SGKSDK Volume 7

The Credit For This Illustration Goes To [ooPeaToo] : Volume 7 [Rondo Of The Dawn]

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Few Things Must Be Noted is That The Story of LN is Already Taking Different Turn From WN, Such as No Three Kingdom War Between Miharu, Celia And, Aisia[line in WN] and replaced With Fuwafuwa Kemonomimi Imouto.

That Man, MASAKA!!!!!


  1. My Question here is
    Why is Miharu Crying on his back?
    One of the few things I could think about is that She found out who Haruto is and that She Cried because He died and Reincarnated.

    1. That or because He killed someone for her. Since I just noticed there is blood on Haruto’s Sleeves.

    2. Propably the thing that happens usually when the protagonist kills or almost kills someone and the heroine is like”i don’t want you to turn into somebody else(lose thyself from wrath)” you know scared of seeing her beloved person changing in front of her eyes and to stop that cling to that back

    3. Yap… That incident at certain event in future story. Just keep reading.

    4. I noticed his dirty clothed that is looks like blood so most likely he killed someone .

  2. So miharu wont go with that fucking idiot of hayato to that holy kingdom or whatever? yay :v

  3. MASAKA!!!!!

    hahahahaha x’DDDDD

  4. Is anyone translating the LN?

  5. Looks good. I wonder how similar these scenes will be to those in the WN. There will be differences, of course, but will they be minor or major by this point, I wonder?

    If there is “No Three Kingdom War”, does this mean that only one of the three have a romantic interest in him, or does this mean the three were friendly to the idea of a harem from the beginning? And I take it the “Kemonomimi Imouto” means that if a harem is in play, then she too is in the running, rather than being on the sidelines?

  6. Three kingdom war… does that mean that miharu fell in love with Rio in the WN?

  7. After reading both the LN and WN I’ll say this. The plot has minor differences up to the point where Miharu is summoned to the world but after that it varies greatly. From here its pretty much 2 different stories based on the same environment with differences based on different actions.

    Pretty sure the guy in the Cape is Hiroaki the hero summoned with Fiona,

    Not sure who that sneering guy is, but here are some possiblities: Lucian (killed Rio’s parents; Raise (Wirepuller, evil guy, probably is a demon in disguise), Aki’s brother Hayato (possible he snapped after coming to this world and became evil?), Stand (Might be too old to be Stand), or one of the other heros.

    I just wish Rio would man up and tell Miharu who he is. Its just going to cause problems later if he doesn’t (Let Miharu decide whether or not to tell Aki)

    1. He did try to do that later on but got cockblocked twice.

      1. Me too.Hope Rio will tell Miharu the truth

    2. My prediction based on these pictures: Rio reunites with Flora (who recognizes him) and the rest of his former classmates along with Liselotte (3rd Reincarnator, just a supporting char in WN). Liselotte falls in love with Rio while Hiroaki, Stead, and Alphonse start getting jealous of him.

      After a while Stand/Alphonse find out who he is and use that as a pretext to attack him after blowing his identity and denouncing him as a felon. Rio kicks their ass and possibly kills one of them before deciding to teleport away back to Seirei town.

      If this is the setup at the end of the book it will be interesting to see where he goes from there since he can’t move openly to meet the Heros anymore. Would be a good time to tell Miharu who he really is, and if Stand does get killed by Rio I wonder how Latifa will take it. The cover shows Aishia with a Spear so maybe she fights in the book…

      Will be fun to read once I find a place to get the raws (I read these with MTL assistance).

      1. I was wrong. Since these pictures are spoilers anyway might as well state who is shown in each pictures.

        That evil looking guy is Lucian.
        That person clinging onto Rio’s back is Fiona.

        1. Can I Ask where you read it, is it from the light novel or thnot web novel?

        2. Where Did You Read This Comment About Pls. Give The link. And What Book Did You Read It From Light Novel OR Web Novel

        3. Can I Ask Is This Part Already Translated OR Did You Read It In RAW IF You Did Can You Give A Link If You Read IT Online

          1. You can go to my wp, there’s a link to the raw

        4. who’s fiona??? I don’t remember there are fiona on web version…

          1. She’s The Younger One Of The Princess Rio Saved I Think

  8. now this is wayyyyyyyyy too different from the wn so don’t do assumptions that those scenes will pop up on wn
    I really need to learn jp so I can read ln…..I wanna know what event changed 😐

  9. “… The Story of LN is Already Taking Different Turn From WN, Such as No Three Kingdom War Between Miharu, Celia And, Aisia[line in WN] and replaced With Fuwafuwa Kemonomimi Imouto.”
    I want to read LN version too, please..

  10. im guessing that grinning guy that was just standing there is Lucius?

  11. It seems like the evil looking guy is another summon hero. The summon hero Hiroaki is going mad, makes me think that the so called holy weapon is actually a demon sword.

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