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The Village Himise, The Remote of the Remote (2)

Translated and Edited by: TheFan




After hearing the description of Akram, Myeong Hu was amazed. Akram was also a decent village to start at. No, as long it wasn’t a magic affiliated job then Akram was definitely at the level where it could be called a good village to start at.




Myeong Hu, who was browsing through the village list, soon thereafter, couldn’t help but stop.


-Village Himise has been selected.


-The village Himise, is one of the empire’s many villages. Their speciality is the hide of the bear that lives close to the village.


-Would you like to start in the village Himise




Myeong Hu, after hearing the description, had nothing to say. How was there nothing to describe to the point of having to say that the hide of the bear that inhabits the area was their speciality, no, even if that was the second description, how the description of being one of the empire’s many villages also being included didn’t make any sense. On top of that there was another problem.


“It’s really remote…”


The location of Himise that was shown on the map was too remote. The remote of the remote, it was even surrounded by mountain ranges.




As Myeong Hu was shaking his head at Himise’s incredible location selection, he let out a retort.


“Those mountain ranges are…”


The reason why Myeong Hu let out a retort was because of the mountain ranges encircling Himise. The mountain ranges surrounding Himise were too familiar.


“I-Isn’t it that?”


At the information that immediately popped into his mind, Myeong Hu made a surprised expression


“The B-Boros Mountain Ranges…”


Out of the revealed information there were a small number of hunting grounds which Myeong Hu had distinctly remembered. The mountain ranges surrounding Himise was definitely the Boros Mountain Ranges which had level 100~500 Boss rank monsters disgustingly inhabiting it.


“There’s such a village…”


It was a village that shouldn’t have existed. It was a village where if you started there you wouldn’t be able to escape. On the small chance you chose Himise as your starting village, it was a trap that would made you delete your character and start again.


“For some reason, I feel like going there.”


However, was it because of the Boros Mountain Ranges? Or was it because of the village description that can’t even fit in with ordinary descriptions. Strangely, Myeong Hu liked Himise.




Myeong Hu swallowed his saliva[1]. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this. If looked at rationally in a cool-headed manner, Himise was a village that should never be started at. Obviously, if Himise was chosen as the starting village then you would have to start again with a new character.




After collecting reasonable data, he was going to start at the planned village, Maverlian. However, his heart was telling him to start at the village he should never start at, Himise.




Myeong Hu contemplated. Even as he was contemplating, he thought, without any hesitation, he should start at Maverlian but something kept tugging his heart.

“Somehow it feels uncomfortable.”


He felt if he started at Maverlian, somehow, it would be uncomfortable. No, to be honest, being uncomfortable is being uncomfortable but he wanted the challenge. A village that was the remote of the remote, and was surrounded by the Boros Mountain Ranges, full of boss rank monsters. Starting with such unfavourable conditions would make him somewhat proud and the game would be fun to play.


“In any case… I can start again.”


Anyway, while he was playing, if this feeling disappeared, then all he had to was delete his character and start again. Myeong Hu, with an expression of firm determination,  eventually opened his mouth and shouted out the designated starter village keyword.




-Starting at the village ‘Himise’




Together with the word ‘start’, the village selection screen disappeared. The surrounding scene turned black and his visual field started becoming darker.


*  *  *


The scene, which had just turned black, changed again after a short amount of time.




At the new scene Myeong Hu murmured to himself.




Myeong Hu promptly checked his surroundings. Basic household furnitures such as chairs, tables and beds, were furnished around him.


“Is this an inn?”


Looking at the basic household furniture, it seemed like inn.




However, Myeong Hu shook his head at the sudden thought. This was Himise, the remote of remote and surrounded by the Boros Mountain Ranges. There was no way an inn aiming for travellers as their business would be here.


“Then that means this is someone’s house…”




Stopping his muttering, Myeong Hu looked at the door. If he opened the tightly closed door, he felt like he would know where he was.


“Before I leave, let’s confirm first.”

However, just then, thinking of checking his current condition, Myeong Hu opened the character window.


Name: Myeong Hu

Nationality: Helioka [Empire]

Age: 22

Level: 1

Health: 700


Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Stamina: 10

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 10

Bonus Stats: 20


The bonus stats that were given when your character was created were left undistributed.


“What do I put it into…”


At the beginning, Myeong Hu was going to play a magic affiliated job and distribute his stats accordingly. However, this was Himise not Maverlian. He couldn’t distribute his stats as it wasn’t a certainty if you get a magic affiliated job.


“I’ll check later and then distribute it.”


The bonus stats didn’t have to distributed immediately. Myeong Hu, after contemplating, decided to distribute it later and closed his character window.


Jobok Jobok


Myeong Hu, who had closed the character window, walked towards to the door.




Arriving in front of the door, Myeong Hu opened it and went outside.


“You’re awake?”


As soon as Myeong Hu opened the door and came out, he looked towards the place where he heard the voice. In that place there was an elderly man of a stocky build who felt like he had years of experience.


“It should definitely be an NPC…”


The old man was definitely an NPC. But he didn’t feel like an NPC at all. The graphics were completely different from the previous virtual realities.


“I’m called Ga Dogu. I’m this village’s Village Chief.


Soon thereafter, Ga Dogu introduced himself.


“Myeong Hu is what people call me.”


Myeong Hu, who was staring blankly at Ga Dogu, came back to his senses at Ga Dogu’s words and replied.




At Myeong Hu’s reply, Ga Dogu let out a loud laugh. Then leading on he spoke.


“You have a really good name! That’s that but you must be very flustered. How you’re here in this place. Isn’t that right?”


<Listen to the Village Chief’s words>

As you opened your eyes you’re in the Village Chief’s room. How could this have happened? Listen to the Village Chief’s reason of how this happened!

Difficulty: F

Quest Reward: Increased Intimacy with Ga Dogu

Quest Restriction: None


At the same time Ga Dogu stopped talking a Quest appeared.


“It appears in this manner.”


After realising how Quests appeared, Myeong Hu nodded his head and turned his eyes to look at Ga Dogu.


“Yes, I’m curious on why i’m here.”


[Quest accepted]


After finishing talking, a Quest acceptance message appeared at the same time. Then, as if waiting for that, Ga Dogu started talking.


“Finding you could be called a miracle.”


Ga Sogu made an expression which seemed like he was reminiscing about his past experiences.


“I went into the mountain ranges over there to pick medicinal herbs late into the night but in the end I became lost. As I was lost, I started walking here and there, and while trying to do find the village I arrived at a clearing. But right in the middle of the clearing, you were there, collapsed. I walked towards you, who was collapsed in the middle of the clearing, with my hand reaching out. However, at that moment!


Ga Dogu briefly breathed in then kept on speaking.


“Out of your body gushed out a white light. Then as soon as the light disappeared you and I were at the entrance of the village. Truly an amazing thing. For me who was wandering due to being lost, it was a miracle. Afterwards, as you could guess, I took you to my home.”


Ga Dogu wh had finished speaking gave a reverberating smile towards Myeong Hu. Also, during that a lot of messages appeared.


[Quest completed]


[Intimacy with Ga Dogu has increased]


[Relationship with Ga Dogu has increased to ‘Trusted’]


“Thank you.”


Turning his eyes away from the messages, Myeong Hu bowed his head towards Ga Dogu as a thank you.


“No, if it wasn’t for you even returning to the village would have been quite difficult. Rather, I’m thankful. Well…”


Briefly stopping to look at Myeong Hu, Ga Dogu opened his mouth again to speak.


“Do you remember why you collapsed at the clearing?”


At Ga Dogu’s question, Myeong Hu hesitated then answered.


“I don’t remember anything.”


“Any memories from before? No memories at all?”


For the Village Chief, he found him at the clearing but for Myeong Hu, the start was at the Village Chief’s room. Of course he won’t remember anything.






At Myeong Hu’s answer of not remembering anything, Ga Dogu was briefly locked contemplation. Then after a short moment, he opened his mouth and spoke.


“If that is the case then stay at our house. In this aspect, as an outsider, this is all I can do to help.”


“No. Thank you.”


Whether it was because of Myeong Hu’s response, Ga Dogu smiled brightly. Then, as if he thought of something, opened his mouth and spoke.


“Ah, right! I’ve got to introduce the village! Can you move now?”


<Introduction to the Village>

Ga Dogu wants to introduce everyone in the village as he wants you to be able to get along. Follow Ga Dogu and wander around the village.

Difficulty: F

Quest Reward: Increased Intimacy with Ga Sogu, Himise Village map

Quest Restriction: None


At another Quest appearing, Myeong Hu smiled.




[Quest accepted]


“Then let’s go!”


As soon as the quest was accepted, Ga Dogu stood up from his seat and walked out of the door. Myeong Hu, following behind Ga Dogu, hastened his steps.



[1]: Swallowing saliva or 침을 삼키었다 means that someone is extremely anxious in Korean.


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