The Mightiest Manager Chapter 12 Release

Translated by: Shelby

Edited by: Crackaz, Mantou

Say hello to our new editors (who magically appeared while I was doing exams). These two will also be editing R8CM so give them your thanks. Also please click the ads to support this site as right now I’m nearly in the red once again as I’m barely getting 10 clicks a day (got 11 yesterday yeahhh). Thanks for all the support to those who do click on them. Cheers and Enjoy another chapter.

Chapter 12

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  1. Hello sir, will it help if I click the ads multiple times???Hahahaha…. And how can I be your editor and are there any requirements ? I am confident in my English grammar but I don’t have any editor experience…

    1. Author

      Yo thanks for the comment. Clicking the Ad multiple times does help…I think?? And for editor requirements go to the Recruitment page at the top under About us and send an email to Illidan who will have a test for you. Good luck and hope you join our team:)

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