TMoS Chapter 4 – Part 2

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 ­ The Village Himise, The Remote of the Remote (4) – Part 2





After entering the butcher, looking at Teren who was giving him odd looks, Meren gave him a simple greeting and went towards him.


“Could it be that in that time you got more things to sell?”
Teren asked Myeong Hu. Myeong Hu shook his head at Teren’s question and answered.


“No. Not to sell but I’ve got something I need to buy.”


“That’s how it is, haha.”


“Do you, by any chance, have any Bear Gall Bladders?”


“We do sell Bear Gall Bladders.”


At Meong Hu’s words, Teren nodded his head and answered. Myeong Hu smiled with relief at the  words that said there were Bear Gall Bladders However, at one important truth that he needed to check up on, Myeong Hu kept on talking to Teren.


“By the way, how much does it cost for one?”


If it was the gall bladder of bear, it should boast quite a high price. Therefore, if he didn’t have the money to buy it, it would be a complete loss.


“10 silver for one.”




Myeong Hu, who had heard the gall bladder’s price, quietly opened his Inventory and checked the total amount of money he had.


‘ 99 silver .. ‘


It was quite a big sum to him. However it couldn’t even compare to the amount needed to buy 60 Bear Gall Bladders.




Myeong Hu looked at Teren wordlessly. Then he gave an awkward smile. Teren also gave a smile as if he understood Myeong Hu’s response.




“Come again!”


Myeong Hu exited the butchers like that.


“Should I go try catch one…”


Myeong Hu who exited the butchers, mumbled as he walked towards the Weapon Store It seemed like it ould be tough to buy the Bear Gall Bladder at th butchers Then it was only possible to get it by going hunting himself


“Ah right! The Leather Armor!”


Myeong Hu, who was walking towards the Weapon Store, brought up the Leather Armor he got as a Quest Reward as he opened his inventory.  Then he checked the information of the Leather Armor which was taking up a spot in his inventory.


<Leather Armor [Normal]>

Physical Defense: 20

Armor made out of the leather of a bear


The options and descriptions of the Leather Armor were very simple. It was made out of bear leather and the option was perfect for beginners.




Myeong Hu, after equipping th Leather Armor, smiled It felt like he had become sturdier Myeong Hu smiled at the feeling of  being sturdier and as soon as he saw the Weapon Store in front of him, he closed his inventory, and entered the Weapon Store.




Myeong Hu, who entered the Weapon Store, first greeted the Weapon Store owner, Tilto, who had a sharp appearance.




Wordlessly with a sharp appearance, Tilto only slightly nodded at Myeong Hu’s greeting.


“I, uh, came to buy some equipment.”


“Look around.”


“Ah, yes…”


At Tilto’s words, Myeong Hu started looking around at the weapons on display.


<Sharp Sword [Normal]>

Restrictions: Strength 20

Physical Attack: 10 ~ 15

Critical Hit +5%

A sword that has a very sharp edge.


<Sharp Iron Sword [Magic]>

Restrictions: Strength 40

Physical Attack: 25 ~ 30

Strength +5 Critical Hit +5%

A sword made with hard iron, the edge seems sharp enough to cut stone.


<Ice Club [Magic]>

Restrictions: Power 60, Stamina 50

Physical Attack: 40 ~ 50

Strength +10

A club which has a cold energy running through it, it seems like it can break stone.


Myeong Hu, after looking at some items, checked his character window after looking at the Restrictions of the items.


Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22 Job: Warrior

Level: 8

HP: 870

MP: 400

Strength: 11 Agility: 10 Stamina: 13 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 10

Bonus Stats: 90




There were no items he could equip. He couldn’t even lift the sword with the lowest Restrictions.


“Do I have to assign my stats.”


Of course, there was the bonus stats.


“Mm…Though I am Warrior.”


Still, at the thought of Strength is to Warrior, Myeong Hu decided to partially invest in Strength for now.  He thought in that way he could equip the items and raise his chances of catching a Bear by a little at least.


Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22 Job: Warrior

Level: 8

HP: 1450

MP: 400

Strength: 40 Agility: 10 Stamina: 13 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 10

Bonus Stats: 61


Myeong Hu, who raised his Strength until the Restriction of the Sharp Iron Sword, closed his character window, grabbed the Sharp Iron Sword and went towards Tilto.


“It’s 1 gold”




Myeong Hu who was imagining the image of himself wielding the Sharp Iron Sword, suddenly paused at Tilto’s words.


“How much did you say it was?”


“It’s 1 gold”




Myeong Hu realised he was stupid. He didn’t think of the item price.


‘… 1 silver.’


The current amount of money he had was 99 silvers and 1 silver was needed to buy the Sharp Iron Sword priced at 1 gold.


“By any chance…”


“I made the price go down from 1 gold and 10 silver to 1 gold because I saw your face.”


Myeong Hu tried his luck in cutting the price by 1 silver but he couldn’t help but shut his mouth at Tilto’s words that interrupted him.




The situation was that he had already raised his Strength to 40 to equip the Sharp Iron Sword. However, raising his Strength became obsolete.






Myeong Hu looked at Tilto’s face Tilto maintaining a sharp appearance, was watching Myeong Hu. It did not seem like he would cut it by 1 silver.




Inevitably, Myeong Hu placed the Sharp Iron Sword back to its original place. Then he looked at the Sharp Sword. However, the added Strength seemed wasteful so he started looking around the Weapons Store again. Of course, he only checked the information of things that were worse externally than the Sharp Iron Sword.


<Iron Sword [Normal]>

Restrictions: Strength 30

Physical Attack: 15 ~ 20

A sword made out of iron.


<Hard Club [Magic]>

Restrictions: Strength 20

Physical Attack: 15 ~ 17

Strength +3

A club that was made out of Stone Tree which are as hard as stones.


<Hard Iron Sword [Magic]>

Restrictions: Strength 40

Physical Attack: 25 ~ 30

Strength +5

A sword that was made from very hard iron, can also be used as a very hard club.


‘This is it!’


The instant he checked the information of the Hard Iron Sword, a feeling came to him. Myeong Hu went towards Tilto holding the Hard Iron Sword.


“It’s 70 silvers.”


Even the price was good. When comparing with the Sharp Iron Sword he had first picked, only the Critical Hit option was different but the price was different by a whole 30 silvers.


“Here it is.”


After passing the money over, Myeong Hu left the Weapons Shop with the Hard Iron Sword.


Seuk Seuk Seuk


Myeong Hu, who had left the Weapons Shop, held the Hard Iron Sword in his hand and waved it around everywhere. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the raised Strength, but the speed of swinging it around was fast and it gave a heavy feeling.




Myeong Hu then smiled. Then he opened the Quest window and checked it.


<Hamuru’s Disease 2>

The village’s greatest hunter Hamuru has collapsed due to a disease. Ga Dogu, the Village Chief but also the village Doctor, needs to produce a special medicine to cure Hamuru’s disease. The second ingredient is the gall bladder of a bear! Gather 60 Bear Gall Bladders and take it to Ga Dogu!
Difficulty:  F

Quest Reward: Leather Gloves, Leather Shoes

Quest Restrictions:  Myeong Hu

If rejected, fall in Intimacy with Ga Dogu and Hamuru


“Gall bladders, here I come!”

Muttering like that, Myeong Hu went towards outside the village.

TL Note: Not sure if you’ve noticed but ” ” is for when people are talking and ‘ ‘ is for when it’s his thoughts. Just clarifying:)

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