TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 26

The Outcome of the Battle

I’ve been refining my magic.

I first prepared【Anti-wall】

Elgil could annihilate me in an instant with his fire magic. I have no real form of defensive magic, so【Anti-wall】will be very important during this battle.

“Then, I’ll begin as well.”

Elgil rushed towards where I had【Anti-wall】set.

He pushed his right hand out towards me and a ball of fire formed in the palm of his hand.

The power coming off of it is amazing.


I jumped over the ball of fire and again set 【Anti-wall】up where I landed.

After just one attack, I can now tell how powerful Elgil is.

Even though that attack was so small, his power is even greater than I had imagined.

His power is about equal to my speed. If I slow down for even a second I’ll lose.

I have to be constantly moving. This fight will be difficult.

“But things can’t stay like this.”

I once again jump into the air to avoid his attack. At the same time, I poured magical power into the earth below his feet.

“【Earth Spike】”

Suddenly the ground beneath Elgil began to rise up. A pillar of earth quickly shot up from beneath his feet.

However, Elgil was easily able to sidestep the pillar.

“I see. You put your magical power into the ground, but why was I not able to sense it?”

“Don’t lose focus now!”

If he ever does, I would have no problem getting a cheap shot in.

I launch myself forward using【Anti-wall】and quickly close the distance between Elgil and me.

“I’ll end this here!”

“As if I’d let you!”

Elgil raised his arms into the sky.

Above him, a ball of fire much larger than the last began to form.

It’s so hot. It feels like he’s holding the sun in his hands.

If I get hit by that I’ll definitely be defeated.

“The battle ends here. This will be my victory.”

Elgil then brought his arms forward.

The massive ball of fire came flying forward with me as its intended target.

I laughed as I looked at it.

This is going exactly as I planned.

If I were to try to close the distance between us, he would certainly go all out.

Completely predictable.


As I said this, a large black circle appeared before my eyes.

The circle was jet black. None of the light created by the flames could penetrate the darkness. The flames then slowly began to be absorbed into the black circle.


Elgil showed signs of being concerned for the first time in our match.

That much is obvious. His attack designed to end the battle was completely destroyed.

A new trap that I have been trying to perfect for the past several days.

If that giant fireball is supposed to be Elgil’s strongest magic, then【Gluttony】would be mine.

The effect is simple. It opens up a hole in space-time and absorbs anything that enters it.

It doesn’t matter how powerful the magic is.【Gluttony】is neither an attack magic nor a defensive magic. It is just a magic that sends anything that enters it to a different point in space.

It is my masterpiece. It makes up for my weakness of having to use multiple types of magic.

“Elgil, I will win this battle.”

The black circle that devoured Elgil’s flame still remained on the battlefield.

I bet he’s wondering why it hasn’t disappeared.

— This is where【Gluttony】shows its true power.

I end【Gluttony】

The black circle slowly fades, but as the circled faded away Elgil’s fireball emerged from the circle.

This is the true power of【Gluttony】

It has the ability to absorb any magic that comes into contact with it. Then, when I cancel【Gluttony】the absorbed magic is fired out in any direction I desire.


The fireball flies toward Elgil at an incredible speed.

“Ku! ”

Elgil was still surprised at what he was seeing and was late to react to the fireball as the flames slowly engulfed his body.


I let out a sigh of relief.

I only had one chance there.

If Elgil had managed to avoid that first attack it’s unlikely he’d fall for it a second time.

Thanks to him being surprised I was able to end it in one shot…..Anyway, I’m glad that it succeeded.

With this, it’s my win—

“Not bad, Lute. After all, you are my rival.”


How is he able to speak?

Anyone hit with a fireball of that size would surely be knocked out.

I squint my eyes and tried to look into the flames.

I could see Elgil’s shadow in the flames. He then flipped his cloak out and the flames dispersed.

“These flames really are quite difficult to control. It seems I’ve been burned a little.”

“That’s all!? That was a direct hit….!?”

Was he able to……manipulate it!?

Something like that should be impossible.

—Once【Gluttony】absorbed his magic, it should have severed all connection with him.

It’s the only possibility.

“Elgil…..that’s impossible. Can you control the fire magic of other people?”

“What did you expect? I’m a fire user that managed to enter the advanced class. At least this much is only natural.”

But Elgil just responds with his own question.

I didn’t think I was underestimating Elgil, but after seeing this I realize I never truly knew his power.

I can’t hide the fact that I’m surprised.

“To be honest, I was surprised when you fired my magic back at me, but……have you forgotten my name?”

Elgil smiled at me as I stood there in shock.

“My name is Elgil. Elgil von Istria — Well, you should remember the name of the man that will defeat you.”

After saying this, Elgil once again created the huge fireball.

This is bad. I don’t have【Anti-wall】prepared.

I quickly try to set it, but before I can, Elgil’s flames hit me.


Unbearable heat like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

I could feel my conscious fading for a moment.

“I’m sorry but there’s no way I could go easy on you.”


The heat was overwhelming but I managed to activate【Anti-wall】

And continued to activate【Anti-wall】several times in a row.

If I am hit by even one more I’ll be defeated.

This is my last chance….!

Elgil is chasing close behind me.

I try to use the experience I’ve gained from fighting Luluna to make a feint, but he doesn’t fall for it.

He’s gradually becoming used to the speed I have from using【Anti-wall】

How can he be so fast? I stare at Elgil with clear irritation on my face.

Elgil just looked back at me with a cool face.

“I can’t lose. After all, it is expected of a noble to win a fight like this.”

“There are people expecting me to win as well.”

It’s so frustrating. I’m weak…….I hate this.

But I also have people cheering for me. They expect me to win.

“Fight, Lute-dono!”

“Go for it, Lute! kero”

“Lute, do your best…..”

I hear the voices of my three friends. That alone is enough to give me the strength to go on.

I can’t lose. I can’t lose. I won’t lose!

“I can’t lose……I won’t!”

I focused all of my magical power near my feet.

Elgil saw this and stopped pursuing me.

After using【Gluttony】I have little magical power left.

I also stopped moving and looked straight at Elgil.

“You may not be a nobleman, but……Your spirit is just as strong. You have my respect.”

We each laughed for a moment and then returned our focus to the battle.

“…..Still, it is me who will win! As long as I am a nobleman, I can’t lose! It is my duty to win here. I have an obligation to the people to win!”

And a large mass of flames shot toward me.

I tried to use the magical power I had focused on my feet to dodge the flames, but I was too slow.

I had abandoned the idea of using【Anti-wall】at this point and took the flames head-on.

“There is a reason I have to win here. There is a place I can’t give up. I must win!”

The flames envelop my body.

It’s incredibly hot, but I can’t give up.

For all of my life, I have lived without any goal in sight.

I was okay with that as long as I was enjoying myself.

I didn’t join the Adventurer’s Academy for any real reason. I just didn’t want to leave my new friend.

But now, I have a firm goal in sight.

“Elgil…..I will…..defeat you…….”

“….I will win. It’s already been decided.”

Elgil denied my words.

“No, I will defeat you.”

In return, I denied his words.

“What!? How’d you get behind me!?”

Elgil quickly turned to face my voice.

But of course, there is no one standing there. Naturally, this is a trap…..

“【Empty Sound】……I never thought it would be useful in a fight.”

Elgil has his back turned to me. This is my best chance so far.

Before Elgil can turn back to face me, I used【Anti-wall】to force myself forward.

I aim for Elgil’s chest. If I am able to touch him directly I’ll win.

But Elgil turns toward me before I am close enough and prepares his own fire magic.

Elgil tries to hit me with his fire magic before I can touch him.

The difference in timing was only an instant.

But Elgil was faster.

Flames converged around Elgil’s right arm.

A mass of flames more powerful than everything Elgil has used so far was shot towards me.

Elgil is convinced of his victory and I can see him begin to relax.


I spoke the words I had said countless times.

My body instantly changed directions and shot into the air.

I could feel the heat from the flames brushing against my toes.

I landed behind Elgil and placed my right hand on his back.

【Thunder Trap】

“This is the end!”


【Thunder Trap】causes Elgil to stop his movement.

I put all of my remaining magical power into that trap.

“You…..still want to fight?”

“……No, I surrender. It’s….my loss.”

Elgil’s voice echoed throughout the silent arena.

At the same time, I fell unconscious.


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