SGKSDK Latifa Side Story 1

Latifa Side Story 1

My name is Endou Suzune. I was 9 years old, a 4th grade elementary school student.

The seasons shifted over to summer just the other day and the summer holidays have started.
However I still go to school everyday as long as the pool is open.
Even though it was summer holidays, many students still come to the pool at school to meet with their friends, including myself.

Sorry, forgive me.
I lied.
I’m also looking forward to meeting my friends but to tell the truth, that isn’t the only reason.
The truth is, I want to ride the bus home.

(Ah Yay! I caught it today too!)

Even today, on my way home after swimming, Onii-san is already on the bus.
He’s awfully refined. Not only that, he looks so cool. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a model or actor. I really admire him1.
I don’t know his name nor his age though. If I had to guess, hes probably a college student.
The Onii-san always takes this bus at the same time of day.
Perhaps he’s a person who likes to follow a set pattern.
I also commute to the pool, though only by bus on the way back. All of this just to catch a glimpse of Onii-san.

However Onii-san isn’t only handsome, he’s also really kind-hearted2.

How do I know? Well, Ill have to recount how I met Onii-san.
That’s right, I met Onii-san over a year ago.
Perhaps Onii-san has already forgotten about it, but I still remember our encounter like it was yesterday. It was Onii-san who came to my rescue.

That day, I happened to take the bus home which I rarely ever used before.
It was raining cats and dogs since the afternoon. My home is quite far so to walk back in that deluge was a definite no-no.
So, I decided to return by bus.
Okaa-san always had me keep some change on me for such days.
But that day, I was dead tired from the preparations for the athletic meet and slept past my stop.
I didn’t have enough money for a return trip since I rarely ever needed to make more than a single bus trip. I was at a lost at what to do and bursted into tears on the bus.
It was Onii-san who called out to me then.

「What’s wrong? Did you take the wrong bus?」

Suddenly calling out to me in a gentle voice, Onii-san was standing there in front of me when I lifted my face.
Maybe its a bit of an exaggeration, but at the time I mistook Onii-san for a character from a popular shoujo manga I read.

「Uhm Uh I overslept and missed my stop.」

I responded to him in a daze.

「Oh, I see. Which stop was it?」

Onii-san spoke in an understanding manner.
When I told him my stop—

「Then, let’s get off together at the next stop.」

He spoke in a gentle voice to calm me.
I was taught to not follow strangers, yet I believed I could trust Onii-san.

「Ah but I don’t have enough money」
「Dont worry about that.」

Reassured by his words, I got off with Onii-san at the next stop.
By the way, Onii-san said he’d pay for me.
After that, with unwavering confidence, Onii-san chose and boarded a bus. I didn’t want to be rude so I just silently followed Onii-san.

「I know normally you shouldn’t follow strangers, but this is an emergency so please make this an exception.」

Onii-san mistook my silence as suspicion and tried to reassure me with a wry smile.

「Tha— That’s not it. You’re mistaken!」

I denied him in a panic, though it may have had the opposite effect of what I was hoping for instead.
After that, Onii-san started a few conversations with me so I wouldn’t feel awkward.
Honestly, I was so nervous the entire time I wasn’t able to remember anything he said.
Now that I think about it again, that was the only time I was able to speak with Onii-san. I cant believe I missed the chance to get to know him better. What was I thinking?
I hate how shy I was back then.
The trip back was short but for me, it passed in the blink of an eye.

「Do you know your way from here?」

Onii-san asked me that when we arrived at my correct stop.

「Eh? Ah…」

At that time, I snapped back to reality from my dreamlike state.

(This is the end?)

No, I don’t want that!
I haven’t thanked him yet.
I was often told that I was very timid, but only then did I truly realise that.

「Tha— Thanks! Thank you! For covering my bus fare too!」

Before I realised it, my voice came out in a frenzy.

「Its fine, its fine. You don’t have to thank me for it. Anyone would’ve done the same.」

He responded as though it was only natural.
However, I didn’t think so.
Onii-san’s kindness was different from those of my friends and teachers.
A kind of selflessness. That’s right, it was like that of Okaa-san’s and Otou-san’s.

「Ah… Don’t…」

I stammered out some words as Onii-san was about to leave.
There were still so many things I wanted to tell him, but the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth.
I didn’t know what to do and I nearly cried unintentionally.

「Ah… Uhm… You’re welcome?」

Onii-san relented and decided to stay.
Probably because I was on the verge of crying.

「Tha Thank you very m— hic!」

As I tried to express my gratitude, I accidentally bit my tongue because of my overwhelming anxiety.
Onii-san chuckled when he saw me.
I was so ashamed.

「Tha— thank you very much…」

My face was burning up when I thanked him a second time.

「You’re welcome.」
「Ye— Yes. Likewise…」

Afterwards, I guided Onii-san back to my house.
It took around a minute by foot from the bus stop to my house.
I rang the bell when we arrived.
Shortly after confirming the figures of Onii-san and I through the intercom camera, Okaa-san came out to greet us.

「Welcome home, Suzune. Did something happen?」

Okaa-san wore a worried expression as she glanced at Onii-san.

「Yo— You must thank Onii-san! Onii-san saved me, uhm, so thats why…」

At the incoherent words I was spouting, Okaa-san became even more confused.


To clear up my unintelligible explanation, Onii-san explained the circumstances.

「Ara ara, I’m sorry this child has caused you so much trouble. I’m deeply grateful.」

Okaa-san deeply lowered her head whilst expressing her gratitude to Onii-san.

「Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad I was able to bring her home safely. Well then, Ill be excusing myself.」

Onii-san bid farewell with a smile and prepared to leave3.

「Uhm, would you like to come in for some tea before you leave?」

Then Okaa-san tried to prevent Onii-san from leaving immediately.
Nice Okaa-san4!

「I’m sorry but I must decline your offer since I have my part-time job after this. Your generosity is enough for me. Thank you.」

Unfortunately, it seemed like Onii-san had work and was unable to stay.
Okaa-san immediately went into the house and returned with a rather generous amount money as compensation for the fare Onii-san covered for me.
Even though Onii-san obstinately tried to refuse it, Okaa-san was also quite assertive and made him accept it.
And so Onii-san left while apologetically thanking Okaa-san.

「He was an awfully considerate person wasn’t he?」

As she saw Onii-san off, Okaa-san voiced her impression of him.


It’s not only that.
He’s really handsome too5.

「And really handsome too, right Suzune?」

Said Okaa-san, as if she was reading what I think.

「Yeah… huh!?」

I was baited and unintentionally replied what was on my mind.
In a panic, I looked up at Okaa-san and saw her smiling broadly at me.
My face instantly flushed deep red.

「Ufufufu, you’ll tell me everything that happened in detail won’t you?」

It’s impossible for me to keep a secret from Okaa-san.

「Do you want to take the bus starting tomorrow?」

After I told her what happened that day and how I met Onii-san, Okaa-san suddenly proposed such a thing.

「Eh? I— Is it alright!?」

I unintentionally let out an excited voice.

「It’s fine. Get along with Onii-san okay?」

Okaa-san chuckled as she permitted it.
I never told her I was interested in him but my feelings were easily discovered by Okaa-san.
Okaa-san is amazing.

And so, I began commuting by bus starting the next day.
I caught the bus at the same time as the day before and *Pin Pon!*, Onii-san was there.
Just like the day before, Onii-san was sitting by the window, third seat from the rear.
I noticed him immediately because there were so few people on the bus during that time.
However, my shyness prevented me from calling out to him and I instead hurriedly took a seat diagonally behind Onii-san.
I stole discreet glances at him so he wouldn’t notice.
After a while, Onii-san seemed to have noticed my glances and turned around.
I quickly averted my gaze in a hurry.
I think Onii-san noticed me but he didn’t call out to me.
I was both relieved and disappointed at the same time.

After that, I continued commuting by bus for over a year.
I wasn’t able to see him in the morning but I always saw Onii-san during my return trips.
It seemed like he somehow got on the bus at around the same time everyday.
I’d hide in the corner of the bus and periodically steal glances at him.
I’m sure my spying skill has developed considerably over the year.
Today too, I am watching Onii-san.
There was another person. A pretty high school girl who also frequently took this bus at the same time. She, like myself, would also often passionately stare at Onii-san6.
I won’t lose to her.

Besides that, I often see Onii-san listlessly staring out the window.

(I wonder why…)

I’m worried but don’t know how to help him.
I want to call out to him but I can’t help but wonder, “Does he still remember me?” I want to talk to him. Yet, not having made a move after all this time has made me incredibly anxious.
Okaa-san had provided me with the encouragement I needed to take the first step but I failed to make any further progress after that.

(How ‘bout I just greet him? Whatever happens, happens.)

Just as I’m thinking that, the bus shakes violently and my consciousness fades away.

I open my eyes. A dimly lit room surrounded by stone walls comes into view.

(Where… am I?)

It’s cold. I hug myself in an attempt to warm myself.
The only thing covering my body is a thin rag.
I roughly pull a blanket off the crude bed and wrap it around myself. Even if it barely helps warm me up, I’m desperate for any warmth I can find.
As I reach out for the blanket, my hand comes into view. It is much smaller than the one I’m used to seeing. Not only that, it’s ghastly white and horrifically thin to the point that it’s practically just bone wrapped in skin.


The colour of my hair is clearly not the black of a typical Japanese.
Then, I realise the most unusual phenomenon that occurred.
That’s right, I possess memories that don’t belong to me.
The memories of a slave girl by the name of Latifa.

(Wh— Wh… y…?)

My body begins to tremble little by little, and it’s not because of the cold air.

(This… This can’t be true…)

The trembling is due to absolute dread.
Dread from the memories of the girl called Latifa.
In those memories, I recall numerous horrendous scenes of violence Latifa was subjected to. I can’t help but tremble uncontrollably.
Apparently Latifa’s existence is so thin that I’m able to completely take over her mind.
That’s why I’m able to fully comprehend Latifa’s dread.

(A dream, this must be a dream… This is a dream…)

I hide myself in the blanket trying to convince myself that this isn’t reality.
However, no matter how long I hide in the blanket, I’m unable to wake up from this nightmare.
My body also won’t stop trembling.
After a while, I hesitantly poke my head out of the blanket and take a look at my surroundings.
The dark room feels strangely familiar, it matches the one from my newly acquired memories. This is reality, the memories are proof of that.

Suddenly, the face of a boy two years my senior emerges from the memories. I’ve been ordered to call him Onii-sama.
He isn’t an elder brother.
The elder brother I remember is a person like Onii-san7.
Despite that, I can’t get the image of the boy’s warped smile when he tormented me out of my head.
The tools he uses to play with me are scattered around the room.
I can only describe them as strange, repulsive tools.

And then, the sound of a door opening resounds in the room.


I unintentionally let out a cry.
Thinking back to it again, it was the worst thing I could’ve done.

「Nn? What? What is it? What do you want!?8

The boy who just entered the room is my elder brother, Stead.
Seeing my reaction, he displays a curious expression for a moment before twisting his face in delight, almost as if he’s on the verge of jumping for joy.

「Hii! Ge— Get— Get away from me!」

I yell broken words as Stead vigorously approaches me.
I have difficulty talking because I haven’t been taught how to speak properly. In no way is it because I’m a poor speaker.
Apart from Japanese, I can speak two other languages. My mother who taught me the language of my tribe passed away two years ago.
Therefore I was only able to partially learn two languages.

「Haha, what’s the matter? Didn’t you just bark nicely today!」
「O— Onii— Onii-sama…」

Onii-sama grins broadly as he brings his face next to mine.
He’s the person forcing me to call him “Onii-sama”.
Other than Onii-san, I absolutely loathe calling him that. However, I’m forced to comply to his orders because of the slave collar around my neck.
I can feel his disgusting excited breath on my skin, causing me to get goosebumps all over my body.
Suddenly, a warm sensation spreads around my crotch—

「Ha— Haha!!! Eh!? What is this!? You bitch! Did you piss yourself!?」

I seem to have soiled myself from extreme fear.
Onii-sama’s words are angry but he’s actually smiling.
I’m so scared I start crying and pleading.

「I— I’m sorry! Please… forgive me!」

I’m frantically begging for forgiveness.

「I wonder about that.」

Onii-sama comes over and begins to crudely touch my entire body.

「You know, I’m feeling really good right now. I’ll give you a lot more love today.」

Onii-sama calls a servant and orders him to clean my room.
After that, he restricts my limbs and ties me facing upwards on the bed.
I’m scared.
I’m deathly frightened and desperately want to struggle free. However, I’m unable to do anything since I’m forced to lie still by the collar.
The collar forcibly tampers with my mind; I feel terribly sick.

「It’s too bad you smell like an animal since your face is so beautiful.」
「O— oniisama! Fo— Forgive me!」

No matter what I say, Onii-sama won’t stop touching my body.
He’s madly stroking my entire body.

「Oi oi. You won’t piss yourself again? Didn’t you just piss yourself not too long ago?」

I don’t understand what he’s talking about.
But, it’s disgusting.
I’m getting goosebumps from hearing his wretched words.
Onii-sama’s odour.
Is nauseating.
When mother was still alive, it resembles the smell that clung onto her after father summoned her.

「Fufufu, it might be a good idea to take your virginity once you’re an adult.」

He continues caressing my body, claiming how he enjoys hearing my screams before leaving.
Maybe it’s because he enjoyed my reaction today, but he continued to frequently come visit me for a while.
The days following the day I regained my memories, my reactions were excessively defiant. As the days passed, I notice that Onii-sama prefers this kind of reaction from me.
And so, I discover that by suppressing my mind, I’m also able to suppress my reactions.
As a result, the frequency of Onii-sama’s visit has decreased.
However, he’d instead sometimes torment me with a whip under the pretence of discipline. His cruelty reached the point where he’d throw my meal on the floor and order me to lick it clean.

In addition, the frequency of combat training had increased recently by the orders of father.
Day after day, I’m drilled assassination techniques.
Thanks to being a Beastman, I possess greater physical prowess than the average human. Despite still being a child, my strength has already surpassed that of a human adult making me the ideal assassin.
I trained as instructed but also decided to devote myself to it.
Since Onii-sama won’t visit me when I’m training.
Finally, I was ordered to kill my first target.

I was terrified when I was about to kill my first target. I initially felt reluctant but my body strangely moved on its own.
Maybe it’s because of the collar?
That’s what I thought at first, but I immediately noticed I was wrong.
Even though I cannot disobey orders, my emotions won’t disappear.
Maybe, that was when my heart began to break.

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