skill given that a S-rank Hunter said himself that “80% of what made me who I am is the SS-rank skill”.

A skill that allows anyone to become a S-rank Hunter!

That was a SS-rank skill.

It was unclear how it would help but it was evident that it would be a significant factor.

“Well, your rank would rise rapidly if you slew heaps of monsters with a super strong skill.”

Hyun Soo put little thought into it.

It was obvious.

Putting in a lot of effort with a strong power would naturally produce reflective results.

“My life’s all set. This is really a huge jackpot. All the hardships I went through is all going away.”

All he had done was thread beads and suddenly his world had changed.

He had earned something so big that it was almost scary.

But even bigger than that was the feeling that everything was getting out of his control.

“Calm, I need to calm down. They tell you to get yourself together even when you win the lottery. If you don’t control yourself after winning the lottery and go gossiping, hawkers and all sorts of community groups and even relatives you’ve never heard of will gather to take some of the winnings. Even if a huge fortune befell you, you have to act calmly and coolly to safely get the prize money for yourself.”

While the situation at hand was different to winning a lottery, the fact that he had to keep calm was the same.

If he went wild because not only he awakened but also had a SS-rank skill, he could get killed by a monster or even out of envy.

Moreover, Hyun Soo had still been unable to register as a Hunter.

There was a huge risk of being arrested pretending to be a Hunter without registration.

Bragging was taboo given that he had to act in the shadows without causing a scene.

A little bit more level-headed, Hyun Soo calmly looked at the skill window.


In doing so, discovered something he had skipped over having been preoccupied with the letters SS.

“What’s this?”

Hyun Soo unknowingly said in bewilderment.


► Skill List

[Interface] [SS]

[Skill Make] [D]

[Bead Thread] [F]


“It….. doesn’t seem like an attack skill?”

In saying that it didn’t look like a tanker skill or a healer’s either.

Hyun Soo’s eyes switched back and forth between the letters SS and ‘Interface’.

It didn’t look powerful no matter how he looked at it.

To be honest he was feeling something more along the lines of ‘What kind of skill is this?’

Due to Hunters not making all their skills public, there was no way to learn of every skill in the world.

However, whether it was from becoming known as famous Hunters use them or reading through the documented skills on places like Wikipedia it should be possible to determine what type of skill it is.

“But I can’t seem to figure this one out no matter how hard I try.”

He had never heard of this type of skill in the Training institution or even in society after his undesirable dropping out.

All the energy he once had, left Hyun Soo’s previously ecstatic face.

“It doesn’t seem like it’ll be of help in monster hunting?”

It was clearly from a non-mainstream series that didn’t belong with the major occupation.

Forget ‘Interface’, what’s ‘Skill Make’?

When he pressed the first item on the ‘Skill List’ a description popped up.


[Interface] [SS] [Unique] [Sole]

Qualifies, quantifies and displays the information of the user or a subject specified by the user.

Can be activated according to the user’s will.

Cannot replicated as it is a Unique, Sole skill

Activation condition: 1%



So it sounded like the words in front of me or the sounds are the effects of ‘Interface’.

“What are the words on the side? Aren’t all skills unique? And what the hell is ‘Sole’? Did skills normally have those qualities?”

He bothered to read the description but still could not understand. It also appeared to be no help for monster hunting.

“And what is that contemptible percentage.”

Was it basically a permanent, portable Wikipedia?

I don’t know if it will be of any use seeing as how much phones have become developed these days.

You could find the answer to anything you wanted to learn about with just a phone after all.

The figure beside the Activation Condition seems to be showing the status of the ability but the number is too insignificant for my taste.

At least the word Unique having a nice ring to it comforted him a little.

Because while it was just a guess but it sounded like only he could use it.

Hyun Soo’s shoulders slumped almost as if the one had been elated until just a few moments ago never existed.


[1]: Raw = ‘놀랄 노자 였다’ → it’s a common phrase used (by the more older population) generally when one is really surprised; no equivalent saying in English

[2]: RAW = 잡부나 포터

[3]: RAW = “대박이다. 이건 정말 대박이야” → normally used for exclamation of surprise or can be used like the f-word in english like “f-ing amazing” so “대박 맛있어 = really tasty” → Used jackpot to represent expression of amazement but not limited to it.


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