TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 6


Bagiran’s Roar

The next day.

It was Bagiran’s loud voice that awaited me in the classroom.

“Alright, everyone’s heerrreee!”

Why are you so energetic, Sensei? It’s still morning.

“Ah, my head….your voice is too loud.”

“Good to hear. Among the adventurer’s there are stories told of the power of, ‘Bagiran’s Roar’…..!”

Luluna covers her ears and Tsurugi’s eyes sparkle as she looks at Bagiran.

I understand what Luluna’s trying to do, but will Tsurugi be okay?

“Kerokerokero —”

Patricia is going kerokero with a calm face.

This girl really does things in her own way.

“So, Sensei, what is the lesson for today?”

“Ah, right. Today will be a practical lesson.”

A practical lesson? I’m excited for this.

It’s also a good opportunity to gauge the skill level of the others.

As I stood there thinking this, Bagiran let out a loud, “Ah!”

“I made a mistake. Can I say it again?”

“…….Go ahead…?”

*Ahem* “It’s time for a practical leesssoooonnnn!”

Shut up!

Why did he feel the need to rephrase it!?

It didn’t benefit anyone at all!

“So inspiring!!”

……Tsurugi seems to have enjoyed it.


….Patricia doesn’t even seem to have noticed his yell!

But, Luluna hates it so please stop!

“Uuu……my ears…….”

“… L-Luluna! As expected you are my friend! I’m so glad we’re friends!”

I desperately grab onto Luluna’s hands.

“Eh? Yeah, I think of Lute as a friend too, but…… why are you saying this all of a sudden?”

“Because you had a normal reaction as I expected.”

“That’s a strangely rude thing to say.”

Hmm, why did Luluna’s face get so gloomy?

That’s strange?

“It was a compliment?”

“Lute-dono, there’s no way that would be taken as a compliment……”

Eh, really?

“I’m sorry, Luluna!”

I apologized to Luluna.

If I did something bad, I need to apologize.

“I felt hurt! I thought Lute was saying, “What a boring person, reacting exactly as I imagined she would.”

Th-there’s no way that’s what I meant!?

Nonetheless, it’s not good if my words hurt my friend.

Well, I guess it would be better for me to improve her mood now…..

I try to think of a way to convince her what I said was meant as a compliment.

“Umm, Luluna that was a very unique reaction! It brought up emotions in me I couldn’t even imagine, umm…..It really touched my heart.”

How about that!? I doubt it’s even possible for her to feel sad anymore!

Then I looked at Luluna, and she was looking down.

I can’t see her face from here, so I crouch to look at her face.


Luluna’s cheeks were puffed out as she was trying to hold back her laughter.

Was she just messing with me? Finally, Luluna burst out laughing after she can no longer hold it back.

“Ahaha, it…it touched your heart……! Wait a minute, I can’t forget the best part…!”

Luluna points to my face, and continues laughing while holding her side.

“You don’t need to laugh so much! I’ll be the one hurt now!”

“So…sorry, Lute……You’re making such an angry face now…..You were so apologetic before, it’s too funny…….!”

Luluna says this and her shoulders begin to shake from trying to hold back her laughter.

Luluna is evil! I’m so annoyed!

“How long are you two going to keep joking around. Hurry up already.”

“Who’s joking!?”

I object to what Bagiran said.

Now I’m really mad!

“Hmm, Lute, are you angry? You’re not scared at all. Do you want me to get angry and yell some more?”

Bagiran takes a deep breath and holds it for a second.

Then, suddenly, he lets it all out at once.


It’s so loud that I feel like the classroom is shaking.

Indeed, it is an even more intense yell.

“Do you understand now?”

“Yes, Sensei. Thank you very much!”

I definitely can’t underestimate this teacher either.

He taught me something good.

I’ve learned how to yell like Bagiran, and I turned to Luluna with a mischievous smile.

“Luluna, we need to talk!”

“Sto….stop it, Lute! If you make me laugh anymore I won’t be able to breathe…….!”

Lulna’s face turns red from laughter and she looks at me through teary eyes.

But, there’s no way I can resist messing with her.

I take a deep breath just like Bagiran, and release it all at once in a thunderous roar.



As soon as she heard my yell, Luluna collapsed after a fit of laughter.

Tsurugi caught Luluna and held her up. Then she said,

“Luluna!? Lute-dono, Luluna laughed too much and passed out!”

“Why!? Why does she laugh so much just from someone yelling!?

“So you were aiming for this to be the knockout yell kero?”

“I wasn’t aiming for anything! What even is there for me to be aiming for!?”

Strange, they’re all so strange.

This isn’t the direction I expected this conversation to go in.

Luluna had finally regained consciousness after receiving treatment from Tsurugi.

“As expected Lute, you were aiming for that to be the final one….”

“Like I said, what exactly was there for me to be aiming for……..”

Alright, I’m tired of getting upset……..

Beside the exhausted me, Tsurugi had started talking to Bagiran.

“Sensei, let me hear your “Uuoooooooo!” once more.”

“Hmm? Tsurugi are you insane?”

Sensei gets straight to the point.

“I admire Sensei! So I want to hear more of your fabled roar!”

“Tsurugi, you show promise!”

Sensei is so simple!

“Alright, once more then! Uuoooooooooooooooo!”

“Ah~, it’s magnificent!”

“~~I tried adding more “O” than usual”

“There’s so many emotions raining over me~”

I don’t understand Tsurugi at all……..

While thinking this, someone suddenly taps on my shoulder.

When I look back Patricia was grinning at me.

“What is it Patricia?”

“I like the rain kero.”


Eh, that was out of nowhere.

I’m not quite sure what she’s talking about.

Patricia gives further explanation, did she guess that I didn’t understand?

“Just now, Tsurugi said there were emotions raining over her?”

“Yeah, she did.”

“I like the rain kero.”


I think I need more explanation of her further explanation.

Just like usual, I have no clue what she’s saying.

Patricia and I stare silently at each other.

Patricia’s perfectly round green eyes captivate me.

After a while, Patricia shook her head and averted her eyes.

“Haa~…I’m disappointed in you, Lute kero…….”

“Wait a minute!? What was the answer you were looking for just now!?”

I panic and draw closer to Patricia.

“Ah, this is bad……seeing Lute’s panicking face has made me remember…..pfft…..ahahaha…..!”

Luluna looks at me and breaks out into laughter again.

Luluna collapses like this.

“Wai-! Luluna!? Did you pass out again!?”

Is it normal for someone to faint this often?

“What’s with this class…’s full of problem children……”

Sensei why are you suddenly so calm!?

After all, it was taking a long time for us to reach the area where we would have the practical lesson.

……….Is this really the advanced class…?


“Alright, let’s begin the practical lesson. I only fought with Lute and Tsurugi during the exam, so I’m unsure about the ability level of everyone else.”

We arrived at an area that could accommodate thousands of people. After arriving that was what Bagiran told us.

Ah, so Tsurugi also fought Bagiran during the exam.

Well, she is his fan so it makes sense.

“So, first things first, everyone will give a demonstration of the magic they use. Any volunteers to go first?”

“I’ll do it.”

I was the first to volunteer.

I want to finish my turn as quickly as possible so that I can observe the others — this way I won’t have to worry about how my magic compares to there’s before going.

They’re all in the special advanced class, so they must all have amazing magic.

There would never be an opportunity to closely observe magic of this level in the outside world.

I will fully enjoy the benefits of attending this academy.

Bagiran raises his hand and shows a loose grin.

“Okay, then, starting with Lute! We will start the practical lesson with this!”

Three people sit on the ground with their arms wrapped around their knees looking up at me.

“What kind of magic will Lute-dono use?”

“I feel excited kero.”

“You’ll both be surprised! Lute, is amazing!”

Since Luluna knows the magic I use, she feels as proud as I do.

But, because of Luluna, the expectations for me have been raised…..

I show a wry smile to Luluna’s appraisal of me.

Now then, I need to concentrate.


I prepared to show the power of my magic to everyone.

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