TMoS Chapter 5 – Part 1

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 ­ The Great Fox King and the Skillbook (1) – Part 1





Together with dull sounds, Myeong Hu flew in the sky with a ‘Ughk’.




The brown bear, letting out a resonant roar, ran towards Myeong Hu who had flown through the sky and fallen to the ground. Myeog Hu who was watching the bear running towards him, let out a sigh.




Then after the brown bear’s whole body exploded against him, Myeong flew in the sky for the second time.


‘Am I some kind of bird..’


Myeong Hu thought as he was flying through the sky. He had only been attacked twice yet his health of 1450 had been reduced to 500. More than half of his health had flown away with those 2 attacks.


‘It was bravado. Of course a level 8 can’t catch a bear!’


Myeong Hu that he wouldn’t be a match for the bear. Myeong Hu ran straight towards the bear with a hopeful mindset because of the stats he distributed, the new equipped weapons were decent and mostly because of the confidence gained through the rabbit massacre.




However, it was all just bravado.


‘Let’s run away.’


Myeong Hu thought of running away. He could not experience his first death here in such a preposterous way.


Pok Hudadadak!




As soon as Myeong Hu fell to the ground, he got up and quickly ran away in the opposite direction. The bear roared after seeing Myeong Hu, who was running towards him, run away but then he returned to his home.




After seeing the bear slowly go back and not chase him, Myeong Hu let out a sigh of relief.


“For now.. Let’s catch some foxes and raise my level.”


To catch the bear he had to first raise his level. As of now and with this level, it was impossible to catch a bear. Myeong Hu, who was thinking like that, started walking towards the fox habitat after his health had fully recovered.


Jobok Jobok


“Have I arrived already?”


It didn’t seem like he had walked that far but one or two foxes could be seen as if it was the fox habitat. Myeong Hu decided on the fox, which glanced at him once then started moving somewhere else, as his first prey.


Jobok Seuak!




Myeong Hu who had gotten closer to the fox, quickly swung his sword. The sword hit the fox and the fox widened the distance between Myeong Hu while letting out a cry. Then it let out a low cry and ran towards Myeong Hu.


Seuak Seuak!


Myeong Hu couldn’t dodge the unexpected scratch from the fox and suffered from the attack the way he was. However, it didn’t affect his health that much, and so Myeong Hu, thinking that if it was only this much  then he could relax and catch foxes, quickly raised his Hard Iron Sword and casted a skill.


“Strike Down!”


With a fast speed, the Hard Iron Sword flew towards the fox. The fox just accepted the Hard Iron Sword’s attack and fell down on the spot.




Myeong Hu, while watching the fox that died too simply, looked at the Hard Iron Sword. Even if he used a skill he didn’t think that it’d die in 2 hits.


“As expected, your weapon has to be good…”


Myeong Hu, who realised the importance of equipment, browsed through the corpse of the fox, acquired items and turned his eyes to the surrounding area. In the surrounding area there were 5 foxes prowling around.


“Strike Down!”


Myeong Hu swung down his sword to the nearest fox. After the fox got cut by the sword, just like the first fox, it let out a cry, widened the distance, ran towards him and used the scratch attack.


“How dare you”


Myeong Hu took one step back and dodged the scratch attack. Then he swung the sword again and attacked the fox.




The fox let out a sound and fell back again. Unlike the first fox, this time the fox didn’t fall over wih 2 hits.




Looking at that fox Myeong Hu felt slightly surprised. However, this kind of situation happened when he was catching rabbits so Myeong Hu swung the sword and attacked.




However, this the fox didn’t collapse this time either. Even though they were the same fox species, of course the Stamina wouldn’t all be the same.  Even if the first fox’s health was the lowest, thinking about the fact that it died in 2 hits, no matter how high the fox’s health was it should have died in 3 hits.




However, he closed the matter of the weird fox running towards him again, and swung his sword. Battling like that a numerous amount of times, it was at the 6th swing of his sword.




[Level up!]

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