TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 17


Time swiftly passes by.

The forest expedition lasted for one week and tomorrow is the last day.

I think back on the events that have happened so far as I got into bed.

During this expedition, I’ve fought against monsters that can use multiple types of magic and even Luluna. I think this trip was good for my growth.

“….I can’t sleep.”

For some reason, I just can’t sleep.

I continued to toss and turn in bed.

The rustling of the sheets is the only sound that could be heard in the room.

I’m the only one in the room.

It’s not like I’m being treated special because I’m in the advanced class. Each of the students in the general class has their own room as well.

That’s simply because this building is huge.

“Lute…are you awake….?”

As I was thinking about this, I could hear a voice from outside my door.

That voice…..Luluna?

“I’m awake. Just a minute.”

I turn on the light in my room and open the door.

After opening it I saw Luluna, Tsurugi, and Patricia. The full force of Class A assembled outside my room.

“What’s wrong? At this time of night.”

“If you’re feeling better Lute-dono, we wanted to invite you to see the fireflies with us.”

“Fireflies? Are there fireflies around here?”


I”m not sure if that’s a yes or no, but I’m guessing it’s a yes because of the smile Patricia is showing.

“We heard about it in the bath today and wanted to go together. Ah, of course, if you’re too tired you don’t have to come.”

“I’ll go!”

I answered right away.

Are three beautiful girls inviting me to see the fireflies with them in the middle of the night? What kind of amazing dream is this?

As might be expected, I’m really having trouble keeping a clear head in this situation.

Maybe that’s just because I have trouble saying no to a friend.

Considering I never had any friends, I doubt that’s the reason.


I went outside, following behind these three people.

There is a chance of encountering demons here, but it seems the teachers were thorough with their search the other day. If we encounter any demons they will just be ordinary types.

And if it’s the four of us, ordinary demons don’t stand a chance.

This isn’t me being proud. Rather, these are just the facts.

“This is the place!”

Luluna stops.


Before my eyes, there were many yellow-green lights dancing in the sky.

The natural lights dancing around are amazing and impossible to describe their beauty. I can’t take my eyes off of them.

The four of us just silently stood there at the amazing sight of the fireflies.

— And that’s why none of us noticed.

There was something else there besides us and the fireflies.

There was a sudden rustling sound that caused me to return to my senses.

From the place that the sound came from, I could see a shadow.

“Wh-Who’s there!?”

I yell out toward the shadow.

Though the shadow appears to be human; there is still a chance it is a demon.

If that’s the case, battle is unavoidable—

“Hello, Class A. It is I”

I heard a clear voice that was very strange for a man.

As far as I know, there’s only one man with a voice like that.

In other words…

“Elgil? Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

Elgil was standing there.

This guy….I was worried it was a demon and my body went cold.

“It’s rather dark, I doubt you can see my face. Do you need me to introduce myself?”

“No, why would that be necessary? We already know you’re Elgil, right?”

Elgil nods after hearing Luluna’s words.

Ah, it seems like we don’t have to worry about his long self-introduction this time.

“That’s right. It must be an honor to know my name. That’s why I’ll say it once more. I am Elgil, Elgil von Istria — a man that stands atop all other adventurers.”

This guy can’t help but introduce himself. I feel like he has some kind of disease.

In front of Elgil, as his cloak flapped in the wind, three girls stood there in confusion.


No, maybe Patricia is just her usual self. This girl really does things at her own pace.


“Elgil-dono, did you come to see the fireflies?”

“Yes. It’s the obligation of a noble.”

“I’ve never heard of such an obligation.”

That’s definitely a lie! Rather than it being an obligation, he just really wanted to see them!

Of course, I didn’t say this out loud when I responded to Elgil.

In response to me, Elgil just laughs and waves his hands at me.

“I’m joking, that’s all. It was a joke. Look at me, Lute-kun.”

Elgil said this and stood right in front of me.

He just looked like his normal, good-looking self.

In fact, due to the light of the fireflies, he looks even more handsome than usual.

“Well, I think I saw it?”

To my answer, Elgil opened both his arms out wide.

“Well, aren’t I shining brilliantly?”


Is that really his reason for being here?

“Between the fireflies and I, which one is shining more? That’s why I came here today.”

This guy’s way of thinking is ridiculous.

“Hmm, where is the rest of Class B?”

“They declined to come with. I’m sorry, I thought they’d like to come here as well.”

…..Maybe Elgil isn’t that close to the other members of Class B?

If that’s the case, I’m sorry. At first, I thought he was a bad guy, but now I don’t think so….

I looked at Elgil, feeling a little sad for him.

“Hmm? Why do I feel like you’re looking at me like you pity me?”

“I bet it was painful, Elgil. It’s okay though, I’m here now.”

I clapped my hand on Elgil’s shoulder.

I understand the feeling of not having any friends.

I had my grandpa when I was growing up, but it’s possible Elgil didn’t have anyone like that.

Ah, he’s so pitiful….

“What is this misunderstanding? I’m popular everywhere I go!”

“Eh, is that so? For some reason, I can’t believe that.”

“Lute, you can say some unexpectedly cruel things….There’s no way I wouldn’t be popular. What about you guys? What do you think about me?”

Elgil waved to Luluna.

“You’re amazingly conceited.”

“Geroppa kero”

“Maybe a hot-headed narcissist?”

They didn’t hold anything back.

“I…I will not cry….! I am a strong boy….!”

Elgil trembles and clinches his fist while biting his lip.

I could see something slowly dripping from his eyes.

Luluna sees this and gently tries to talk to Elgil.

“I’m sorry, Elgil. We may have over did it a little. So, please don’t make that face……The stimulation might be a bit much for me….!”

That girl, she looks like she is desperately trying to hold something back as she watches Elgil cry….!

“You are……Luluna-san? You’re kind, thank you.”

“Uee…..that’s not….You’re welcome.”

I’m not sure she’s kind, rather it looks like she’s on the brink of death from trying to suppress her inner S…….Well, it’s probably best not to fix this misunderstanding.

My first friend is something I truly can’t understand.

“Hmm, what’s wrong Lute? Your eyes look distant.”

“No, everyone is just too sharp.”

“Sharp? If you’re talking about how I’m shining, I understand what you mean.”

That’s…not quite what I meant….

Is there a requirement to be strange in order to join the advanced class?

I let out a sigh.

Compared to everyone else, I….

“My character is just too normal.”

When I voiced my grievance, Luluna and the others tried to comfort me.

“What are you worried about, Lute? You’re a very kind person that brought me to the Academy. Even if you’re just a background character, you were my first friend.”

“Yes, thank you, Luluna.”

It hurt a little being called a background character, but I’m happy she cares about me so much.

Then, the other two, Patricia and Tsurugi, called out to me.

“Lute, you’re a funny person kero. Sometimes I don’t even notice you at all, but I’m glad you’re my classmate kero.”

“Lute-dono is a very hard worker! The way you can almost completely erase your presence is amazing! I’d like you to teach me it someday!”

“Thank you, both of you. I’m really happy.”

But, first of all, I don’t have the ability to completely erase my presence.

It’s just like I thought, I’m just too normal….

It can’t be helped, but I can’t deny it’s a little disappointing.

“Wh-what’s wrong, Lute? Are you feeling better?”

Luluna looks at me with an expression mixed with worry and pleasure.

Her face was looking tense and she was starting to sweat. She’s, really trying to fight against her inner S.

And then, we could hear a loud yell from behind us.

The loud, “Uuuuooo!” could be heard clearly. The members of Class A stood there silently.

“That voice! Is it a demon!?”

The only person that still seemed concerned, was Class B’s, Elgil.

“No, it’s something else. Elgil, this voice is…”

“Uuuuooooo!? Hmm? Why are you all here?”

Of course, it was Bagiran.

His voice is as loud as usual. Does he not know it’s nighttime?

“Why are you yelling so much?”

Luluna asks an obvious question.

“If demons were to attack while I’m watching the fireflies, the mood would be ruined. I wanted to lure out any demons by making it clear I was here.”

I’m not sure that entirely answered the question, nor do I completely understand his reasoning.

“It’s unexpected that Sensei likes fireflies kero”

“It’s just something I enjoy.”

It’s fine if Bagiran likes stuff like this, but with his face and physique, it is surprising that he’s interested in something like this.

“It’s the same way I feel! Sensei is so pretty! You’re like a single flower!”

“Is that how you see me…?”

Bagiran looked at Tsurugi with a puzzled expression,

This is possibly the first time Bagiran and I have had the same expression.

Then, Bagiran turned his gaze to Elgil.

“Oh, you’re Elgil, right? I’ve heard a lot about you from the teacher of Class B. You sound very promising.”

“Thank you very much. Well, it’s only obvious I’d be promising. I’m a natural.”

Elgil showed a fearless smile after saying this.

I wouldn’t mind some of his confidence.

“I’ve mainly been with Class A, but Class B also seems to be exceptional compared to an average advanced class. There are so many wonderful students this year. As a teacher, it’s great to see…..Well, I should be leaving soon.”

Bagiran turns around, even though he only just saw the fireflies.

“Eh, you’re leaving already? You just got here.”

“I’m glad I was able to get even a small look. Besides, there are many things the teachers need to prepare, for tomorrow. Make sure you all get to bed soon so you don’t oversleep. Bye.”

After saying this, Bagiran left.

Then, Elgil begins to laugh.

“Fufufu….Bagiran Sensei remembered my name. You know what this means, Lute.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“It means Sensei has acknowledged me as a member of Class A!”

“You’re amazing.”

This guy makes no sense at all.

“Elgil is a gerogero kero”

“You must be, Patricia-san? What exactly is a gerogero…?”

“Gerogero is gerogero kero. Geronkerokero has a similar meaning to it kero”

“I..I see……I definitely understand. After all, I’m a nobleman!”

There’s absolutely no chance he knows what she is saying. Nobody knows what she’s saying.

As I stood there dumbfounded, Elgil quietly whispered to me.

“Hey, Lute, what does gerogero mean exactly?”

So he really didn’t understand….

Please don’t involve me in this.

“I have no idea, maybe she’s praising you? Again, no clue.”

I tell him what I think it may mean.

After hearing my words, Elgil’s eyes begin to shine.

“I see….! Patricia-san, you’re a great person!”

“Th-thank you, kero…….I”m sorry I said something so terrible like gerogero a moment ago kero”

Patricia apologizes like this.

Ah, so it wasn’t praise after all. Well, it would be weird to compliment him in that situation.

“Lute-kun! That wasn’t a compliment!”

Even if you tell me that, I still don’t know what gerogero means. Besides, this is why I didn’t want to get involved from the beginning.

I just wanted to see fireflies!

Right, let’s concentrate on the fireflies for now.

I looked up at the fireflies in the night sky. They’re also trying their best in this moment.


“The fireflies are very beautiful.”

“Wait a minute, Lute-kun! Are you listening to me Lute-kun!? Look at me Lute-kun! I’m more beautiful than the fireflies Lute-kun! Lute-kuuunnnn!”

Elgil turns into a machine that appears to only be able to shout, “Lute-kun”; I just ignored him and continued to watch the fireflies.


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