TMoS Info

If there is anything I forgot please comment below so I can update accordingly:)


Myeong Hu:

Main character, recently came out of military service, male

His Stats (current):

Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22 Job: Warrior

Level: 17

HP: 4010

MP: 420

Strength: 158(+25) Agility: 25(+10) Stamina: 17 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 11

Bonus Stats: 60

His Skills: (Kinda forgot plus the old skills probably be replaced so I’ll update with the new skills. IF anyone can be bothered finding the old skills then I’ll it then)


All known/seen skills:





Rabbits: cute things that the MC likes to kick and help achieve their dreams of flying then falling. Weak

Foxes: Just Foxes… kinda forgot info about them but comment below if you remember anything. Weak

Large Foxes: Foxes but just bigger…

Brown Bears: Normal bears

Wolves: just wolves

Boss Rank:

The Great King Fox: Bigger than a bear. Does 2000 damage with one paw attack.



Teren: Weapon Store Owner

Gadogu: Chief of Himise



Himise Village: Where Myeong Hu started and is surrounded by mountains full of monsters (I think)

Helioka Empire: The empire Himise Village is located in


Any other categories or info I should add please comment below.




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