TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 5

Strange Classmates

— Luluna and I began to calm our excitement after reuniting with each other.

At this time, a girl sitting in the back called out to us.

“Excuse me, do you know Luluna?”

I turn my gaze to see the figure of a beautiful, dignified girl.

The girl had long, glossy black hair and was wearing a kimono.

I glance down slightly and got an impression of a modest sized chest.

Hmm, what kind of person was this again…..Oh yeah, a samurai.

This girl in front of me looks like a samurai.

To this girl, Luluna responds to her with a small smile.

“Ah, Tsurugi. That’s right, I met Lute on the day of the exam and he helped me out a lot.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Lute.”

I bowed my head after Luluna introduced me.

I’m guessing they know each other based on the way Luluna is acting.

“My name is Tsurugi. Luluna and I got to know each other as we were going through the admission process to join the special advanced class. It’s nice to meet you. Ah, and it’s fine for you to speak more comfortably to me.”

So that’s how they know each other.

Excluding myself, I’ve now spoken with two of the three people in the classroom.

Let’s talk to the last person now — but then the door to the classroom was opened.

And a man with a stern face entered, it was Bagiran.

“Alright, take your seats!……Oh, I see everyone has arrived. This years advanced class is truly excellent.”

Bagiran sat down and looked admiringly at everyone.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but his bar for ‘excellent’ seems pretty low.

“Eee~~, excellent! Did you hear that Lute!”

Ah, Luluna is so innocent.

“I am excellent……Thank you for your words!”

Tsurugi is the same as Luluna.

Are my classmates really okay……I suddenly started feeling uneasy…….

“I am Bagiran, I will be responsible for this class. Let’s have a good two years together. This year the advanced class has been split in two with four students each. The number of exceptional applicants this year was amazing.”

Now that I think about it, four people did seem like a very small amount.

“There will be no lessons today, the first day of class is used just to introduce ourselves to one another. Normal classes will start tomorrow. Your class will not change for the next two years, so it would be troublesome if you didn’t get along with each other.”

After saying this, Bagiran left the classroom.

It’s a refreshing how short the introduction was, it’s definitely better than a long-drawn-out one.

Or so I thought, but Bagiran came back into the room with a excited look on his face.

“Lute, I expect great things from you!”

He says this, gives me a little wink, and leaves once again.

That’s too refreshing! His praise is giving me a disgusting feeling.


After Bagiran left we were able to talk amongst ourselves again.

As Bagiran had said, we’ll be together for the next two years. It’s important that we get along.

“That “Fighting Demon” Bagiran sensei has high expectations for you……Lute-dono, you must be amazing!”

“Is that guy really that great?”

To be honest, he doesn’t give me that impression.

No, I shouldn’t say that, he’s a nice person. I gave a small apology in my head.

“You don’t know? Bagiran sensei has continued to create the most advanced martial arts techniques for more than ten years, before he joined the Academy last year.”

“Tsurugi, are you a fan of Bagiran sensei?”

“Yes, I admire him greatly.”

She respects him that much?

Well, even when I was giving it my all he didn’t seem to be troubled. Maybe he really is that amazing.

As I’m thinking this, I suddenly hear a strange voice.


The owner of that voice was the last classmate.

The clothing she’s wearing is ridiculously strange. She’s wearing what looks to be a frog hood.

Drawn on the hood was a cute deformed frog face.

Speaking of the person wearing the hood, it was a beautiful girl with green hair and a sleepy face.

It’s hard to tell because she’s sitting, but I’d say she’s about as tall as Luluna.

Each girl had a unique body type, but this frog girl was easily the victor in the chest region.

And this girl was currently croaking at me.

……Wh-what do I do…..

“Ke-kerokerokero —”

For now, I guess I’ll respond back.

“Ah, you can speak normally kero.”

She can speak!? Is she making fun of me!?

“Ah, o-of course. Sorry.”


After my apology, the girl in the frog hood shows a broad grin and gives me a thumbs up.

What do I do, I have no idea what she’s doing.

The girl begins to introduce herself to me, who’s still confused.

“You can call me Patricia. My hobby is standing out in the rain.”

Then, the frog girl gave a slight bow.

How do I say this, this girl likes to do things at her own pace.

“Though, there are various things I’d like to say, but you can call me Lute.”

“Kerokero Nice to meet you, Lute-kun kero.”

Patricia responds to my greeting inbetween croaking.

“Patricia-dono is different. Ah, sorry I’m Tsurugi.”

“Tsurugi-san, it’s nice to meet you kero.”

Tsurugi’s dark eyes widen in surprise.

On the other hand, Luluna seems fascinated by Patricia.

“I’m Luluna, nice to meet you! Umm, Patricia-san, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you wearing a frog hood? Oh, if you don’t want to answer me, you don’t have to!”

“It’s fine, Luluna-san. Kero Wearing this frog hood is part of my hobby kero.”


“By wearing this hood, everyone can always be aware that I am a frog-person kero. Establishing my own identity kero!”

Patricia goes on to say, “That’s why I end every sentence in kero by the way.”

It’s the first time I have no idea what someone is saying even though they’re speaking the same language as me.

As I stood there astonished, Patricia opened her arms out wide.

Because the clothing she wears is several sizes too big, her hands are almost completely hidden. She’s really trying to escape from reality.

Patricia put her left arm out in front of her.

“This ‘Kero’ goes here kero?”

I don’t think so.

Of course, I don’t say anything to her.

Then Patricia brought her right hand in front of her.

“Then, this ‘Kero’ goes like this kero?”

I don’t think so……Does it?

After moving her arms, Patricia clapped her hands together.

And she had a satisfied look on her face.

“And when combined they become, ‘Kerokero’ kero!”

Amazing Patricia! This series of events, I have no clue what they mean.

“I see, it’s something like that….”

“Her words are very meaningful….”

Luluna and Tsurugi nod as if they’ve found the answer to some profound question.

They understood her? How!?

“Kero, the fact that you can understand this truly means you are worthy of being in the advanced class! I think we’ll all be able to get along well kero!”

I’m not sure how well I’ll manage in this class…..


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