TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 7

Everyone’s Magic

I concentrated my magical power, and formed【Anti-wall】at my feet.

I stepped on it and launched myself into the air.

Before I lose my momentum, I form【Anti-wall】in the direction I’m moving large enough to engulf my entire body.

The transparent walls wrap around me and then eject my forward.

Repeating this, it appeared like I was using flying or jumping magic. I continued to fly freely through the sky.



The faces of two astonished people enter my vision.

I confirm that I have enough speed and proceed to the next stage.

I continuously cast traps as I speed forward in the air.【Thunder Trap】,【Eternal Ice】,【Hidden Flames】,【Earth Spike】, and【Raging Wind】all cast in quick succession.

Colorful thunder, fire, ice, earth, and wind magic scattered out from me.

“…..So, it’s something like this.”

After landing I said this to everyone that had become silent.

“Two, three, four….five types!? That’s ridiculous!”

“My entire body is overflowing in surprise kero….”

“So you could use more magic than what you used that day!? That was amazing!”

Three people expressed their amazement to me.

Even Bagiran’s stern face is warped from surprise.

However, I’m feeling surprised at how shocked they all are with my magic.

“No, in addition to this, I can also use theComplete Recovery】for healing and【False Shadow】to conceal myself, but….”

After hearing this, Luluna furrowed her brow.

“…..Lute, are you really human?”

“That much!?”

This really is strange.

Something that I consider to be normal, they’re amazed by…….

I turn to ask Bagiran about my worries.

“Sensei, this isn’t normal?”

Bagiran goes back to his normal stern face, and shakes his head.

“Normal? Normally, one person can only use a single type of magic. Though, there are exceptions and some people can use two or more types of magic, but I’d guess there’s at most five people in the country that can do this.”

“I only use one type of magic. Trap magic.”

“I really can’t believe that……The examination is very thorough, there’s no doubt…”

Bagiran said this quietly to himself.

“Was trap magic such a useful magic……I thought that it was a weaker type of earth magic…….”

Then, Tsurugi said this.

……As expected.

I am convinced.

Apparently the magic level of this country…….No, the magic level of this world, is much lower than I had imagined.

Well, even if, to them, my magic is so abnormal, I still think Sensei is very strong.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’d be able to win against Sensei in a real fight.

Not just Sensei either, Luluna and others near her level would be a difficult fight.

“Throw away everything and become the strongest,” that’s never really how I’ve thought. Though, it would never be a waste of time to become stronger.

Thinking about this, I still have a long way to go.


“Alright, I’ll go next.”

Tsurugi has decided to go up next.

I sat down and looked toward Tsurugi.

Tsurugi pulls out one of the swords she has on her hip, the muscles on her back flexed before she threw the blade into the air.

The sword flies up in an arc, as it reaches its peak, it begins to fall — or it should have.

The sword was floating in the air.

To be more accurate, the way it’s floating is as if someone is holding the sword.

“This is my magic, metal magic. Quite simply, it is a magic that allows me to manipulate metals. As I am still inexperienced, I can only control something around the size of a katana, but I am able to control it to this degree. Allow me to show you!”

After saying this, Tsurugi began to throw more of the swords she had on her waist into the air one after another.

In total, the number was twelve.

As two columns of katanas float above her, the kimono girl stood there alone.

Tsurugi held the thirteenth sword in both of her hands as she looked towards us with eyes full of confidence.

“My ability to control magic may be lower than everyone else. My magical power may also be inferior to everyone else, but……I still feel like I would never lose to anyone. I swore an oath to these thirteen swords, that I would become the greatest adventurer!”

Saying this, Tsurugi then raises both arms in the sky and swings them down.

The twelve floating blades all came down in unison in front of Tsurugi.

“That’s the spirit, Tsurugi. If you do your best with that attitude, someday you will become just like me.”

“ —! There are no words to describe how thankful I am to hear you say this! I’ll be sure to work diligently!”

After hearing Bagiran’s praise, Tsurugi was in a very good mood.

Tsurugi becoming like Bagiran……..I don’t want something like that…….

I imagined Tsurugi’s face on Bagiran’s body, I did my best to hide the look of disgust on my face.


“Kerokerokero —”

It seems like Patricia has decided to go next.

Honestly, I can’t even imagine what kind of magic this frog girl uses.

“My magic isn’t particularly dangerous kero. So, please, watch it with ease kero — “

Patricia says this and crouches. She begins to collect the soil using her hand as a scoop.

…..Why is she doing that?

After gathering the soil in one hand, she spread it out evenly in her other hand.

Then the soil began to move as if it had a mind of it’s own.


On Patricia’s hands there were several dolls made of soil that looked like frogs.

— The detail on them is so realistic that it would be easy to mistake them for the real thing.

“My magic is alteration magic kero. Alteration magic is magic that “alters” the shape of a substance, as the name suggests kero! By the way I am a frog-person kero. That’s why I only transformed the soil into frogs kero. Kerokero~!”

Patricia abruptly ends with a frog joke.

I don’t get it.

“Can alteration magic change things into something besides frogs?”

Bagiran calmly asks Patricia this question.

Adults are amazing after all. I’m still confused by Patricia.

“Absolutely kero. For example I can make something like this kero –”

Patricia places her hand on the ground and pours magical power into the earth.

Then, the ground surrounding Patricia raised to form a natural cage made of the earth.

“Well, something roughly like this kero.”

After she had finished showing her magic, she said this with a flat tone before fixing her crooked hood.

Bagiran put his hand on his chin and began to evaluate Patricia’s magic.

“I see……The speed of formation is impressive, but that magic would be very useful. I’m sure it would be helpful in many situations.”


Patricia opens and closes her hands, while Bagiran looks at her with his normal stern face.

“What does keroppa mean?”

“If keroro~n is a frog, then keroppa is a toad!”

“Okay. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to communicate with you.”


Patricia shrugs her shoulders at Bagiran’s words.

Is it my imagination? For some reason I feel like I’m out of breath.


“Then, the last one is Luluna. Step forward.”


“We-well, then I’ll start…..!”

Luluna is clearly nervous, she’s leaning forward a little, and clenching her fists.

Luluna uses nullification magic, right? Her magic should be the natural enemy of most magicians.

“I’m able to use nullification magic…..Lute, will you attack me with magic?”

“Eh? Me?”

I was flustered after being suddenly asked to do this.

I thought my turn was over so I had already entered full spectator mode!?

“Nobody else can use normal magic except for you. Please, Lute.”

Looking around, it’s true. I’m the only one able to use magic with normal attributes.

Would it not be enough if Patricia were to transform the soil?

“Do it Lute. It’s impossible for me.”

“I get it.”

I stand about ten meters away from Patricia.

“Then, I’ll start?”

“Yes. Attack, Lute.”

After hearing Luluna’s answer I activateEternal Ice】on my right hand.

Because I was attacking from afar, I increased the attack power of the spell more than usual.

When something possessing magical power touches this trap it will activate.

I point my right hand towards Luluna and activate the trap with my left hand.

Ice shards shot out of the trap towards Luluna.

The ice shards that flew towards Luluna disappeared once they got about three meters away from her.

The ice that had been there moments ago completely disappeared.

“Yes. My magic can dispel surrounding magic like this.”

Luluna says this like it isn’t a big deal, but I can’t hold back my excitement.

“Amazing. With magic like this you can completely neutralize any enemy, right?”

“It’s not that powerful. For example it is not effective against magic like Tsurugi’s, even if I were to neutralize her manipulation over the swords, I wouldn’t be able to stop the momentum of them.”

I see. Her magic only eliminates other’s magic. It has no effect on objects that have magic applied to them.

“Still, that magic is amazing.”

“You think so? Eee~~ thank you.”

Luluna is embarrassed. Cute.

“Alright, now that we have an understanding of each other’s magic, we will now begin to train your magic! Many students that come to the academy have yet to practice the fundamentals of magic. Even if this is the advanced class it will be the same. For those of you that have received magical training from aristocrats or those that have been training since childhood the training here will be much more difficult. So, get used to it immediately.”

After Bagiran’s words, we continuously used our magic over and over.

After nearly an hour everyone except me seems to have exhausted their magical power and had collapsed to the ground.

As for me, I still had magical power left to use.

Bagiran sees this and calls out to me.

“Lute, you’re already ahead of most new students. Even in the special advanced class this level is rare.”

Well, since I was a child I’ve trained with Grandpa and Grandma, and I am confident that I won’t lose when it comes to magical power.

As I continued setting traps, Bagiran gave me a thumbs up with a big smile.

“Lute, you really are as good as I expected! I could see your overflowing talent from the beginning!”

Sensei’s really in a good mood!


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