TMoS Chapter 7 – Part 1

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 ­ The Great King Fox and the Skill Book  (3)

The bear’s preemptive strike startled Myeong Hu


‘It is not supposed to be supposed to be an aggressive monster!’


According to his knowledge, bears were indeed not confrontational. Yet by him merely taking an attacking stance, the monster assulted Myeong Hu.


‘Did it feel threatened? How is it so intricately built?’


He thought that it was impossible. No matter how good the AI was, how could it feel the danger?




For the moment, Myeong Hu, who had flown across the sky and fallen onto the ground, had to cease all thoughts as the bear was running towards him.


Pok Hwik!


Falling to the ground Myeong Hu quickly rolled to the side. As soon as he rolled the bear went by the place he fell. Seeing that, Myeong Hu quickly got up. Only by inches did he evade the bear’s second body slam.




Perhaps in agitation, the bear roared loudly.


‘It cut away 700!’


Observing the bellowing bear with one eye and swallowing his spit in nervousness, Myeong Hu checked his HP. The body slam dealt 500 points of damage, while the fall onto the ground dealt him 200.


Considering his total HP was 3800, it was simply too much harm for a single attack.




The bear once again roared and ran towards Myeong Hu. Myeong Hu inspected and dodged the incoming bear like a Spanish matador he watched on the TV, then he swung his sword.




Myeong Hu’s sword impacted on the bear. However, the bear wasn’t a cow.






The bear flinched for a second because it was attacked and then swung its front paw at Myeong Hu. Myeong Hu got up after rolling a few times from being hit by the front paw.




Checking his HP, he lost 300 HP from the front paw attack.


‘It’s getting dangerous…’


With the bear he first hunted, he could kill it after attacking it 10 times. If this bear were the same as that one, he would die before the beast in a hit-for-hit battle.






Myeong Hu clenched his teeth while looking at the bear charging towards him.


“Hard Body! Rage!”


[Defence has been increased.]


[Attack speed and Movement Speed has been increased.]


Hwik Seugok!




Was it because his Movement Speed had increased? Unlike before, Myeong Hu narrowly avoided the attack and hacked at the front paws.




The bear pulled back his front paw and roared. In an exponentially surged anger, the bear repeatedly
flourished his paws.


Hwik Seugok!


He could dodge the front paw attack. Also, his attacked succeeded. However, the last two consecutive attacks could not
be eluded and Myungho was resolved to be hurt so he swung his sword.


Pok! Seugok!


Myeong Hu went back a few steps after getting hit by the front paw. He got hit once but hit back twice.


‘That’s a relief.’


After confirming the HP he lost Myong Hu let out a sigh of relief. Whether it was the increased Defence or the bear has been debilitated, the front paw attacks damaged him 200 points, instead of the prior 300.


‘If I keep going like this…’


Myeong Hu dodged the bear’s attack as much as he could and swung his sword. As time passed by the amount of wounds on the bear’s body increased. After the 10th successful attack, Myeong Hu looked at the bear roaring once more, but this time in pure agony and he checked his own HP.


‘…It’s dangerous.’


He dodged what he could yet his HP still fell below 1000.  This peril was not only caused by its front paw attacks. The problem was the body slams. The body slams were still strong. From those two body slams how much HP had he lost?


‘It’s coming!’




Myeong Hu swallowed his spit as he looked at the bear running towards him. It was a speed that was incomparable to the speed it was running up til now. No matter what it seemed ike he couldn’t dodge it.




Myeong Hu then thought to trade as much damage as possible and used Hit on the bear.




Being hit by Hit, the bear stopped for a little while then ran straight towards Myeong Hu.




Seeing the bear getting closer towards him Myeong Hu got ready to fly in the sky.  But, he perceived that the bear was devoid of strength as their bodies met.




Myeong Hu quickly took a few steps back.




The bear made a big sound when it fell forwards.




While watching the fallen bear, Myeong Hu let out a sigh of relief. Then he checked his remaining HP. It was really close.




“It’s exhausting… really exhausting.”


Flopping on the spot, Myeong Hu looked at the bear carcass and muttered. You couldn’t compare this with a rabbit or a fox. It was a real battle-like battle.


-Bear Hide has been acquired.


-Bear Gall Bladder has been acquired.


Picking up the items Myeong Hu thought.


“It was stronger than the first bear.”


At level 8, the two body slams took out 1000 HP.  In spite of his Defence and Stamina being better, the first bear’s body slam was less damaging and at first, he suspected this bear of being something like a Large Fox. But looking at the items it was just a bear that was stronger than the first one.


“Although, it came out this time as well?”


Myeong Hu then smiled. Despite how tiring it was to kill just one of these animals and realising how monumental of a task it was to catch 60 of them, on a positive note, the gallbladder drop rate appeared better than the Rabbit Liver drop rate!




Myeong Hu recovered some health through rest and stood up. Then he looked around again and started looking for bears. He had only collected 2 gall bladders.



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