SGKSDK Celia-Sensei Chapter 3 Release

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Cnine Here, Since there’s so much question about Seigensou here my answer : I’ll release the main story(chapter 85~) after finishing all the SS[3/9] or in september if my August goal on patreon achieved.

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3. Nozomanu Fushi No Boukensha got a page in NU, But it’ll go to around 2 month hiatus to gather the EXP and then evolved to higher novel[T^T]. It’ll be followed by consecutive release after hiatus, so fear not to wait and no stealing this project.

4. I request for anyone who have [.txt] file or [.epub] file of Seigensou[LN] or Mushoku Tensei[LN volume 3+++], please contact me at my email ( since I’m interested for the translation of those title.

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Normal release

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Without Further ADO , ENjoy :

Seigensou :

(~’.’)~Celia Sensei Side Story 3 [A Loli and a Not-so-Loli]~(‘.’~)
Alternative Linku -> Available at 13082017 00:01 GMT+7

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