TMoS Chapter 7 – Part 2

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 ­ The Great King Fox and the Skill Book (3)



[Level up!]


With the bear falling down and the Level Up message appearing, Myeong Hu stopped his hunt.


-Bear Hide has been acquired.


-Bear Gall Bladder has been acquired.


“It comes out really well.”


Picking up the dropped item, he muttered as he saw the gall bladders entering the inventory. Gall bladders, unlike Rabbit Livers, appeared frequently. Out of 10 at least 9 always dropped a gall bladder.


“Let’s see now… There’s 32.”


After checking the amount of gall bladders Myeong Hu opened the Quest window.


<Hamuru’s Disease 2>

The village’s greatest hunter Hamuru has collapsed due to a disease. Ga Dogu, the Village Chief but also the village Doctor, needs to produce a special medicine to cure Hamuru’s disease. The second ingredient is the gall bladder of a bear! Gather 60 Bear Gall Bladders and take it to Ga Dogu!
Difficulty:  F

Quest Reward: Leather Gloves, Leather Shoes

Quest Restrictions:  Myeong Hu

If rejected, fall in Intimacy with Ga Dogu and Hamuru


<Great King Fox Hide>

You don’t know the situation but Pelun says he needs the Great King Fox Hide. Give the hide of the Great King Fox, the king of the foxes, to Pelun!

Difficulty:  F+

Quest Reward: Increase in Intimacy with Pelun, gold reward depending on the state of the hide.

If you decline the Quest Intimacy with Pelun could fall slightly.


“The gall bladder is no problem…”


Myeong Hu muttered after checking his Quest. Like Myeong Hu’s mutterings there was no problem with the gall bladders. The problem was the Great King Fox. Prior to arriving at the bear habitat, Myeong Hu walked around the fox habitat for a short period of time. However, he hadn’t found the Great King Fox. Granted, Myeong Hu may have missed the Great King Fox because of its movements; any other explanation would be unfavourable to his causes.


“I’ll see it eventually.”


Myeong Hu, who had ceased to ponder about the Great King Fox, rose up to find bears again. In an area 50m away, one bear was prowling around.


“Let’s just get gall bladders quickly.”


While mumbling, Myeong Hu went closer to the bear. The Quest was not yet completed. He had to scrape more gall bladders.






Myeong Hu who had gone closer to the bear swung his sword and started his hunt.


Hwiik! Sogok! Pok!


Aptly, Myeong Hu dodged the bear’s attacks and swung his sword. He may not had evaded every single one of the bear’s attacks, but Myeong Hu had certainly improved in contrast his first encounter with a bear.






-Bear Hide has been acquired.


-Bear Gall Bladder has been acquired.


A couple of exchanges led to the bear collapsing dead. Myeong Hu picked up the dropped items of the bear and resumed his search for other bears to hunt. He killed, picked, killed and repeated the cycle endlessly till he procured the required 60 gall bladders.


“There’s still some left.”


The free slots in his inventory prompted Myeong Hu to be pensive.  Should he complete the quest by returning to the village or should he fill the remaining inventory spaces?


“Let’s fill it up.”


After pondering for a while Myeong Hu started moing and finding bears while muttering.


*  *  *  *




[Level up!]


-Bear Hide has been acquired.


-Bear Meat has been acquired.


Picking up the dropped items at the same time as the Level Up message, Myeong Hu checked his inventory.




Seeing the inventory filled with items Myeong Hu couldn’t help but smile. Forget the other items, he had 140 gall bladders that were worth 10 silver coins individually. Excluding 60 he needed for the Quest, he had 80 and he even forgot that Bear Hides were the village’s specialties. Their only speciality!




Myeong Hu, who was only thinking about the gall bladders, couldn’t even speak because of there being 150 Bear Hides staked in his inventory which were Himise’s only specialty. He could only laugh.


“Let’s change weapons!”


Facing his Hard Iron Sword, Myeong Hu opened his character window.


Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22 Job: Warrior

Level: 17

HP: 4010

MP: 420

Strength: 158(+25) Agility: 25(+10) Stamina: 17 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 11

Bonus Stats: 60


Through hunting, Strength, Agility and Stamina had improved a little while the six level ups had provided him 60 Bonus Stats. Myeong Hu considered investing the Bonus Stats in Stamina until he thought that he would invest it when he was looking at the items and so he closed his character window.


“Let’s go!”


Myeong Hu walked towards the village while thinking happy thoughts of going to the Weapons Shop and changing weapons. While walking like that in no time Myeong Hu left the bear habitat and arrived at the fox habitat.


“What do I change to?”


Still thinking happy thoughts about which weapon to change to Myeong Hu had to stop those thoughts and his walking because of the spectacle before him.




Myeong Hu looked at the fox in front of him. The fox was indeed huge. It wasn’t a Large Fox. It was so huge it couldn’t even be compared to a Large Fox. Looking at that fox Myeong Hu mumbled.


“Great King Fox…”


It was clear that this was the Great King Fox

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