The Demon King’s Game

Alternative Name: 마왕의 게임
Original Author:  Nicolo (니콜로)
Category: Action, Adventure, Comedy, FantasyMature, Supernatural
Tags: Clubs, Cunning Male Lead, Demon Lord, E-sports, Game ElementsGamers, Hard-working Male LeadMale ProtagonistOnline GameProtagonist Strong from the StartSmart Male Lead, StrategyTournaments, Transported to Another World, Wars, Weak to Strong
Status: Ongoing with 417 Chapters/Dropped at 24 Chapters
Schedule: None
Translator(s)/Translation Group: RainbowTurtle Translations (Chapters 1 – 24)
Source: Munpia

A competition between the Demon Lords of the Demon World.

The cornered Demon Lord, Gremory summoned an unbeatable soldier.

“I am a professional gamer?”

The legend of E-sports, fighting against demons!

Chapter 1 – 24 at RainbowTurtle Translations