TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 20


Bagiran Sensei entered the classroom yelling like usual.

“So today, I have a mission for you guys! So you can practice!”

I can’t help but question him.

“Sensei, didn’t you say yesterday that we should be more patient? Didn’t you just say training is enough for now?”

“What? Are you angry, Lute?”

“No, I’m not angry about it in particular….”

“If you ever are angry, be sure to roar like this, ‘Uuooooooo!’ Okay?”

“What’s going on?”

I don’t understand it at all.

“I see. It’s so we can gain experience!”

Tsurugi quickly begins taking notes in her notebook.

You’re indulging your teacher too much!

“So, what is it?”

“Don’t feel too worried. I don’t plan on sending you out on your own. I’ll be accompanying you.”

My question was completely ignored.

Well, if that is true, then it should be fine.

Luluna raised her hand to ask Bagiran a question.

“Sensei we’re not, ‘Adventurers.’ yet. Is it okay for us to accept requests?”

What Luluna said is true; we’re not qualified adventurers yet.

It shouldn’t be possible for us to receive a request if we’re not qualified.

To Luluna’s question, Bagiran quietly nodded.

“That would normally be the case. However, every year the advanced class is allowed to receive one request.”

I see this is also one of the advantages of entering this academy.

“If you are successful on this request, you will each be rewarded a ‘temporary license.’ With this license, you will be able to accept requests at the guild in town, but these requests are restricted to non-combat requests for the time being.”

A temporary license.

With that, I’d be able to make a living. I’d be able to receive money every time I completed a request.

I have no choice but to do this request now!


“And what is the request?”

We left the Academy and followed Bagiran through the capital city.

While we walked, I asked Bagiran about the request.

“It seems someone lost a memento in the marsh and would like you all to find it.”

Bagiran shows me a picture while we walk.

That’s…..a ring? I white ring could be seen reflected in the picture.

“This ring……is in the marsh?”

“That’s basically what has happened. There are demons in the marsh, so you need to stay sharp.”

That makes sense. A “request” wouldn’t be so simple.

I could feel the tension rise a little for everyone.

This is our first request.

This is different from fighting. Now we are fighting for someone else.

I could feel the pressure weighing down on me as I realized this.

“…..Well, these demons are weaker than the one you fought on the forest expedition. If it’s you guys, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Looking at us with a serious face, Bagiran added this.

“….Sensei, are you trying to motivate us?”

He seems to be paying close attention to each of us. His face is serious.

“I’m surprised you all aren’t more nervous. Normally at this time, the students look much tenser.”

To my question, Bagiran shows a look of surprise.

“Thanks to Sensei’s encouragement, we’re much more relaxed.”

“Huh, well said.”

While carrying on this conversation we walked to the location of the request.


A little way out of the capital city, there was a marsh.

“From now on I will only help in emergency situations. Show me your abilities and handle this request on your own.”

Bagiran said this and leaned against a tree.

From here on out, we’re on our own.

I try to observe my surroundings in the marsh.

The diameter of the marsh is only about 10 meters.

There are trees growing here and there around the marsh.

The visibility isn’t great, but I can still see a little between the dense trees.

“This is really going to be a pain.”

I say this as I look into the marsh.

The water in the marsh was impossible to see into. I think it’s become more mud than water at this point.

Just scooping a small amount with my hand feels strange….To be honest it’s a little disgusting.

“It’s quite muddy….”

“So dirty…”

Tsurugi and Luluna looked disgusted as they scooped the muddy water with their hands.


Only Patricia was gently splashing her hands in the muddy water.

What is she doing….Is she like this because frogs tend to live in marshes?

At that time, a demon surfaced from the marsh.

The demon was jet black and the surface of its body looked wet and slimy. I’m not sure if I just can’t see this demon’s eyes or if maybe this demon has no eyes.

This demon spits mud to attack, so I used【Raging Wind】to pull it out of the marsh.

I’m not sure what type of demon this is, but based on the fact that it just came out of the marsh, I can assume it lives here.


I yell out to Tsurugi as I through the demon in her direction.


Tsurugi cut the demon in half with her sword using her metal magic.

Just like Bagiran said, these demons certainly are weaker than those in the forest.

I can’t be sure yet, as we’ve only encountered one demon, but if this is the average level of the demons here, then we should be fine.

That means the problem isn’t the demons, but trying to find that ring.

I survey the marsh once more.

The light from the sun must only penetrate a few centimeters into this muddy water.

This task is a little….no seriously tiresome.

….Is this why the request was sent to the Academy? The cost outweighs the reward.

I hope that’s not the real reason.

I can hear a rhythmic sound as I’m deep in thought.


Ah, it’s just Patricia.

While Tsurugi and I were dealing with that demon, Patricia just continued splashing around in the water.

The mud seems to separate from the water as Patricia continues thrusting her arms into the water.

“Hey Patricia, what have you been doing for a while now?”

I ask Patricia this.

She definitely doesn’t seem like she’s just playing…..

Patricia heard my question and raised her head to respond.

“….Hmm, I think I can do something about this marsh.”

“Peti, what are you going to do?”

Suddenly, Luluna asked this question.

I’m not sure what Patricia is planning and it seems that Luluna and Tsurugi are confused as well.

Then, Patricia pushed her arms into the marsh until her arms were submerged up to her elbows.

The marsh then began to rise vertically, until it looked like a large cylinder beginning to rise from the ground.

After turning into this shape, the marsh began rotating slowly.

“I can use my alteration magic to make it easier to find the ring. If I do this I’m sure I can find it. So, can I ask you three to take care of any demons that may come out?”

Indeed, that is a good idea.

I hadn’t even thought of that. It makes sense that she would know the best use for her abilities.

“I get it, Peti.”

We decided to go along with Patricia’s plan and got ready to defeat any demons that may come out.

As the large mud cylinder continued to ascend, more of the marsh became exposed to the outside air and the number of demons also increased.

It doesn’t seem like it will be easy for us.

While thinking this, I quickly set up【Thunder Trap】


Several hours later.

Dozens of dead demons lay around the marsh and we were all beginning to breathe heavily.

This is more difficult than I expected.

I’m starting to think that there is an infinite number of monsters in this marsh. On top of that, finding the ring is seeming to be impossible. The muddy water is difficult to see through.

I’m still able to stand for now, but I’m guessing I’ll only be able to last another couple of hours.

“There it is kero!”

It was at this time that good news reached my ears.

“I think that’s the ring kero. I need you to check so we can be 100% sure.”

We were tired after fighting for hours, but we quickly ran over to Patricia.

In the muddy cylinder, we could see the unquestionable sight of the ring we were looking for.

“Alright this is it, let’s run away from here! Sensei, this is enough, right?”

I called out to Bagiran.

“Ah, you’ve worked hard. As expected of you guys!”

Bagiran praised us and showed a thumbs up.

Patricia used her alteration magic to return the marsh back to normal and then we ran away from the marsh as quickly as possible.


  1. She’s definitely an earth bender

  2. I was wondering…

    Why don’t they use tsurugi metal control to find the ring?

      1. Author probably just didn’t think of it at the time, despite calling it metal control in this chapter. By the way, she wouldn’t have to “sense” it necessarily, she could just reach out to move metal in the area, revealing it that way.

  3. The ring may not be made of metal. It could be ivory, bone, or some other thing. Besides, she likely needs at least a general idea of where it is to use her magic or maybe needs to touch it initially?

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