The Skill Maker Chapter 003 Release

So the new release date of TSM will be on Sunday as tahts what EvilArmour favours. Thus TMoS will also be released later on Wednesday unless more accidents happen and I release it earlier.

Here’s the direct link and please leave a comment if this doman is also blocked in your country as someone has already reported the adfly one being blocked.


Please click the one below to support us even more by giving us 5 precious seconds of your time to let us be one step closer of being a billionaire.




The $20 donations will be ending today and although no one has even gone near the donation page I still truly thank all people for the support by clicking on the adfly links. Every time I see that Adfly link count go up by one it really warms my heart. It truly does seeing that people do care and wish to support this to the point of wasting 5 seconds of their precious time as I know most of you are probably busy people with lives to live.

So truly I thank for all those people who wasted their 5 seconds for us TLers.



  1. pfff, the direct link is also adfly

    1. Yep it is but It shouldn’t interfere with your reading if it does please tell me whats wrong

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