TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 22

A Promise

One day in the classroom.

The atmosphere of the general class had become rather tense with the yearly exams approaching.

Based off of the results of the exam, a student from the general class may be able to transfer into the advanced class. So, all of the general class students are trying desperately to do well.

Of course, we’re also desperate. If we do poorly on the exams we may be kicked out of the advanced class.

“I’m here.”

The man that said this stood in the doorway trying to look composed.

“Elgil, what’s wrong? Did you get lost?”

“Me get lost? As if that would ever happen.”

Elgil stood next to Luluna and twirled his blonde hair with his finger.

He’s still trying to act cool like usual.

Though, it is a bit frustrating that he actually is cool.

“But you seem to be lost in life.”

“Luluna-san, your words hurt like always.”


Ah, Luluna looks happy.

“Lute-kun, why is this person so strange? She seems happy that another person is in distress.”

“Ooh, that’s just Luluna. Luluna likes to see people in trouble.”

“Don’t act like that’s something normal, Lute! She’s clearly smiling from ear-to-ear just at the thought of someone being in trouble!”

“So, why are you here?”

“I came to make my declaration of war against you, Lute.”

“Oh, yeah. I completely forgot about that.”

Elgil heard this and smiled a little.

“Oh, are you already admitting defeat? Well, that makes sense. After all, I am your opponent……Though, you are my lifelong rival so it would nice if you were a little more aggressive.”

“No, I really just forgot…..”

“Why!? Am I not good enough!? Aren’t you proud of the fact that you get to fight against me!?”

“Eh? Yeah, sure. I’m not sure why, but….I’m sorry?”

A lot of things have happened recently and I had completely forgotten about Elgil.

I’m honestly sorry.

I lower my head to Elgil.

Well then, what should I do…..

“Aa~h, both of you look so troubled! Show me more faces like that!”

“Luluna, I think it would be better if you stayed quiet for a while….”

Nice, Tsurugi.

“Let’s take a few days off from school after the exams. That way we can focus on fighting against one another and we can finally have a one-on-one battle. If we tell Sensei beforehand I’m sure it will be fine.”

“Alright, let’s do it.”

“Don’t think that you can actually beat me. After all, I’m a child prodigy — because I am Elgil von Istria!”

Why does he have to say his full name every time?

“Let’s meet again and next time it will be on the battlefield.”

He say’s this and throws a small card at me.

The location and date for our battle were on the card.

“When I win, I’ll join Class A!”

“How long are you going to keep saying that!?”

“Until I win of course. AHAHAHA! Of course, this time I’ve received permission from the school!”

Elgil left the classroom while laughing.

How desperate is he to join Class A……And this time he even got permission from the school!

Does that mean if I lose I’ll have to leave Class A?

Well then, I definitely can’t lose!


“It seems like a difficult person has attached himself to you, Lute. Elgil may be strange, but I’ve heard he’s incredibly strong. He’s rarely ever lost against any other member of Class B.”

“I’ve heard rumours that he’s the strongest member of the advanced class.”

After Elgil left the classroom, Tsurugi and Luluna said this to me.

“Then……as I am now, I’ll probably lose….”

I’m confident in my abilities, but maybe Elgil is just on another level than me.

I look over the card Elgil handed to me.

The date is three days after the final exam. I’ll need to train before the date.


“Is something wrong, Patricia?”

Patricia seems to be looking intently at the card Elgil gave me.

I mean the card is a little unusual but is there any reason to be that shocked?

“Is that……a love letter kero!?”

“Have you missed everything that’s happened so far?”

There’s no way that’s what it would be. Absolutely impossible!

“As much as he watches you and talks about you, it makes sense kero. Aren’t you just being a bit too self-conscious kero?”


I can’t deny that….!

Maybe Elgil was thinking that way about me all along?

What should I do? I have no idea how to respond…..!

The shock is too overwhelming and I collapse onto my desk.

“Then, what should he do, Peti-dono?”

“Everything in this world is impermanent, there’s no reason to be worried about geroppa kerokero.” (TN: Honestly, the second part of this line was borderline gibberish so sorry if it’s confusing)

“I don’t really understand, but can’t the two exist at the same time….?”


Patricia smiles and shows a thumbs up.

Of course, it was impossible for an ordinary person to try to understand Patricia.

I have no idea what she’s talking about!


After class.

I called out to Bagiran as he was preparing to leave the classroom.

“Bagiran Sensei, do you have a moment?”

“Is something wrong? Did you have a question?”

Bagiran turned to me showing his usual stern expression.

“…..Do you remember the promise from the entrance exam?”

The promise from the entrance exam.

In other words, the promise for us to fight seriously.

“…..Ah, that……Something about fighting seriously against each other?”

“Yes. How about we do that after school today?”

I bow my head to Bagiran.

I can’t act proud now. I’m basically asking him to train me.

I’d do anything if it meant I could beat Elgil. I don’t want to leave everyone in Class A.

“Alright. Wait for me at the training grounds after school today……Relax, I won’t kill you.”

Bagiran tells me this and leaves the classroom.


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