TMoS Chapter 4 – Part 1

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 ­ The Village Himise, The Remote of the Remote (4) – Part 1

“Do you need Rabbit Livers?”


“… Oh, Yes.


How much for one Rabbit Liver? “How much for one Rabbit Liver? “At Teren’s questioning, Myeong Hu nodded and asked.


“It’s three silver.”




When Myeong Hu heard the price, he became blank once again and stared at Teren To obtain the Rabbit Livers, how many Rabbits had he killed and how much time had he spent?


“… Whew. ”


Myeong Hu while letting out a sigh checked his inventory.  For the completion of the Quest he needed 29 more livers.


“Can you give me 29 Rabbit Livers?”


Myeong Hu spoke while going towards Teren. Teren went inside while laughing at Myeong Hu’s words and brought out Rabbit Livers.


“It’s 87 silver.”


Myeong Hu took out 87 silver and gave it to Teren. Then after he put the Rabbit Liver, which he had received from Teren, into his inventory, he left the butchers.


“Come again!”


Myeong Hu checked his Quest as he heard Teren and left the butchers.


<Hamuru’s Disease 1>

The village’s greatest hunter Hamuru has collapsed due to a disease. Ga Dogu, the Village Chief but also the village Doctor, needs to produce a special medicine to cure Hamuru’s disease. For the moment, the first ingredient is the liver of a rabbit! Gather 40 Rabbit Livers and take it to Ga Dogu!

Difficulty:   F

Quest reward: Leather Armor

Quest Restrictions: Myeong Hu

If rejected, fall in Intimacy with Ga Dogu and Hamuru


40 Rabbit Livers had taken up one spot of his inventory. Now all he had to do was to give it to Ga Dogu.


“Hm, should I complete it first.”


Myeong Hu was thinking about whether to finish the Quest first or to visit the guild but he decided to first finish the Quest and started walking towards the Village Chief’s house.


*  *  *  *


“Thank you!”


[Quest completed.]


“Ah right. This is the Leather Armor that Hamuru wanted to give as thanks.”


[Leather Armor acquired.]


At the same time that the Quest was completed and the Leather Armor was given over by the Village Chief, Myeong Hu smiled in a content manner.  Myeong Hu put the Leather Armor into his inventory. Then while looking at Myeong Hu, Ga Dogu spoke.


“The Rabbit Livers have been obtained… By any chance could you get me some Bear Gall Bladders?”


<Hamuru’s Disease 2>

The village’s greatest hunter Hamuru has collapsed due to a disease. Ga Dogu, the Village Chief but also the village Doctor, needs to produce a special medicine to cure Hamuru’s disease. The second ingredient is the gall bladder of a bear! Gather 60 Bear Gall Bladders and take it to Ga Dogu!
Difficulty:  F

Quest Reward: Leather Gloves, Leather Shoes

Quest Restrictions:  Myeong Hu

If rejected, fall in Intimacy with Ga Dogu and Hamuru




[Quest accepted.]


Myeong Hu, who had accepted the Quest, stepped outside. Myeong Hu, who had stepped outside, was mumbling while walking towards the guild.
“The gall bladder of a bear…”


Even though he accepted the Quest thoughtlessly, if it was a Bear, there was a high chance of not being able to catch one. His level was now 8. Without appointing his Bonus Stats, he was in a situation beyond his control with fighting against Wolves so of course catching Bears would be hard.
“Will they sell it at the butchers?”


The reason he accepted the Quest without any hesitation was because of the butcher.  If they sold Rabbit Livers then the butcher should definitely have Bear Gall Bladders.
“If they don’t sell it, well…  It’ll take a while.


Myeong Hu, who was mumbling like that, after seeing the Warrior Guild he closed those thoughts and went inside.


“It’s leisurely…”
The inside was quite vast. Although, other than the man with imposing muscles napping at the counter, there was no one else.


“Excuse me.”
Going closer to the counter, Myeong Hu called to the man who was napping. Then the man moved slightly and stretched right away while looking at Myeong Hu.


“It’s the young man the VIllage Chief brought before.”




“For what reason are you here?”


“I came because I was curious on what requirements were needed to change jobs to a Warrior.”


“Haha, so that’s why.”


The man laughed at Myeong Hu’s questions. Then the man opened his mouth and spoke.


“To become a Warrior there is no requirements, you just need to register.”




At the man’s words Myeong Hu tilted his head.  In the case of the Magician he was originally going to start off with, it required at least 50 Intelligence and 40 Wisdom. If your Intelligence and Wisdom weren’t high enough then a job change wasn’t possible.
“A Warrior is just fighting with a weapon. Of course if you go to an Advanced Job there are requirements but for a normal Warrior there are no requirements.”


At the man’s following words, Myeong Hu could only nod. At the man’s following words, Myeong Hu could only nod. Once he thought about it when you held a weapon and fought you were a Warrior.
“Will you become a Warrior?”


As he said that, the man pushed a paper towards him. With the way it shined, it must’ve been a special paper.


“To change job all you have to do is bring your hand and touch this.”


At the man’s words Myeong thought briefly then brought his hand forward and touched the paper.




[Job changed to Warrior]


Together with the Job Changed message, the paper which was spurting out bright lights, disappeared. After the paper disappeared, the man quickly checked with something on the counter and looked and Myeong and spoke.


“Your Warrior Registration has been completed.”
At the man’s words of saying that he had completed the Warrior Registration, Myeong was bewildered. He never thought that he would finish changing jobs so simply.


“Did you expect something special? Like a test?”


The man spoke as if he knew Myeong Hu’s mind and laughed uproariously.
Myeong Hu smiled at the man’s laughter and said.


“Can I see the Skill Books?”


“Ah! Of course! Now that you’re a Warrior!”
[Skill Book: Hard Body] [Skill Book: Indomitable Will] [Skill Book: Power Attack] [Skill Book: Rage] [Skill Book: Pain Endurance]




[Skill Book: Counterattack]


‘There’s so much…’


There were many different types of skill books. He didn’t know that a Warrior was a Job with so many skills. Of course that was a problem as well.
“Can I only see the Skill Books that I can learn at my level?”


“Ah! Sorry. Haha, here you go. ”


[Skill Book: Hard Body] [Skill Book: Strike Down] [Skill Book: Rage]




Myeong Hu hesitated while looking at the Skill Books that had decreased dramatically.  There was definitely a lot of them but the amount of skills he could learn was now only 3.
“.. How much is it? ”


At Myeong Hu’s question of how much was it, the man smiled brightly and spoke while showing 10 fingers.


“10 silver per book.”


“Give me 3 please.”
Giving out 30 silver and obtaining the 3 Skill Books, Myeong Hu checked the Skill Information while learning the skills.


<Hard Body>

Level: 1

Mastery: 0%

Makes the body harder and raises Defence.

Effects: For 1 minute Defence +20

Mana Consumption: 50


<Strike Down>

Level: 1

Mastery: 0%

Strikes down strongly.

Effects: 130% Damage

Mana Consumption: 100



Level: 1

Mastery: 0%

Being surrounded by rage Attack Speed and Movement Speed increases.

Effects: For 1 minute Attack Speed, Movement Speed +10%

Mana Consumption: 100


While Myeong Hu was checking the Skill Information, he couldn’t help but let out a groan. Then he left the guild and walked towards the butcher.

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