TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 24

A Student’s Main Job is to Study

A few days after the fight against Bagiran, in the classroom.
“……That isn’t quite right. It’s a bit more….”
It’s not right. I leaned back in my chair and let out a groan.
I was trying to form the magic that I had thought of before.
But I’ve hit a bit of a snag.
I still can’t figure out how to properly form it.
“Lute, if you need any help just ask me. I really don’t want you to leave the class.”
“I’ll also help.”
My three classmates tried to encourage me.
“Really!? Then, please, I just need a little more time to form it properly!”
I sat up quickly and begged for their support.
They’re such good friends to offer me help in my time of need.
Grandpa, I’ve made really good friends…..
“Lute, I’m more than willing to help, but……Are you studying properly?”
Eh, study?
As soon as I heard that word my body became cold and my heart sank.
“Lute-dono doesn’t seem to be studying anything but magic….”
“….I forgot.”
“I completely forgot about the test!”
I let out an agonizing scream.
This is bad! The exam is today!
I only have good grades in magic. I needed to study my hardest for every other subject!
“Luluna don’t laugh at me! If I hurry I might have time to –”
“Alright everyone, the test will now start. Return to your seats.”
The door opened and I heard the words I had been dreading.
This is terrible!
Elgil, I may flunk out of the advanced class before I can even fight you…!




A few days later.
At the end of today, the school will go into a one month break.
But before that, we got our test results.
“How did you do?”
“I passed….I was told next time I probably wouldn’t get so lucky.”
I answer while I stared down at my desk.
“But you passed.”
“If I had missed one or two more questions I would have failed. If I didn’t do so well in the practical exam I would have dropped down to the general class….”
“It’s a kerorimpa kero!”
“Yeah, sure…”
I don’t understand the meaning, but I nodded anyway.”
Well, the result was pretty bad, but at least now I can concentrate on the fight with Elgil.
“At least now I don’t have to think too much about the test.”
“If it’s Lute, you weren’t thinking about the test that much anyway.”
Th-That is true.
Luluna is just trying to annoy me!
“But because of that, Lute might be able to stay in this class. Lute’s luck is amazing kerokerokerokerokero”
Isn’t that an excessive amount of keros?
“Anyway, from today on we can have special training sessions.”
The three of them nodded in unison.
Alright, it’s special training from now on!




I arrived once again at the training grounds.
Unlike the fight with Bagiran, the training grounds were now crowded with people.
Now that the test is over, I’m guessing a lot of the students are trying to release some stress here.
“By the way, Lute, do you know the type of magic Elgil uses?”
“Yeah, I found out about it recently. It’s fire magic, right?”
One of the five great magics, fire magic.
The five great magics of fire, wind, lightning, earth, and water. Among them, fire magic is the most common type of magic.
“Apparently Elgil is the first person that uses fire magic to join the advanced class.”
“Eh, really?”
That’s unexpected.
Around 40% of the total magic users in the world use one of the five great elements.
Yet nobody had joined the advanced class.
“The people that join the advanced class are considered to be unordinary. That’s why they tend to use different types of magic like everyone here. That’s why joining the advanced class for someone using the five great magics isn’t normal.”
Luluna cleared up my doubts.
Indeed, fire magic’s power is always the same no matter who the user is.
“……Hmm? That must mean Elgil is incredibly strong, right?”
“That’s why I told you I’d support you, as my friend!”
“Thank you, everyone. I’ll do my best!”
Over the next few days, I trained hard with everyone.



The day before the battle.
“Haa~haa~……Finally done….”
I collapsed onto the floor of the training ground.
I was finally able to form the magic.
With this, I can fight Elgil.
“That was amazing, Lute! You can definitely defeat Elgil now!”
“Elgil is sure to be blown away kero!”
Thanks to everyone’s help I was able to finish my spell.
All that’s left now is to defeat Elgil.


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