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The Village Himise, The Remote of the Remote (3)

<Hamuru’s Disease 1>

The village’s greatest hunter Hamuru has collapsed due to a disease. Ga Dogu, the Village Chief but also the village Doctor, needs to produce a special medicine to cure Hamuru’s disease. For the moment, the first ingredient is the liver of a rabbit! Gather 40 Rabbit Livers and take it to Ga Dogu!

Difficulty: F

Quest Reward: Leather Armour

Quest Restriction: Myeong Hu

If rejected, fall in Intimacy with Ga Dogu and Hamuru


Myeong Hu, while looking at the quest window which contained the Quest ‘Hamuru’s disease 1’, let out a sigh. Straight after the ‘Introduction to the Village’ Quest had been completed, the quest appeared when a kid ran to Ga Dogu and at first he felt good as he thought it was like a true Quest.

However after catching Rabbit after Rabbit and as the Rabbit Liver never appeared, Myeong Hu felt something was strange so he went to Ga Dogu to ask him. At Myeong Hu’s question of how to obtain a Rabbit Liver, Ga Dogu answered that if he caught Rabbits it came out.

At those words Myeong Hu, while shaking his head, went to catch Rabbits again. Then, after a short while later, he obtained a Rabbit Liver.

The Rabbit Liver had appeared but Myeong Hu couldn’t even smile. It was because the Rabbit Liver had such an atrocious drop rate.

“Only 1 for catching 30…”

A sigh came out. He caught 30 but only 1 came out.  Of course, it might come out one after another. However, the Rabbit Liver which had an atrocious drop rate of only 1 in 30, didn’t seem like it would appear continuously.


Letting out a breath once again, Myeong Hu looked at the Rabbit running in front of him. The Rabbit looked at Myeong Hu as it felt his gaze and tilted his head.


That appearance was truly cute. Myeong Hu smiled brightly at such an appearance and approached it. Then he sent his foot flying towards the Rabbit.



The Rabbit flew in the sky. Myeong quickly rushed towards the Rabbit, which was falling back to the ground, and attacked it for the second time. Once again, the rabbit flew in the sky.


The Rabbit, which had fallen to the ground, was shaking. Myeong Hu swung his sword at the shaking Rabbit.

[Level Up!]

As the Rabbit died a Level Up message appeared. Myeong Hu turned his field of vision from the message to the area around where the Rabbit died. Of course the Rabbit Liver was nowhere to be seen. Far from Rabbit Liver, not even a single item was dropped. After letting out another sigh, he opened his character window.

Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22

Level: 3

HP: 770

MP: 400

Strength: 11

Agility: 10

Stamina: 11

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 10

Bonus Stats: 40

“Now 3…”

After checking his character window, Myeong Hu closed it and looked around.


A distance away, a Rabbit was tilting his head.

“It’ll appear eventually…”

Jobok Jobok

Myeong Hu, while mumbling, started walking towards the Rabbit.


Rabbits started flying in the sky.

*  *  *  *

-Rabbit Hide has been acquired.

-Weight limit has been exceeded so Movement Speed has been decreased by 5%

“Do I need to go back to the Village?”

Myeong Hu checked his inventory after looking at the message.

“There’s only 11…”

He had 11 Rabbit Livers. However the amount required for the Quest was 40, so he did not have nearly enough.


Myeong Hu thought about whether to go or not to go back to the Village. It seemed if he kept going back and forth because of the weight in this manner, he would waste quite a lot of time. Nevertheless, the constantly decreasing movement speed and increasing weight was a problem.

“It’s not like I can’t eat it…”

There was also the solution of only eating the Rabbit Liver not the other items but that was wasteful.[1]

“Let’s go back.”

In the end deciding to go back once, Myeong Hu started walking towards the Village. While walking towards the Village, Myeong Hu, with a satisfied smile, checked his inventory stacked full of items once more.

“It should give me a fair amount right?”

Many items were stacked. Of course, as it was japtem[2] such as Rabbit Hides, and Rabbit Meat so the price would be low but the amount he had was huge so it should give him quite a bit.

“What do I use it for?”

Myeong Hu thought about where to use the money from his items. There was really nothing to spend it on. Rather than buying equipment, Jobs were the problem.

“Now that I think about it I’ve got to choose a Job quickly…”

Being a Magician like he first thought would be impossible. Himise didn’t have a guild or a Magic Tower[3] to become a Magician.


As he was thinking of Jobs, Myeong stopped walking at a sudden thought. Then his face started gradually stiffen.

“There’s only the Warrior Guild…”

At the suddenly appearing information, Myeong Hu’s face twisted. When he thought about it, at Himise there only existed a Warrior Guild. That meant that in Himise the only Job you could change to was to the Warrior Job.


Myeong thought briefly. If he wanted to change Jobs to another Job, he would have to go to another village. However this place was Himise, the remote of the remote and surrounded by the Boros Mountain RAnges.

“I can’t go through the mountain ranges…”

It was impossible for a Jobless Myeong Hu to go through the Boros Mountain Ranges which was infested with Boss rank monsters.

“… Let’s think about it later.”

Myeong Hu decided to think about it later and started walking towards the Village again. Of course even though he decided to think about it later, it was impossible to not think about it. Myeong Hu thought while walking.

“Is it inevitable…”

While walking towards the Village he was constantly thinking and there was only one conclusion.

“It has to be a Warrior…”

It was such a place that it had to Warrior not another Job. The answer was sealed. Myeong Hu opened his character window with an expression that contained no joy.

Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22

Level: 8

HP: 870

MP: 400

Strength: 11

Agility: 10

Stamina: 13

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 10

Bonus Stats: 90

As he was catching Rabbits, his Strength and Stamina increased a little. The Bonus Stats were still there. The Strength and Stamina that increased while hunting, was quite good for the Job change to Warrior.


Myeong Hu closed his character window without any words. Then Myeong Hu, who has walking in a resigned manner, arrived at the Village and quickly went towards the store.


“Welco… Ah! It’s you!”


Myeong Hu, who had entered the store, went towards the store owner, Pelun who had greeted him, and gave him his greetings. Then he opened his inventory and put all the Rabbit Hides in his inventory on top of the counter.

“… That’s a whopping amount.”

While looking at the Rabbit Hides, Pelun spoke as if he was surprised.

“Did you come here to sell this?”


At Pelun’s words, Myeong Hu replied while nodding his head. Pelun, at Myeong Hu’s words, started inspecting each of the Rabbit Hides and sorting them.

Seuk seuk seuk seuk

“There’s a lot of superior quality goods. If it’s this much…”

As Pelun stared at the Rabbit Hides sorted into 2 groups in front of him, he thought briefly and opened his mouth and spoke.

“I can give you 40 bronze for the superior quality goods and 20 bronze for the inferior quality goods.


As Myeong Hu spoke to Pelun, he made a shocked face.

“Is Rabbit Hide this expensive?”

Even though it was of superior quality, for Rabbit Hides to be 40 bronze was too shocking.

“A hard bread is 1 bronze… Selling one superior quality Rabbit Hide is 40…”

“Will you sell it?”

Myeong Hu, who had blanked out due to the unexpected price, nodded his head at Pelun’s words.

“147 superior quality Rabbit Hide, and 86 inferior quality Rabbit hide which totals to 76 silver which is here.”

Pelun passed over a money bag to Myeong Hu. After receiving the money bag, Myeong Hu checked the money. In the money bag there was 76 shining silver

‘I haven’t even sold all of it yet…”

Myeong Hu put the money bag into his inventory and checked the remaining items. In his inventory, other than the Rabbit Liver needed for the Quest, half of it was filled with Rabbit Meat and Rabbit Gall Bladder.


Myeong Hu took out the Rabbit Meat and Rabbit Gall Bladder.

“Mm? It’s Rabbit Meat and Gall Bladder! Are you thinking of disposing of this as well?”

Pelun, who was arranging the recently bought Rabbit Hide, looked at the Rabbit Meat and Gall Bladder that was taken out by Myeong Hu and asked.

“Yes, I want to sell this as well.”

At Myeong Hu’s words, Pelun smiled bitterly. Then with an expression that said sorry, he opened his mouth and spoke.

“I’m sorry, those things aren’t things that I’m in charge of. Will you take these things to Teren?”


At Pelun’s words, Myeong Hu put the Rabbit Meat and Gall Bladders, which he had taken out, back into his inventory. Then he exited the store and entered the butcher that was opposite of it.

“Oho! You’re the lad who came with the Village Chief!”

As soon as Myeong Hu entered the butcher, he greeted the butcher owner, Teren, who was sitting down blankly.

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

As Myeong Hu gave his greetings, he went in front of Teren.


Myeong Hu, who had arrived in front of Teren, took out the Rabbit Meat and Gall Bladders and spoke.

“I want to sell these.”

“It’s a whopping amount.”

Teren muttered while looking at the Rabbit Meat and Gall Bladders taken out by Myeong Hu. Then he got out of his seat, checked the condition of the Rabbit Meat and Gall Bladders, weighed it and then looked at Myeong Hu and spoke.

“Meat is 50 silver, Gall Bladder is 90 silver and so I can give you a total of 1 gold and 40 silver. Will you sell it?”



It was an totally unexpected sum of money.

“I-I’ll sell it.”

Even though there was a huge amount, Myeong Hu didnt expect to get 1 gold and 40 silver and so replied while nodding his head.

“Hoho, here it is.”


Teren, who seemed tot to find Myeong Hu’s reaction funny, laughed and passed the money bag. Myeong Hu received the money bag and put into his inventory. Then he gave a simple good-bye and left the butcher.

‘2 gold and 16 silver!’

The money earned from selling the Rabbit Meat, Hides and Gall Bladders was 2 gold and 16 silver. For the now Level 8 Myeong Hu, it could be called an enormous sum.

“Later, if you think you want to sell things like Meat and Gall Bladders again, come to me and i’ll give you a good price.”

Teren said to Myeong Hu who was exiting the butcher.


At Teren’s word Myeong Hu’s footsteps stopped. Then turned around and looked at Teren.


Teren tilted his head at Myeong Hu who was walking out but turned around and looked at him.

“…Do you sell Rabbit Liver?”

If he didn’t mishear then Teren said if you want to sell things like Meat and Gall Bladders, come to him. Namely, he said he would buy. Buying was, in the end, for selling.


At Terens words Myeong Hu had nothing to say.


[1]: No clue why he thought eating the livers was a good idea but only wasteful… Dont ask me it was in the raws and I spent a long time checking if I was the weird one or the raw was.

[2]: 잡템 was also in LMS but I can’t remember what they TLed this to so if you remember comment please:)

Also means like miscellanous items or something

[3]: 마탑 is the raw and I think its the shortened version of Magic Tower but leave a comment if i’m wrong

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