TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 21

Fair Argument

We left the swamp and washed the mud off in the public bath in front of the capital, and entered the kingdom once again.

In most cities, there are public baths near the gate to the city. It seems hunting demons can leave quite a bad smell on the adventurers and many of them requested to have public baths built.

Even though I said public bath obviously, the men’s and women’s baths are separate. I’m definitely not disappointed….. Definitely not.

We’re currently headed to the nursery school the client works at.

Usually, once completed with a request, you’d deliver the requested item to the Adventurer’s Guild. However, this time it seems we are delivering it directly to the client.

Bagiran told us in class the reason for this was, “It’s to form a connection with the people you are doing these requests for.”

It’s true that we’d usually just be looking at a request form. Maybe it is important for us to know the client.

“This time the MVP was Patricia, huh. Well done.”

Bagiran praises Patricia.

“You were amazing, Peti!”

“That was a smart way to use your magic.”

“I would never have thought to use your magic to do that.”

“Gerogerogero. It wasn’t that amazing kero. Geroppa!”

Patricia looks overjoyed after being praised.

She tries to pull her frog hood down to cover her face. I’m guessing she doesn’t want us to see how happy she is. She’s cute.

“Compared to all of you, I wasn’t useful at all….”

Luluna says this with a depressed look on her face.

Well, it is true that she didn’t kill as many demons as Tsurugi and me, but that can’t be helped. After all, she doesn’t have any form of attack magic.

No matter how strong Luluna is, there’s no way she can defeat as many demons as we can only using her hands.

“Luluna you’re our trump card. You don’t need to worry about anything.”

I tried to cheer up the discouraged Luluna.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Luluna, we may have been killed by the demon during the forest expedition.

Because of Luluna, we’re all alive now.

“With your nullification magic, you can completely stop any powerful magic.”

“Luluna-san is our protector kerorina kero.”

“Your magic isn’t suitable for every situation, but there’s a reason you were selected to join the advanced class. Be confident in your abilities.”

“Th-Thank you, everyone…..! I-I’ll do my best!”

After hearing our words of encouragement, Luluna looked fired up.

I’m a little confused by kerorina though……Well, Luluna and Patricia seem happy so it should be fine.


We arrived at the nursery school.

We could see the kids running around all over the place.

Their level of energy is a little overwhelming.

Patricia handed the ring over to the client.

The client took the ring with trembling hands.

“Th-Thank you so much……! This was my Grandmother’s…’s priceless to me. Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart….”

“We should be thanking you for letting us take this request even though we’re still students at the academy.”

Of course, without the permission of the client, we would never have been allowed to take on this request.

“That’s because I’ve heard all of the students at the Academy are amazing.”

“We’ll do our best to live up to those expectations.”

I see. The reason she trusted students, was because of the reputation the academy has gained over the past years.

I’m relieved we didn’t do anything to hurt that reputation.

That would have been troublesome to the students that will come after me.

Really, I’m incredibly relieved.


“Thank you so much!”

The client bowed to us and expressed her sincere thanks.

This is the first time an adult has ever bowed down to me like this.

It was difficult, but I’m truly glad that we tried our hardest.

“With this, the request is complete. You all did well for your first request.”

After hearing Bagiran’s words, a young boy from the nursery school called out to us.

“Ah, it’s onii-chan!”


The only men here are Bagiran Sensei and I and I don’t have a younger brother.

So that means….

“Bagiran Sensei, do you have a brother that’s this young?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll be forty this year.”

Does that mean…’s me?

No, I definitely don’t have a brother……I thought about it and looked at the boy.

“Ah, you’re the boy from that time!”

“It’s been a long time, onii-chan!”

It was the boy that had injured his knee.

“So you go to the nursery school here?”

I’m relieved to see him so energetic.

“That’s right….Oh, does onii-chan also go here?”

“No, onii-chan is already fifteen years old….”

As expected, I look a little out of place at a nursery school….

“Djer, who is that person?”

A friend of the boy — whose name appears to be Djer — pointed at me and asked that.

“This guy is my onii-chan! My onii-chan is amazing! He’s reliable and interesting! There’s nothing he can’t do!”

Does this boy think I’m some kind of superhero!?

Am I really that amazing!?

“Djer’s onii-chan?”

“That’s right. His name is…..onii-chan what’s your name?”

“Ah, it’s Lute.”

Right, I never told him my name.

After Djer hears my name, he proudly says it to his friend.

“Onii-chan’s name is Leon and in the future, he will be the King! Isn’t that right onii-chan?


I’m not so sure that’s possible….

“Do some exciting things once you become king.”

I’m not exactly sure what he’s trying to say, but I feel like I’m being forced to be king.

We-well I think this conversation topic needs to be changed —

“Onii-chan can do anything! Isn’t that right!?”

Djer seems to truly believe in me. If he’s so honest like this, I can’t disappoint him!

“I…I understand. I’ll do something exciting when I’m king.”

“Ooh! I’m looking forward to it, Lute!

“It sounds so interesting!”

“Geroppa kero~”

I feel like I’m being mocked.

Rather, doesn’t Luluna seem like she’s enjoying this more than everyone else? I can tell by the look on her face!

“Make sure to not overwork yourself. Good luck, Lute.”

Even Sensei….is there no one on my side….!?


There was a dozen of children from the nursery school looking at me with expectant eyes…

I was thinking it may be best if I just left, but it seems like they want me to do something…

But I’m just a fifteen-year-old apprentice adventurer.

The only thing I can do is trap magic.

That’s why I’ll have some fun with this!

I decided this and picked up a doll that was in a wooden box.

This is probably one of their toys so I’ll be gentle with the doll.


“Alright, I guess I’ll start.”

As soon as I say this there’s a slight applause from the audience.

They seem to be expecting something amazing from me even though I’m just an ordinary person…..

No, no I just need to stop being so self-conscious!

“Umm, then, please look closely at this doll.”

I’m mainly talking to the children.

I don’t even want to think about Luluna and the others. I feel a little embarrassed talking about dolls with them here.

“The doll said it wants to talk so I’d like if you can listen for a little while.”

The children look at the doll curiously.

I covered my mouth with my hands and used trap magic. The name of the trap……is 【Empty Sound】

This trap allows me to change the sound of my voice.

“Hello, everyone. Are you all doing well?”

“Uwaa, the doll really talked!”

The children are all excited.

Most of the children seemed to believe the doll was actually talking.

However, there were some that clearly had their doubts.

“But he’s covering his mouth. Isn’t he just talking?”

I guess it is pretty obvious that I’m the one talking.

But I am a magician.

I put the doll down on the table and slowly walked behind the children.

Then, I change my voice once again and be careful to only move my mouth slightly.

“My name is Hannoo.”

The voice definitely came from the direction of the doll.

“Even though he moved the voice still came from the same place….amazing!”

“Amazing…it’s real! The doll is really talking!”

Alright, it seems everyone believed it this time.

My one man show seems to be a success.


“We weren’t there long, but that was fun. Though, I felt a little ridiculous doing that in front of everyone…..”

As we walked home from the nursery school, I voiced my complaints.

By the way, Bagiran seemed to have something he needed to take care of so he left a while ago. Now, it was just the four of us walking along the road.

“I really want to know how you were able to make the doll seem like it was really talking.”

Luluna asks this question.

“Ah, I was trying to come up with a new use for my trap magic. Basically, I am able to send my voice to a place where I have set some magical power.”

Maybe if I can train a bit with that magic, I’ll be able to use it to move more than just my voice. But, for now, that seems impossible.

“W-wait a minute. You’re saying you just came up with that……on the spot?”

Luluna looks astounded after hearing my explanation.

No, it’s not just Luluna. Both Tsurugi and Patricia look the same.

“That’s right. Is that strange?”

“Have you done that before!?”

“No, I wouldn’t usually be able to do something like that, but this time it was a relatively simple spell.”

After all, it took me months to be able to use【Hidden Flames】

This time there was no real attacking ability so it was a simple enough spell to come up with.

Despite my explanation, their three faces remained stunned.

“Aren’t you just a genius…..?”

“I’m definitely not a genius, but thank you for saying that.”

“As expected, Lute is amazing. There are no words to describe how amazing your abilities are.”

“Thank you, Tsurugi. I feel happy hearing your praise.”

“Lute, you must have inherited the super frog gene kero!”

“No, you must be talking about something completely different.”

What even is the super frog gene?

Anyway, we’ve now completed our first request.

“Everyone worked their hardest on this request. Thank you all very much.”

Three people give a slight nod to my words.

I can tell by the way they’re looking at me they feel the same way.

As I was just about to start speaking, Tsurugi cut me off.

“Al~right! I’ll do my best from tomorrow onward. I look forward to working with you all!”

“Ah, I wanted to say that!”

“I also was going to say something like that!”

“Too bad, first come first serve!”

Damn, I was too slow!

Next time, for sure —

“Kero…..I think it’s more important to see which one of you actually starts working their hardest, not who said it first kero.”

Why are you suddenly making sense now, Patricia!?


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