TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 4

Exam Results

I first use【Anti-wall】 to create some distance, then I quickly place【Thunder Trap】between us.

Grandpa had taught me about the tactics used by strength enhancing magicians. Basically their plan is to close the distance between their opponent as quickly as possible.

Bagiran rushes towards me as expected.

Three more steps, two more and he’ll step on the trap……Alright, he’s activated it.

“…..Wha-? Haa-!”

Bagiran was stunned for a moment, but was able to quickly break free and began moving again.

What the? Is he a monster?

That trap was strong enough to completely paralyze a Big Bear……So, this is the level of a teacher at the Adventurer’s Academy.

Bagiran stops rushing at me.

He looks at where I had set my【Thunder Trap】and speaks with a curious tone.

“Boy, what was that? You’re a trap magician, trap magic is just a weak type of earth magic that can only create simple pitfalls. Yet, you are also able to use thunder magic…?”


He is a teacher at the best academy in the country and this is still shocking to him?

Perhaps the level of magic in this country is much lower than I expected.

“This is trap magic. New advancements in magic are being made everyday.”

I say this and use【Anti-wall】to launch myself into the air.

I used my momentum to carry myself along the curved walls of the dome toward Bagiran.


I race towards Bagiran’s shocked face.

“You plan to use thunder magic to fight my strength enhancing magic…I don’t know what kind of tricks you’re using, but don’t think that you can win against me in close combat!”

Bagiran immediately braced himself and swung his fist forward.

That’s good timing, his fist will hit me as soon as I get in close.

But, I can easily avoid that.

“Hmm, I think it’s impossible for you to win.”

I set【Hidden Flames】between myself and Bagiran, quickly change direction using【Anti-wall】, and fly above Bagiran landing behind him.

The result is Bagiran’s fist punching nothing but air, quickly followed by【Hidden Flames】activating, and engulfing Bagiran in fire.

“Ha!? Is this fire magic!?”

“Hey, it’s not over yet. I’m over here.”

I landed behind the burning Bagiran, and activate【Eternal Ice】on his back.

Then, Bagiran’s burned body began to freeze rapidly from where I had touched him, completely restricting the mobility of his limbs.

“Wha-!? Ice magic this time….who exactly are you!?”

“I’m just a trap magician.”

By the time I answered, half of Bagiran’s body was encased in ice.


“Do you still wish to continue?”

I ask the frozen examiner this.

He’s able to speak because his mouth is still left unfrozen.

“No, this is enough.”

Bagiran says this and looks down at his frozen body.

“Is that so? Then, I’ll release you now —”

Now that the exam has ended, there’s no reason to keep him frozen.

After thinking this, Bagiran, who had been completely frozen, started moving his limbs.


Bagiran took a few steps and let out a small, “Hmph!” Then, the ice that was clinging to his body shattered.

Is this guy really human……

“You were impressive. I suppose you’d have to be to test me……Boy, you said your name was Lute?”

I was still shocked and barely managed to nod my head. After this, Bagiran bowed before me.

“I severely underestimated you, it was terrible of me. Let me apologize to you. There’s no doubt that you should be allowed to join the special advanced class.”

“Ah, no. I’m sorry for acting so cocky.”

I bowed my head as well and regained my composure. I wave my hand apologetically in front of my chest.

This is something for me to learn from. I need to learn to control my anger. If I let it take over like this I’ll lose my focus again.

“Well, will you fight me at full strength now? Until one of us can no longer continue. It would be frustrating to leave things half-finished like this, don’t you agree? It’s frustrating isn’t it?”

“I’m fine with leaving things like this.”

“Is that so…That’s disappointing…”

Bagiran show’s a disappointed face unfitting of him.

No matter how you look at it, this guy’s power is ridiculous…….

“However, we can still train together. There’s no need for it to be a fight to the death.”

I’m not dissatisfied with how strong I am.

It would definitely help me improve if I trained with someone of this level.

“Lute……You’re a good guy! You can become a great adventurer, I guarantee it!”

Uwaa, his eyes are sparkling.

Maybe I shouldn’t have offered to train with him.

“Although this wasn’t a proper examination, you can receive more details once you enter the academy.”

Bagiran says this and points to the Academy.

I took this to mean that I had passed and gave one last bow before heading to the Academy.


It had become night after finishing up the enrollment procedures.

The grounds of the Academy had become dark, and I was unable to find the cherry-blossom colored hair of Luluna.

It might’ve been a mistake to think we’d be able to find each other considering the size of the Academy.

“I should’ve learned more about her than just her name….”

I mutter to myself, but it’s already become late.

After all, I wasn’t able to meet up with Luluna.


So, I was now enrolled in the academy.

The Adventurer’s Academy seems to have no entrance ceremony, apparently because, “No one wants one,” or so I’ve heard. Instead, there will be a meeting in the classroom.

“Is this it……?”

I wandered around the school for a while, before I finally found a classroom labeled as “Special Advanced Class.”

This is my new class.

The Adventurer’s Academy is a two-year system, so I will study here for the next two years.

……….For some reason, I think I’m feeling nervous.


I took a deep breath to relieve some tension, then I threw open the door to the classroom.

Four desks are set up in the center of the small classroom.

I guess I’m the last one. Three of the seats had already been filled.

As I began to wonder about the type of people that may be in this class, bright cherry-blossom colored hair appeared in my vision.

The owner of that hair stared at me with astonished eyes.

“Ah! Lute!?”

“Luluna! You’re also in the advanced class!?”

I approach Luluna, and sat in the desk next to her.

“Yep, I’m so happy! I was looking for you for about two hours after the exam, but I couldn’t find you, so I was afraid we’d never see each other again.”

“I also searched for you for about three hours, but I wasn’t able to find you. I’m glad we were able to see each other again!”

We celebrate our reunion by grabbing hold of one another’s hands.

I’m in the same class as Luluna!

I became excited for the school year ahead, as a beautiful girl danced around in front of me.

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