TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 12

Battle with the Demon

We hurried in the direction of the scream.

We came upon a break in the trees, nearly all of the trees and grass had been cleared out in a wide circle.

It almost looked like a plaza, there was no trees or grass at all.

The ground in the clearing was dyed black. This is……….

At the same time I was looking at the black ground, I could hear a bloodcurdling scream…..



Then I could see students from the academy cornered by a demon.

A demon with a long black tail stood in the center of eight students lying on the ground.

The demon had matted black and white spotted fur with dangerous looking eyes.

“This demon took out all of them…..”


The demon recognized that we were a new enemy and got low to the ground while letting out another growl.

It let out a wave of magical power as saliva dripped down the demon’s tusks.

Looking at it, I feel a shiver run down my spine.

……Hey, doesn’t this thing seem to have too much magical power!?

That much high-density magical power, I’ve never seen anyone other than Grandma and Grandpa have this much overwhelming magical power.

“Everyone, group up.”

We gathered around Luluna after she said this.

At the same time the demon began to form water magic at the end of its tusks and then fired it towards us.

Due to Luluna’s nullification magic, the demon’s water magic disappeared.

“As expected of Luluna-dono. If things stay like this —”

“This is bad…..This demon’s power is overwhelming! My magical power won’t last long against it!”

As I expected.

To completely nullify that powerful of an attack would require a massive amount of magical power.

Besides, it seems like this demon’s melee attacks would be even stronger than it’s magic.

This could actually be very dangerous….

The demon seems to be done waiting for us to make a move and takes aim at us. The demon bends it’s front legs, lowering itself to the ground.

It’s coming!

“Everyone step back!”

I create【Anti-wall】right in front of the charging demon.

As the demon slammed into【Anti-wall】it’s momentum caused it to be knocked backwards.

Alright, now I’ve got a little time to talk.

“I will distract the demon. While I’m doing that, Patricia create something that can carry the injured students away from here. Tsurugi and Luluna need to go get help as quickly as possible. With Luluna’s nullification magic and Tsurugi’s ability to deal with physical attacks, you should be able to get to the teachers quickly.”

“Th-then, Lute —”

“There’s no time, get help from the teachers as soon as possible! There is most likely another one around!”

The three people in front of me turn pale.

But I am sure of it.

The magic this demon just used was water, but there are scorch marks all over this area.

It’s obvious if you look at the blackened ground. There’s almost certainly another enemy nearby, a demon that uses either fire or lightning magic.

At our level, we’re not capable of dealing with two of these demons. We need the teachers here now.

After I finished speaking, Tsurugi took out one of the swords she had attached to her waist.

I was confused as to what she was planning, when she threw the sword up into the sky.

“I’ll leave one sword here so we can find our way back.”

“I’m counting on you, Tsurugi.”

Patricia had begun to gather the injured people. She transformed the earth into something like a rickshaw.

It seems considerably heavy, but Patricia seems able to move it by using her magic to alter her arms and increase their strength.

“Lute-kun, we’ll see each other later kero.”

“We’ll absolutely meet up later, Lute!”

These three people pushed the cart together, heading towards the finish and the teachers.



“I would like to kill you as quickly as possible, how to kill you…”

I face the demon.

The demon stared at me with it’s mismatched eyes.

Saliva leaked out from it’s mouth.

I concentrate my magical power at my feet and create【Anti-wall】.

I don’t know if I would be able to place any traps in time if the demon were to suddenly rush me.

I finished placing【Anti-wall】at my feet, then concentrated my magical power at the feet of the demon and placed【Hidden Flames】.

I keep my eyes on the demon, trying to hide my true intentions.


However, the monster is able to detect the change in my magical power and charges at me.

“Well, it’s not like it could be that easy, right……!”

It may be reckless to use a trap on the demon when it’s rushing so violently.

So, I used【Anti-wall】to launch myself over the charging demon and landed behind it.

This isn’t good…

The demon’s speed is much faster than I expected.

I’ve already used a lot of my magical power.

I can maybe create【Anti-wall】a dozen more times, I’ll only be able to use any other spell half as many times.

The demon seems to have become impatient with me, it begins to open it’s mouth wide.

This is a chance!

I force myself to ignore my exhaustion and stand up.

It most likely will use water magic again, the attack is strong, but it also leaves the demon wide open. If I attack there —


I was completely stunned by the sight in front of me.


The demon had begun to convert the magical power on its tusks into thunder magic.

…..Two different types of magic!? This demon can do that!?

I’ve never heard of anything like this. But, without a doubt, this demon in front of me is using water and lightning magic.

Being shocked in this situation could be a fatal mistake.

Dazzling light is already surging from the tusk of the demon, it looks as if the demon is ready to attack.


That’s dangerous, anyway I need to set up defenses, and【Anti-wall】—!

In the next moment, as I was creating【Anti-wall】, the surrounding area was enveloped by a blinding flash and a thunderous boom.


What’s that smell?

The trees, grass, and earth smell burnt.

The smell was overwhelming as I lay face down in the dirt.

I can sense the demon watching me. The eyes of the demon never leave me as it observes my whole body.

However, I can’t even run away at this point.

Somehow, I had managed to escape death, but it still took several minutes before I was able to move.

No, I need to wait for the right time, and so I remain still on the ground…

It cautiously approaches me, and looks down at my motionless body on the ground.

And it bit into my abdomen with all of its strength.


At that instant,【Eternal Ice】,【Thunder Trap】, and【Hidden Flames】that had been set on my body all activated at once and the monster collapsed on the spot.

The demon is still twitching on the ground.

I wonder if the demon is no longer a threat.

“Haa…..I thought I was going to die…..”

I let out a sigh of relief.

It was a good move to place traps on myself before the demon’s lightning magic activated.

That’s why I collapsed after【Anti-wall】failed to activate properly, but the demon is dead, so I win….

I would be dead if it had tried to bite into my head. Thankfully it went for my stomach…..

But, I’m in a lot of pain….

I gently pull my shirt up with trembling hands.

There was a clear bite-mark on my abdomen.

“……It seems I celebrated a little prematurely.”

I admonished myself as I watched the demon continuing to twitch in pain.

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