TFIC – Chapter 1

Time-travelling in my Sleep




Today, Lan Qin Yu finally gets to fulfil her dream of visiting Beijing.  She is so excited for Beijing.  She had always wanted to see how it feels strolling inside the Forbidden City.


This Forbidden City is really huge, big in an atrocious way.  She originally plans to stroll slowly, to take in the views, but after a while she can no longer tell where she is.


Where has she wandered off to?


There is a small room in front of her, different from the big halls she saw before.  The room can be considered pretty simple.  Even the insides are fairly sparse; the only thing that draw her attention is a set of ancient bed.  The bed is in full set, there are pillows and quilts.  At one glance, the bed looks really tempting.  Nobody is around, that makes her want to lie down on the bed even more.


She had always wanted to know how it feels lying on an ancient bed.  Now that she finally gets to be on one, the feelings are not too good yet not too bad as well.  She close her eyes and imagines herself as an ancient woman wearing ancient clothing, her mood is so good.


As she lies on the bed, her eyes gradually get heavy, and in the end, she drifts off to dreamland.






Don’t know how much time has pass, the sleeping Lan Qin Yu suddenly cannot breathe.  Her chest feels heavy.  Seriously, can’t she at least sleep in peace?


Lan Qin Yu slowly opens her eyes, evidently in a bad mood and is ready to make whoever it is that interrupts her sleep, suffer.  She opens her eyes and suddenly sees an arm on top of her body.


The room is dark, the day should already turn into night now, so she can’t clearly see the face of whoever it is next to her.   She does not dare to cry out, what if it ends up implicating herself?  Leaving this place is the most important thing for now.  She cannot believe herself!  She actually fell asleep here?!


She quietly push away the hand on top of her, but when she does that, the person next to her suddenly moves.  Lan Qin Yu froze in fear.  She covers her mouth with her own hand.  After a few seconds, upon realizing that the man is still fast asleep, she carefully climbs across him to the other side of the bed.


Deep down inside, the number of times she curse the man is uncountable.  Despicable!  Bastard!  You dare to sleep on my bed (though technically, it isn’t really hers)!  See if I don’t finish you!  Though she mentally said that, her biggest plan right now is to leave while the other person is still sleeping.  If she gets caught, there will be a fine!  She is only a small college student, where will she find the money?


After successfully leaving the room, she froze.  A courtyard?


Did she sleep too much and damage her brain?  Wasn’t there a pavilion in front of the room earlier?  Did she remember wrong?  How did it turn into this big courtyard?


The place outside are lit by lanterns all around, so she can see very clearly.  Just as she was busy getting suspicious, she suddenly hears the sounds of footsteps.  No way!


Lan Qin Yu runs back into the room.


Seriously!  It is so late, if she still didn’t go home, she’s gonna get into trouble with her mother.   At this rate, she’s not only going to get scolded by her mother, she is also going to get fined!  Which deity up above did she offend?


Oh, right!


Isn’t there another idiot sleeping on the bed inside?  Maybe they can split the fine!  When it comes to money, she is not willing to take it out of her own pocket.


She makes her way to the bed to wake that fearless person who dares to sleep with her, but then stopped because things did not seem right yet again.  The bed was not this luxurious back then.  It was just a normal ancient bed, how did it change into a bed this ostentatious, one that fits the ancient emperors.


Though puzzling, she cannot bring herself to care anymore and quietly shake the sleeping man, not daring to make any loud noise in case if there’s someone standing outside.


This bastard is sleeping like he’s dead!


“T***, you better get up while auntie is still politely waking you up.”  Then, she covers his mouth and pinch his nose.  See if he still wants to sleep!


Not long after, the person on the bed moves vigorously and opens his eyes wide.


The bastard gave her a scary look, with a glare so chilling it can kill her right then and there.




serene: Chapter 1 is up!  Her personality is kind of similar to the female lead in Xiao Hun Palace 🙂  Oh, and don’t care too much for the photos.  I chose them randomly.