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 The Village Hee Mi Se, The Remote of the Remote(1)


Translated and Edited by: TheFan




The day I thought would never come, finally came.


Jo Bok Jo Bok [1]


Slowly walking while looking around at the surrounding landscapes, Myeong Hu was mumbling with a heartwarming smile.


“A completely different feeling from yesterday. Being discharged truly does change everything.”


It was the street he always walked when he returned for his furlough. After being discharged though, it became a completely different feeling. Myeong Hu grinned like an idiot over this wonderful phenomenon.


“I thought I would feel frustrated……”


After being discharged, Myeong Hu thought he would feel frustrated. He thought this because his predecessors who got discharged first said so and also, he was strongly feeling that way since a few weeks ago. But now that he got discharged he didn’t feel that way


“Delightful. Really delightful.”


It wasn’t as if he didn’t feel any frustration. However, the joy of being discharged was bigger than the feeling of frustration.


“It is because of that?”




Myeong Hu stopped walking, turned his head and looked at the advertising screen which was located far away. On the screen, an advertisement for a game was playing.


“Oh, God…”


A knight, wearing a full body white armor, was in front of a 5 metre tall statue of a goddess, and was staring at her with an expression full of sadness.


“Please forgive me…”


The knight kept muttering as he lifted the giant sword in his hand. Then he swung the sword towards the statue of the goddess




The sword passed by the statue naturally as if it was splitting water. Soon a crack appeared on the statue of the goddess and started shooting out light.




A massive explosion, together with light, exploded out from within.




Myeong Hu, while looking at the screen filled with light, was full of admiration. The scene just then which seemed like a movie scene was not a movie scene. It was an advertisement video for a game. Myeong Hu, while smiling at the unbelievable graphics, turned his gaze away from the screen and started muttering.


“The more I look this is…”


This wasn’t the first time he had seen this advertisement. It was an advertisement he had seen a countless number of times but he felt admiration every time he saw it. He couldn’t understand how such a game could come out.


Graphics which were the same as reality, virtual reality. NPC and AI which were similar to humans, if not better. With its vast storylines, it was at the level whereby only looking at the advertisements you would naturally call it the best game in history.


“I can hardly wait….4 days.”


He was looking forward to it so much. He was looking forward to it so much that he was worried how he would wait for 4 days until the opening day.


“Like it’s name, ‘The Legend’, it won’t remain a legend will it?”


Myeong Hu begin to walk faster as he anticipated the release of ‘The Legend’ 4 days later.


*  *  *  *


Different to how he had worried about it, time went by quickly.


“It’s already opening day…”


Myeong Hu smiled because of the fact that the opening day had arrived so quickly. He never expected that the 4 days he worried about would fly by so quickly. Myeong Hu, with a slightly excited expression, got out of his and walked towards the capsule.


Myeong Hu arrived in front of the capsule he bought after he was discharged, which was of the latest model, and looked at it with a satisfied smile, as he stroked it gently.


-Ppibik Ppibik!


It was at that moment.


The alarm which he had set on the opening time, had started ringing.


“It’s here!”


Myeong Hu smiled at the sound of the alarm, while opening the capsule. He then entered inside and turned on “The Legend”


[Performing iris recognition scan]




[Please enter your ID]


[Please enter your Password]


After confirming that it was him with the iris recognition scan, he entered his ID and Password




After entering his ID and Password, the surrounding black scene, gradually started changing




Myeong Hu blurted out his admiration at the gradually changing surrounding scenes.


“How could this be a real game…”


The surrounding backgrounds were boasting amazing graphics to the point where it couldn’t be called a game. Just like how it as shown on the advertisements, the graphics could be called reality as there were no differences from it and reality.




Myeong Hu lifted up his hand and looked at it. He was looking at his hand he saw in real life.


“E-Even the veins…”


You could even see the veins. Myeong Hu got goosebumps because of the craziness of even implementing veins and such details.


-No character found. Would you like to create a character?


While Myeong Hu was looking at his veins, and having goosebumps, a voice became audible.




Myeong Hu, who was looking at his veins and going blank, came back to his senses because of the young female’s voice near his ear and opened his mouth and replied.


-Please enter the character’s name.


Leading on after the voice, a window appeared in front of Myeong Hu


“What should I do?”


Myeong Hu looked at the window and thought briefly.


“Should I go with S Rank ID?”


Different from other games, in ‘The Legend’ you could have overlapping character names. This meant that it didn’t matter who called themselves S Rank ID as anyone could use it.


“Nuh. S Rank ID isn’t it.”


Myeong Hu shook his head.


“There’s going to be a ton of overlaps.”


It wasn’t certain but a lot of users would use S Rank ID. S Rank ID was good but Myeong Hu wanted a name which was different from everyone else.


“Then what do I call myself…”


Myeong Hu started thinking about what character name he should use again.


“Let’s just go with my name.”


After thinking, Myeong Hu decided to use his own name and entered his character name.


-’0’ users using the character name ‘Myeong Hu’.


-Would you like to create your character as ‘Myeong Hu’?


As soon as he entered the character name, he once again heard the voice.




Myeong Hu quickly replied to the voice.


-Character with the name of ‘Myeong Hu’ has been created.




With the voice saying the character had been created, in front of Myeong Hu appeared another Myeong Hu




It looked as if he was looking through a mirror with these huge implementations and Myeong Hu once again blurt out his admiration


-Would you like to change your appearance?


“It appeared because of appearance changes.”


He was wondering why he had appeared but it was because of appearance changes. However, Myeong Hu, who had no thoughts of changing his appearance, opened his mouth and said.




-Appearance changes have been cancelled. We shall now proceed to the nation selection screen.




Then the Myeong Hu, who appeared for the appearance changes, disappeared and a giant screen appeared. On the screen’s left side was the world of ‘The Legend’’s huge continent and on the right side was a list of all the different nations.




Myeong Hu started checking the right hand side’s nations. During the 4 days time, after he got discharged and before the opening day, Myeong Hu had learned about ‘The Legend’. He also determined where he was going to start.


“It’s here!”


Myeong Hu found the nation he had decided on before and clicked it rapidly. Then, on the huge continent on the left hand side, a part started flashing green.


“What? What is this?”


Myeong Hu tilted his head.


“It said it was the biggest?”


The part which was flashing green only took up a small part of the huge continent. The problem was that the part flashing green was the land of the nation he selected. Yet  the nation Myeong Hu picked was the nation with the biggest land in the whole continent according to his information.


-The nation ‘Helioka’ has been selected.


-Helioka, the number 1 in strength and land size in the continent, and can also be called the continent’s strongest nation.


Leading on a voice could be heard.


“…It’s exactly the same with my information. But this?”


He thought that perhaps the information was wrong but it wasn’t. That’s why it made it harder to understand. The nation selected, Helioka, also called the biggest nation in the continent, was just too small compared to the whole continent.


“Although there a lot of nations, there isn’t that much…”


The nations on the right side numbered quite a lot but it wasn’t that much. If you considered the selected Helioka as the nation with the biggest land then all the nations combined wouldn’t amount to the total size of the continent.


No, if the remaining nations had land, the size of Helioka, then even amounting to 10% of the continent seemed hard. Then what type of land was the remaining land?


“Maybe, wasteland?”


At the sudden thought Myeong Hu muttered in an unbelieving expression. Following the information on the homepage, although there were wastelands, each nation was in the position of reclaiming those wastelands


“Nonsense, an area this big?”


Although it was unbelievable, it had to be that way or else it couldn’t be explained. Myeong Hu laughed weakly as he kept switching back and forth from Helioka and the continent.


“The game will probably end while reclaiming the wastelands.”


Rather than wars, it seemed like it would end with just reclaiming the land.


-Would you like to start at the selected empire ‘Helioka’?



Myeong Hu worried briefly at the voice that asked if he would like to start.


“At least it’s still called it the biggest and strongest.”


The worrying didn’t last that long. Although the land was smaller than what he thought, the truth was that it was still the biggest and strongest nation in the continent.




-Proceeding to the village selection screen.


As soon as he answered, together with the voice that said it would proceed to the village selection, the continent that was on the left hand side also zoomed in until the map of the nation Helioka appeared. At the same time, the list of nations on the right hand side disappeared and numerous villages and cities appeared on a list.




Myeong Hu, who had selected his starting nation as Helioka, had also chosen his starting village so he started looking for his starting village while scrolling down the list.


“Here it is.”


Soon, Myeong Hu who found his starting village, clicked it quickly.


-Village ‘Maverlian’ has been selected.


-The village ‘Maverlian’, while being a vassal who helped build the empire, has also produced many magicians as it is the Magician of Destruction, Rivil’s, hometown


-Would you like to start at the village ‘Maverlian’?



Myeong Hu, who was about to start at Maverlian, heard the description of Maverlian and contemplated for a second. No, to be exact he was looking at the list of villages and contemplating.


“Should I browse through some other places…”


The information gained during the 4 days wasn’t that much. He had selected Maverlian to play for a few months with a good foundation. However, seeing the list of villages, he felt kind of curious.


“Let’s browse around.”


Myeong Hu, who had thought of checking out other villages, cancelled the village selection in the end and started browsing through the villages.


-Village Akram has been selected


-The village Akram. A village stuck close to the nation’s capital, ‘Nexus’, and so it is at the level of development where there is no difference between it being called a village stuck to the capital or a city stuck to the capital. It’s commerce is especially developed and as one of the nation’s Seven Heroes, the Shadow Assassin Evelyn’s hometown, the Assassin Guild, ‘Thorns of Darkness’, was known to have located its headquarters here.


-Would you like to start at the village ‘Akram’



[1]: Decided to use Korean sound effects as TLing them and trying to find the right sound was too hard:/

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