TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 8

Forest Expedition


Another week had passed since entering the Adventurer’s Academy.

I’ve gradually started to become used to life here.

After receiving several lessons now, I now know the level of this school.

This academy is supposed to be the best in the country, but I don’t think it’s quite at that level.

…….Though, I’m probably wrong. Most students seem to be struggling with the lessons.

On the other hand, in classes that taught common sense and what being an adventurer means, I was the only one that struggled.

Grandpa and Grandma never explained the basics of being an adventurer to me, so all of this information is brand new to me.

Therefore, the number of things I needed to learn was more than other students. Inevitably, there would be a difference in our understanding.

But, I can’t leave things like that.

Now I use my free time in the morning to learn the basics about being an adventurer.

“Hmm……People must qualify to become adventurers, after qualifying they are awarded the title “Adventurer” by the country. They then travel the country visiting dangerous areas such as labyrinths and forests that common people dare not go. However, visiting these places requires considerable skill, so there are also a lot of adventurers that get jobs guarding towns and villages similar to knights…..”

I scratch my head.

So an adventurer is a so-called elite.

I learned from this lesson that just entering the academy was an amazing feat and only the best would earn the title of “Adventurer.”

Still, I feel like the ability level here isn’t high enough…..

“Lute-dono’s magic is extraordinary, but you really lack common knowledge.”

Tsurugi see’s me studying hard.

“Guh…….Tsurugi, you’re quite blunt…..”

To be honest, I think my brain isn’t made for stuff like this.

I’m surrounded by too many amazing people. As expected of the advanced class.

Though, It’s not like I doubt her ability, but I didn’t think Patricia was smarter than me.

“Kero~n kero~n”

Patricia is messing around and changes her desk into the shape of a frog using alteration magic.

…..It was a bit of a shock when I found out I lost to her.

“Anyway Lute, even if you’re not book smart, when it comes to magic, you have more knowledge than any of us.”


That’s true, when it comes to magical knowledge I won’t lose to anyone.

As expected of Luluna, a true friend can recognize my good points.

Seeing Luluna always makes me happy.

“Is something wrong? Your eyes are sparkling.”

“I’m happy when I get to see you!”

After hearing my words, Luluna’s face turns red.

“Mufu~….Th-thank you.”

Luluna plays around with the tips of her hair. Then, as if she can’t hold it back any longer, she lets out a big smile.

I’m the one that should be thanking her, Luluna truly is a good person.

While thinking this, I suddenly heard a kerokero from behind me.

Only one person would be making this sound, Patricia.

“The depth of Lute’s knowledge of magic is like a book kero. Ah, how about I turn Lute into a book using my alteration magic kero?”

“Don’t casually say such scary things!”

I still want to live as a human being!

After I suddenly stood up, Patricia stared at me while opening and closing her hands.

“Keroppa! Of course I was just joking kero. I can only use my magic on a person if they agree to it first kero.”

“You scare me…….”

Patricia’s facial expression never changes, so I can never tell if she’s joking or being serious……..

“Lute don’t be afraid. Just accept it obediently.”

“What kind of advice is that?”

If I just accept it I’ll become a book, right!?

Do you want your first friend to turn into a book!?

“You must accept it, Lute-dono.”

“Isn’t this joke going a little too far!?”

At the same time the bell rings and Bagiran’s large body enters the room.

“Alright, everyone is here.”


I let out a sigh as I take my seat.

Finally I can relax…..

Bagiran stood before us as he leaned forward and took a deep breath.

“……..It’s time for the forest expedition!”

…..Eh? What?

“We will all be going on a forest expedition! We’re trying to prepare for real world situations. So, the only stuff you’re allowed to bring are things you usually carry around, such as Tsurugi’s swords.”

“Wait a minute, isn’t this a little sudden?”

If you tell us this now, we won’t have any time to make any preparations!

After listening to my complaint, Bagiran let out a sigh and looked at me with stern eyes.

“You should have gathered information from senior students as soon as possible. When you become an adventurer you won’t know when you may become involved in a dangerous situation, you can never be prepared for every situation. Please think of this as a real world scenario.”

I guess that makes sense.

I’ve certainly never talked with any senior students.

So that’s definitely my fault.

“I understand. I’m sorry.”

I apologize to Bagiran.

Bagiran said, “Don’t worry about it” and roughly patted my head.

Although it’s quite rough, it doesn’t feel bad.

Thinking about it, Bagiran is a teacher at the academy. I guess he’s just thinking about what’s best for his students.

As I’m thinking this Bagiran begins to speak loudly,

“Well, I’ve forgotten to tell you the details about the forest expedition. Sorry, sorry.”

Are you serious!? Give me back my apology!

“It’s fine, you’re forgiven.”

“Thank you. I’m saved by Tsurugi.”

“Tsurugi!? You forgave him so easily!

Luluna looks at Tsurugi astonished, but Tsurugi just acts normally.

“That’s because I respect Bagiran Sensei.”

Tsurugi believes this is a satisfactory reason and stops speaking.

“Tsurugi is a bit strange.”

“I knew that you admired Bagiran Sensei, but I didn’t know you respected him so much.”

“I’ve always had great respect for Bagiran Sensei. In fact, I think nobody here shows Sensei enough respect.

It was Bagiran who responded to her words.

“Ah! Tsurugi, after all you only have your eyes on me! You’re definitely the one showing the most progress in this class right now!”

“Th-thank you for your kind words!”

These two people stared at each other with their eyes sparkling.

It’s useless, I can’t keep up with these two.


“Now then, do you have any more questions?”

Patricia raises her hand in response to Bagiran’s question.

“Yes, what’s your question?”

“Sensei, how many frogs can I bring along kero?”

“What kind of question is that Patricia?”

I’ve never heard a question like that in my life.

But, Bagiran responds calmly.

“As many as you like. Just don’t bother the others.”


“Peti, can I ask you what you plan to use the frogs for?”

Luluna has began calling Patricia “Peti.”

Tsurugi also calls her “Peti-dono.”

However, I still call her Patricia. It feels embarrassing to call her anything different.

After all, it makes sense for girls to be closer to other girls.

By the way, I’m curious about Patricia’s answer to Luluna’s question.

Perhaps there are requirements for her to use alteration magic? Something like, “I can only use my magic if I’m touching a frog.”

Does that mean she keeps frogs at home?

As I’m thinking about her answer, Patricia smiles before speaking.

“What do you mean use them for kero? I just listen to them kero!”

I see, that’s how it is……..

……Patricia’s way of thinking is on an entirely different level than an ordinary person like me.

I can barely understand the meaning of her words, ahahaha……

“Kero~!? Lute’s laughing alone kero. Lute is strange kero~”

“You’re the last person I want to hear that from, but……”

“I think you two are an equal match –”

“Eh, Luluna!?”

Why does she think Patricia and I are equally strange!?

“You guys….It’s nice that you are on good terms with each other, but don’t forget that this is an adventurer’s school. During the forest expedition students will be separated into groups of four trying to clear the forest as fast as possible. Even if you don’t like it, you will be heavily compared with the other advanced class, Class B. If a group from the regular students manages to beat you there will be a lot of students speaking ill of you behind your backs — the students in the advanced class are exempt from tuition. So, the normal students are already jealous of you guys.”

Bagiran offers us this warning.

Certainly, the position we finish in during this forest expedition would be really important.

Because we’re in the advanced class, we’re basically not allowed to lose here.

— But, I’m confident.

“I’ve trained for years, sharpening my magic to become as strong as I can. I don’t plan on losing to anyone. Doesn’t everyone else feel the same?”

I was never aiming to become an adventurer, but I have been constantly training.

I take pride in the fact that I have never been defeated. Everyone here should feel the same way.

Looking at everyone’s face, I could tell they felt the same way as me.

“Lute’s right! I’m feeling pumped up……!”

“Lute-dono, I was thinking I’d like to say something similar. But, Lute-dono thought of a cool line much faster than me!”

Luluna agrees with me, while Tsurugi is feeling bitter.

I calmly respond to Tsurugi,

“Because I never had any friends, I could spend all of my time trying to come up with cool lines.”

Tsurugi and I are not the same age and have had different experiences in life.

Spending the first fifteen years of my life without friends wasn’t easy.

After hearing my words Tsurugi looked down at the ground silently.

“Ah, for some reason, I’m sorry……”

“Lute, don’t forget about me! We get along really well with each other!”

“Ah Lute-dono, it was the same for me until I met Luluna……..Whenever I watched two friends spending time with each other I felt like I was going to cry…….”

“Cheer up Tsurugi. I will always be here to listen to your problems.”

Luluna gently pats Tsurugi’s shoulder trying to comfort her.

“I’ll listen to you too, because I am also your friend.”

Tsurugi’s other shoulder is patted.

“Yes, thank you………Huh? Why am I the one being comforted?”

While both of her shoulders were being patted, Tsurugi tilted her head curiously.

We all got into an imperial carriage to the forest, in total there were five people including Sensei. Our destination appeared to be Vakyanarel Forest.

Bagiran began to speak in the carriage.

“Now, I know being in the advanced class may put extra pressure on you all to do well, but don’t worry about that and just do your best during the expedition —”

“Keroppa! Sensei, sensei keroppa!”

“Honestly, I don’t understand anything you say.”


I pray that everything will go smoothly, but for some reason I feel like that’s not possible…..

While I was trying to overcome my own anxiety, the imperial carriage headed to Vakyanarel Forest.

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