Seoul Station’s Necromancer

Alternative Name: 서울역 네크로맨서
Original Author:  Jin Seul Woo (진설우)
Category: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural
Tags: Dungeons, Game Elements, MagicNecromancer, Ruthless Male LeadSkills, Transported to Another World
Status: Completed with 209 Chapters/Ongoing Translation
Schedule: 2/3 Random Weekly Chapters
Translator(s)/Translation GroupOtterSpaceTranslation/Hosted at GravityTales
Source: Munpia


[You have entered the dungeon at Gwachun Station’s 1st Exit.] “What is this?”

A necromancer had returned to earth after 20 years, and the subway station…No, it was a dungeon.

Bow down to the splendor of the one man army as I begin to seize it.

Chapter 1 – 100 at GravityTales