TMoS Chapter 5 – Part 2

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 ­ The Great King Fox and the Skill Book (1) – Part 2

Together with the level up message, he fox collapsed. After the fox died, Myeong Hu tilted his head and searched the fox corpse.


-You have acquired a Large Fox Tail


-You have acquired a Large Fox Hide


After acquiring the items, he realised something. Now that he thought about it, compared to the first fox, it had a bigger build.




Myeong Hu looked at the remaining 4 foxes. Out of the 4, 3 had build similar to the first fox. And the remaining one was just like fox that had recently been killed and had a big build.


“3 ordinary foxes and 1 Large Fox…”


Jobok Jobok


So after muttering like that, Myeong Hu went closer to the ordinary foxes which could be cleared quickly. Then he quickly swung his sword.




The fox backed off straight after being cut by the sword. However, Myeong Hu, who knew that when the fox was attacked it would go in the opposite direction from him and widen the distance, moved forward and swung his sword.




The fox backed off like he expected and it collapsed after it got but by the sword. Myeong Hu picked up the items the fox dropped and went towards the next fox and attacked it, starting the fox hunt.


[Level up!]


-You have acquired a Large Fox Tail.


-You have acquired a Big-sized Fox Meat.


Myeong Hu, who had continued his fox hunt, stopped the hunt at the level up message while picking up the dropped items. Then he opened the character window.



Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22 Job: Warrior

Level: 11

HP: 1650

MP: 420

Strength: 45(+5) Agility: 12 Stamina: 15 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 11

Bonus Stats: 91



Through the fox hunt he levelled up 3 times going from level 8 to level 11 and through the hunt his Agility, Stamina, and Wisdom had a small increase.


“Hm, it’s time to start distributing these…”


Myeong Hu muttered while looking at the Bonus Stats. If he used all the Bonus Stats, it seemed that hunting would be even easier. However, stats were something that you couldn’t distribute thoughtlessly. He didn’t want to be a character that as part this part that by distributing it wrongly.


“It’s Strength and Stamin for a Warrior… I can’t just blindly raise my stats…”


Stats were basic information so Myeong Hu knew about that. For Warriors, the most important stats were Strength and Stamina. However, he couldn’t just thoughtlessly raise his stats. Although it was the most important, however, raising just Strength and Stamina for the Job, Warrior, was also wrong.


When you go to the Advanced Jobs, there were times when you might need Wisdom. If you lacked Wisdom then there were situations where you couldn’t advance to an Advanced Job.


“But for now… Should I raise Strength. ”


His level was still only 11. It could be called very low. It seemed like it wouldn’t matter even if he invested all the Bonus Stats he had gotten until now into Strength. Anyway, there were a lot of levels until he could change into an Advanced Job. That meant that there were a lot of Bonus Stats to earn later on and if he lacked the needed stats for the Advanced Job he could supplement it with those stats.


“Let’s raise it!”


Thinking up to there, Myeong Hu invested all 91 of his Bonus Stats into Strength.



Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22 Job: Warrior

Level: 11

HP: 3470

MP: 420

Strength: 136(+5) Agility: 12 Stamina: 15 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 11



After investing all his Bonus Stats, Myeong Hu closed the character window and opened his inventory.


“I’ve gathered a lot…”


His inventory was full of a wide variety of item such as Fox Tails, Fox Meat and Large Fox Tails.


“I have to clean this up.”


Thinking that he had to empty his inventory once, Myeong Hu closed his inventory and walkd in the direction of the village.


“How much will I earn…”


He hadn’t gathered as many items as the time with the rabbits but it was still a lot of items. The fox items were of a higher level than the rabbits so the price for each item should be higher.


“Gotta stop at the guild and adjust my equipment.”


His level was higher there should be skills which he can now learn. Feeling deep to the bone the importance of equipment, Myeong Hu imagined buying as much equipment with his money and went towards the village with more vigor.



*  *  *  *



Arriving at the village, Myeong Hu immediately went to the store. It was to sell the items gained from the foxes.


“Oh, you came.”




As soon a he entered the store, Pelun spoke as if he was waiting. At Pelun, Myeong Hu gave a simple greeting and went towards him, taking out the items in his inventory.


“These are things I wish to sell.”


“Ho oh, let’s see, a Fox Tail, Hide. Hoh hoh, last time it was rabbits but now its foxes… What!”


Then, making a surprised expression, Pelun looked at Myeong Hu.


“Isn’t this a Large Fox Tail and Hide? Hoh hoh!”


Talking as if he was surprised, there was a smile on Pelun’s face.


“As a matter of fact, I was in a situation where I needed the Large Fox Tail and hide! That’s great!”


To Myeong Hu, they were both the same Fox Hide and Tails. If he had to find a difference it was that the sizes were different. However, Pelun kept on smiling as if that wasn’t it and started classifying them.


“There’s a lot of superior quality goods this time as well!”


Finishing the classifications, at Pelun’s words, Myeong Hu smiled. It was because having a lot of superior quality goods meant that they would sell for a greater price. While Myeong Hu was smiling, Pelun spoke after looking at the classified items and calculating the price.


“A total of 1 gold 92 silver and 40 bronze.”


With a dazed expression, Myeong Hu received the money bag from Pelun. Even though the item amount was less than the time with the rabbit, the price he got was 2 times more than that. On top of that, he still had the Fox Meat and Big-sized Fox Meat left in his inventory.






Myeong Hu swallowed his spit once and walked towards the door to go to the butchers. He was already anticipating how much the price of the meat would be.


“Over there, Myeong Hu!”


Myeong Hu who was just about to exit the store, stopped walking at Pelun’s words which were calling him and looked at Pelun.


“Ah, can you listen to one of my requests?”


“What kind…?”


“If you’re thinking of catching foxes again then, by any chance, could you get the Great King Fox Hide?”




<Great King Fox Hide>

You don’t know the situation but Pelun says he needs the Great King Fox Hide. Give the hide of the Great King Fox, the king of the foxes, to Pelun!

Difficulty:  F+

Quest Reward: Increase in Intimacy with Pelun, gold reward depending on the state of the hide.

If you decline the Quest Intimacy with Pelun could fall slightly.

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