TMoS Chapter 8 – Part 1

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 ­ The Great King Fox and the Skill Book (4)



Myeong Hu swallowed his spit once and looked at the Great King Fox. The Great King Fox glanced at Myeong Hu then prowled around.


“… I wonder if I can catch it”


He thought he would be able to catch it but now that he was facing it he didn’t think that. The Great King Fox’s size which was bigger than a bear was enough to turn Myeong Hu into jelly.


“It should be stronger than a bear?”


The bear as stronger than the fox but the Great King Fox was a Boss Monster. Their class was different. Looking at class or size, the Boss Monster, the Great King Fox, didn’t looke any weaker than a bear.




Myeong Hu pondered for a while. Starting the hunt or going back to the village for a more complete preparation and then hunting it.


“… Let’s give it a try”


After a short moment of musing, Myeong Hu, in the end, decided to start the hunt. It was because although his chancs would rise if he went back to the village and prepared, he felt that if he missed this chance it would take a long time to find the Great King Fox again.


“If I die well… I’ll come better prepared then.”


Thinking about it if he died this time then all he had to do was prepare better than catch it again.


Jobok Jobok


Myeong Hu slowly walked towards the Great King Fox.




Arriving in front of the Great King Fox Myeong Hu breathed out and calmed down. Then he swallowed his spit once and clenched his teeth.


‘Let’s start!’








Quickly swinging his sword and creating a wound on the Great King Fox’s flank, Myeong Hu flinched at the Great King Fox, who didn’t let out any sound of pain, and just turned its head, looking at him with an indifferent gaze.






Then, Myeong Hu couldn’t help but take a step back at the Great King Fox who had turned and roared.




Myeong Hu didn’t have anything to say. The thought that he could catch it disappeared immediately with the roar.


‘… Even if I get new items I don’t think I can do it…’


He had only attacked once and only heard the roar once but Myeong Hu thought that even if he was prepared he wouldn’t be able to do it.






Then, after being hit by the fox paw, Myeong Hu totally confirmed those thoughts.


‘… What kind of attack does 2000 damage!’


He had only been hit by one attack but it had cut 2000 HP. That meant that no matter how well he got hit he would still die in 3 hits.




Myeong Hu quickly widened the distance between him and the Great King Fox.




The Great King Fox was still looking at Myeong Hu with an indifferent gaze. After seeing this Great King Fox, Myeong Hu swallowed his spit.


Jobok Jobok


Then he sneakily started walking backwards.




The Great King Fox frowned, as if it was dissatisfied with Myeong Hu’s current movement, and let out a sound while putting one paw forward towards him.


It was at that moment.


Seuuk Dadadadak!


After the Great King Fox took one step Myeong Hu turned around and started running.


-… Khoooong!


The Great King Fox hesitated a while as if it hadn’t expected Myeong Hu’s actions then let out a roar and started running after him.



*  *  *  *





Myeong Hu ran then ran some more. The Great King Fox was still chasing the back of Myeong Hu.


“Stop chasing you bastard!”




Myeong Hu frowned and shouted. However, the Great King Fox roared as if saying it couldn’t let that happen and hearing that Myeong Hu clenched his teeth and ran.


‘What’s with that kind of expression!’


Myeong Hu couldn’t understand the Great King Fox who was chasing as if its life was on the line but still had an endlessly indifferent gaze. The Great King Fox’s figure of an indifferent look and chasing like its life was on the line were so completely different.


‘It’s not even its habitat so why!’


On top of that this wasn’t even the fox habitat. When he was fist running away Myeong Hu thought that it would be enough to get out of the fox habitat. However, even though he escaped the fox habitat the Great King Fox’s chase kept on going and Myeong Hu thought if he went into other habitats it would stop so he went towards the wolf habitat.


But even when he entered the wolf habitat the chasing of the Great King Fox didn’t stop. The great Fox arrived in the pursuit of the Wolf Habitat into up until now had resulted in the depths.


‘Why are those wolf bastards scared of a fox!’


After watching the wolves in the distance sneaking and disappearing Myeong Hu once again frowned. When Myeong Hu arrived at the wolf habitat he remembered that wolves’ had an aggresive nature and he worried a little bit. However thinking about the Great King Fox following behind him, he thought that it wasn’t a worry but instead if they swarmed together it would be a good thing. He thought that it would be able to distract the Great King Fox.






Of course there Myeong Hu’s running attracted the wolves’ gaze and they went towards Myeong Hu. After watching such wolves Myeong Hu smiled. He thought that it would be able to distract the Great King Fox.


However, after the wolves the Great King Fox chasing after him the wolves then stopped in their spots then slowly started sneaking away and disappeared. This situation had kept on repeating until now.


‘Do I have to die…’


It seemed like it would chase until he died. Myeong Hu thought about dying and not wasting time. It was at that moment.




A wolf that was 3~4 times bigger than a normal wolf found him and ran towards him while yelling. Myeong Hu gained a little bit of hope seeing the huge wolf that couldnt even be compared to those previous wolves.

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