TRTM Volume 1 Chapter 10

Time Trial

Dawn, the next day.

In contrast to the cool air in the forest, we are fired up.

“Al~right, I’ll do my best!”

“I will too!”

“Kerokero! Kerokerokeroke!”

Everyone seems really motivated.

“What’s this, you all seem fired up? If that’s the case, you all should do fine. You don’t need to worry.”


“Can I make a correction? I’m only worried about you.”

Bagiran says this while looking at Patricia. To be honest, I agree with Sensei.

Bagiran begins to speak again.

“Aa, let’s draw lots to see if you’ll go during the first or second half.”

Apparently we need to decide who will be the one that draws.

“I feel like it should be Lute that draws.”

“Okay, I understand.”

I went to the place where other students were drawing lots.

Elgil was already waiting there.

“Ah, it’s you. Did you come to see me because you missed me so much?”

“No, I just came to draw lots.”

There’s no other reason for me being here, it was just a coincidence we even met.

However, Elgil doesn’t seem to be discouraged.

“Well, you came up with a good excuse to see me.”

“No, I really —”

“Ah, it’s okay. I know your true feelings without you trying to come up with an excuse, right Lute-kun?”

Elgil says this with a triumphant look on his face.

This guy is ridiculously annoying.


As a result of the lottery, Elgil and Group B would do the time trial in the morning, and the afternoon we would go.

Since there are dozens of teams from the general class, it would take forever for all of them to pull lots. There were only two groups from the advanced class, so we finished relatively quickly.

“I see, so we’ll go during the afternoon.”

Luluna placed her hand on her chin after I reported back.

I wonder what she’s thinking about.

“The morning groups seem to be at a disadvantage, by going in the afternoon we’ll know the other groups time.”

I was a little surprised after hearing Luluna’s words.

That does make sense though. I didn’t even consider it because I was so absorbed in the conversation with Elgil.

…….It’s rather unpleasant saying I was absorbed in the conversation with Elgil. I definitely don’t want it to sound like I’m obsessed with him.

“More or less, it seems to be a good thing. Well, we’re already ahead before the trial even starts……Is it too soon to say that Lute-dono has won?”

“In the morning, there are less monsters active, but in the afternoon more will be around. Considering that the number of enemies will increase, I doubt it will be so easy.”

“I see…..”

Everyone turns their heads to me. I feel like they’re all thinking, “If there’s a tough monster Lute will take care of it.”

I’ll reflect for a little while.


After a while, the morning time trial had begun.

The objective of the time trial is to travel to a shrine about about ten kilometers away and return as quickly as possible.

There seems to be someone waiting at the shrine, so it’s impossible to cheat.

The distance is twenty kilometers in total. Even if the students here used to be civilians, if they wish to be an adventurer, they should be able to run that distance in an hour.

But there are demons.

It was about two hours later that Class B returned.

“Fuu…..everyone, I’ve returned.”

Elgil makes his cloak flutter as he says this.

I think it’s amazing that he’s trying to keep up his elegant appearance while breathing so heavily, but the words he said were even more amazing.

The students of the general class that were preparing for the afternoon’s time trial, stared at Elgil with jealous eyes and some were clicking their tongues at him, while some of the girls faces were even becoming red. After all, he really is a handsome guy.

“Advanced Class B’s time is two hours and eight minutes.”

There are some shocked voices coming from the students. However, that time isn’t impossible to beat.

The average time of this time trial for the general class is around four hours. The average time for the advanced class is usually three hours.

Elgil’s time is impressive without a doubt.

Once Elgil spotted us, he separated from the rest of the crowd and approached us.

“So? This is the strength of Class B. It’s all but confirmed now that I will join Class A.”

“Like I said before, you can’t make that decision…….besides”


To my words, Elgil shows a fearless smile.

“— Besides, I don’t intend to admit defeat just yet.”

Elgil hears this and smiles broadly.

“…..Interesting, let’s see how far you can go commoner!”

“If that’s what you want. Right, everyone!”

I look back at everyone.

“No, well, it’s not like that……”

“Yeah, sure…….”

Eh, what’s with that reaction?

…..Why does it seem like I’m the only one still fired up……..

I….I’m so embarrassed!

“What’s wrong with them kero?”

“Ah, no..nothing. Let’s do our best, Lute….Lute!?”

“I’m so ashamed……”

I was crouched down, hiding my face in my hands.

I was the only one in high spirits….

I don’t understand why, but my heart feels like it’s about to break……

“Why are you so ashamed, Lute-kun?……Ah, I know, it’s because my face is so beautiful. Ahahaha, I’m happy hearing such things. When you lose I’d like to hear you say it out loud to me.”

“No, you’re definitely mistaken……”

Ah, I’m already exhausted……


Four hours later. All of the morning teams had now finished, and it was time for the afternoon teams to start.

Before we started, Bagiran tried to encourage us.

“Everyone, do your best!”

“I’ll do my best!”

“Me too!”

“I will as well!”

“Me too!”

Alright, this time I wasn’t alone in being enthusiastic

….This isn’t the time to be thinking about that.

I need to focus on getting a better time than Class B.

“Now then, let’s start the afternoon time trial. Three, two…….begin!”

As the signal went off to start the trial, we rushed into the forest.

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