TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 25

The Curtain Rises on the Battle

The day of the battle.

The stage is the school’s training ground.

I step onto the grounds to see Elgil already waiting for me.

Elgil shows an unfriendly smile as he brushes his fingers through his blonde hair.

“So, you came, Lute.”

“Good morning, Elgil. There’s an incredible amount of people here just to watch our fight.”

I looked over at the stands.

The stands were completely packed. Even the rarely used second-floor seating was completely packed.

I heard a few days ago that the second-floor seating had been opened to the students, but I didn’t expect so many to be here.

“Of course. They all just want to see my beautiful magic. Ah, thank you my beautiful Koneko-chans!” (TN: Elgil calls his female fans Koneko-chan)


The crowd is a pretty even split of men and women but does Elgil only notice the girls……I don’t really understand him.

Elgil gently blows a kiss towards the crowd… It’s almost like he’s not worried about the fight at all.

I listened carefully to the cheers of the audience.

“It’s such a rare opportunity to be able to see a fight between two students from the advanced class. I need to study them properly.”

“This isn’t that big of a deal……I just came to enjoy myself.”

“Kya~, Elgil is so cool!”

“I hope they go all out! I want to see blood!”

Some are saying disturbing things, others are just saying stupid things……

When I think about so many people watching, I get a bit nervous.

I need to focus!

I won’t be able to beat Elgil if I’m worried about the audience.


I take a deep breath in.

I need to focus.

Don’t look down, look forward!

I raise my head.

Then, I saw three familiar faces.


Luluna and the others that had been helping me train for the past few days.

“Good luck, Lute!”

“Show him the results of your special training!”


I started laughing unexpectedly after hearing their cheers.

“Well, Lute, you seem to be rather carefree.”

“I don’t want to hear that from the guy blowing kisses……But, I’ve been able to calm myself down now.”

Everyone is here to support me.

Just by knowing this, I could feel the stress leave my body.

“That’s a nice face. You truly are my lifelong rival!”

“I never expected for this to become such a big deal….”

“You can be proud to call yourself my rival!”

“Why is your character so strange?”

I don’t understand him at all.

“I-It’s not a character.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“*Gusu*……Why do you have to say such hurtful words?”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Ah, so you’re the one with the bad character.”

“What? What is that supposed to mean!?”

I was just joking, but suddenly I have a bad character!

“Even if you’re saying hurtful things unconsciously, you still have a bad personality!”

“Your heart is just too sensitive!”

“My heart is……is for everyone~!”

“You’re ridiculous.” (TN: This entire back and forth between them really doesn’t work in English. Sorry)

How can he say that so confidently?

The crowd jumps out of their seats and he blows them a kiss. I’m a little jealous.

Elgil then turned to look at me.

It was if he was looking through me with his blue eyes. He then laughed and showed me a smile.

“How about it, Lute? If you ask me kindly I’ll blow you a kiss too.”

“I don’t need anything like that.”

“Hmm~ *chu*~”

“Wha-! I said I didn’t need something like that!”

I really don’t get this guy.


After he finished blowing me a kiss, Elgil extended his hand out to me.

“Well, shall we begin?”


Today I have to fight Elgil and win.

“…..I’m sorry, but I can’t lose.”

Elgil showed another smile to me.

“I don’t have anything against you, but I don’t feel like losing today.”

Good. Let me show you the results of my special training.

“So, what shall signal the start of the fight?”

“Because I am the one that asked you for a fight, I’ll let you have the first move. How about when you’re ready, let all of your magical power leak out at once.”

Elgil suggests this.

It works for me.

“Sounds good. You might regret this.”

“I’m a nobleman. I don’t need the first move.”

“Then, I won’t hold back…..”


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