SGKSDK Celia Side Story 2

Celia-Sensei SS, Chapter 2


Author : Kitayama Yui


TL : Cnine

ED/PF :Shance

Part 1

The evening three days later. In the library tower of the Bertram kingdom royal academy, inside Celia’s laboratory in the basement floor, after Celia separated from Rio.


Rio had started his own journey towards the far distant Yagumo region. She didn’t know when he will be back. She doesn’t even know whether he really will be back from such a long distant journey.


After Rio left the room, the door which closed lifelessly suddenly made a sound. Thereupon――、


「I’m sorry, Rio. I can’t do anything for you……」


Celia was crying like a broken dam. And then, she muttered Rio’s name as if clinging dearly to him. She, who couldn’t do anything but watch Rio’s back as he left due to false accusations, couldn’t stand herself and felt ashamed.


Rio’s warmth still remained on Celia’s body. Despite feeling really happy, she couldn’t help but to feel anxious, miserable and, sad. Her tears spilled non-stop.


And then, when she started wondering how long she’s been crying.


……Crying forever won’t change anything


Celia stopped crying and then somehow stood up and moved her body that felt heavy.  Since I know that Rio wants to cry too. Though it doesn’t mean that the sense of losing him will disappear immediately, she can’t stand herself acting like a tragic heroine who does nothing but cry endlessly. That’s why――、


Because I’ll be waiting for you………. Rio. Because I’ll always be waiting for your return, forever. That’s why, take care of yourself…… [TL : A flag everyone?][ED: scary yandere talk…]


After that, Celia devoted herself to wishing for Rio’s safety all night long.


If she could do nothing but wish for his safety, then she’ll do that. Even if everyone else forgets about Rio, she’ll never forget him. No matter how long it’ll take, she’ll be waiting for his return. That’s her vow.


◇ ◇ ◇


And then, a few days after Rio began his journey. The calm and ordinary days returned to the Bertram royal academy.


The incident that happened a few days ago during the field training seemed to be a lie, even the expressions of the students that participated in the field training were calm.


After school, when Celia walked in the garden of the royal academy to go back to her laboratory, she noticed that students of the same year as Rio were also walking there――、


It seems as if everyone already forgetting about Rio


She felt that way.


Basically, Rio might be just that kind of existence for them. Though she couldn’t fully accept it somehow, since she knew the treatment Rio received in the long years he was in the academy, Celia agreed as if resigned to that fact. Thereupon――、


「Nownow, how’s the feeling of receiving a surprise attack from a crowd of demons?」


「……It must be terrifying right」


「The two of you even returned safely」


She heard the shrill voices of the girls from the corner of the garden.


Being lured by those voices, Celia moved her line of sight towards that place. There was the duo of Stead Euguno and Alphonse Rodan who were surrounded by many female students.


「It’s because Alphonse-senpai’s order came at the best timing you know?」


Stead moved the credit to Alphonse with a proud smile. Thereupon――、


「Well, it’s because the dependable Stead-kun was wounded and sabotaged by that low birth. I, who was entrusted to command this troop was at a lost and unable to do anything 」


Alphonse said that while looking unsatisfied with it.


Those two……… Are they talking about the event during the field training


Celia knew the truth about the incident from the time she was separated from Rio. Both of them, you could say that they were the culprits who put the false charges upon Rio. Noticing that those two were telling the story which is somehow related to the field training, Celia unintentionally stopped her foot. Thereupon――、


「That low birth」


One of the girl’s asked while tilting her head.


「It’s Rio, that unknown orphan…… Maybe because that guy was quite confused due to fear, he pushed Stead-kun who had been wounded by the demons. He even made Princess Flora to experience danger to her life」


Alphonse replied with a theatrical gesture while sighing over that event.


「My my, though we heard that princess Flora almost fell from the cliff, don’t tell me that was…….」


Thus, the girls are quite surprised as they placed their hand on their mouth.


「Yeah, everything started because of that man’s thoughtless action. Though I’m innocent in it all, thanks to that event my father severely reprimand me」


Stead’s sighing deeply with a grimace upon his face as if being annoyed.


「Hahaha, it’s the same for me you know? Good grief, even though being ambushed by crowds of demons is already a misfortune」


Alphonse smiled wryly while soothing Stead.


………… They really say anything they want huh. They just keep doing it since the victim can’t refute to them


Celia was quite disgusted by them.


It was completely different story than the one she heard from Rio. Though the part where they were being severely remonstrated by their father might be true, maybe they were just saying as much as they likes as a distraction from that sermon.


But then, the event regarding those two, no, it was dealt in public in the most convenient way for those two houses.


Seeing that the top brass has passed down the judgment with the most convenient scenario for them, which made her slightly uncomfortable just by remembering it, Celia clearly forced herself from declaring an objection.  On the contrary, doing that might bring trouble to her house.


Eventually, by then Celia realized just how powerless she was. Thus, even while doing that, Alphonse and Stead kept talking non-stop about their imaginary heroic saga[lol].


「There were around 50 goblins and orcs, right? Nonetheless, it’s refreshing when the troops by Alphonse-senpai command one-sidedly trampled them after rearranging their formation 」


「Since there’s no way we would fall behind if we fight fair and square against the likes of lowly demons. Our miscalculation might have been that ox-headed demon」


「Certainly, it was unexpectedly strong was it not? Everyone coming out safely after the battle against that was a miracle」


Stead is giving his agreement with “uhnuhn” voice to Alphonse’s story.


「What kind of demon was it」


「I wonder, it was several meters tall  It was a bi-pedal monster with an ox-head. It was muscular and could easily lift a sword made of rock」


「Wow……………. How terrible」


When Stead told them that, the bodies of the female students trembled slightly.


「Nevertheless, because we were quite frantic at that time. We tried to somehow fight it. I recall the euphoria, as if we became like the heroes of legend. But, well, we reluctantly decided to withdraw from battle」


「As expected, we chose to withdraw from battle with that timing. It didn’t pursue us after that. Our attack succeeded in delivering a critical wound, so that monster didn’t go after us.」


And so on, Alphonse and Stead were proudly talking about it. Celia rather admired how boldly they beautified their own selves so far.


In reality, except for those two, there was no one else around them who was at that incident, even if they were in this place, since no one held the same position, or high enough to object to those two, Alphonse and Stead completely monopolized the glory.


Maybe because those female students just swallowed their story as is, they were pouring endless praise to the two of them.  And then, since their group was becoming heated, it was turned into a vicious circle when looked from Celia POV.


As expected, hearing any more than this is impossible. I should just leav……….. Hn


Celia couldn’t stand it anymore and was about to leave that place while letting out a short sigh.  But, she noticed that Flora was standing right on her side. Flora’s body trembled as she stared at Alphonse and Stead as if watching them tormented her.


「But, Rio who left in the beginning might be rather lucky right? Since that guy would just become baggage even if he was there」


Stead was saying that while smiling happily. Thereupon, maybe because Flora was steeling herself, she walked slowly towards Alphonse’s group.




Celia’s eyes opened wide. The expression on Flora’s face was as if she really was going to say something. Docile if Celia had to say, for a shy person like her, it would be hard for her to scold that group.


Don’t tell me……


Maybe because Flora was about to say something, Celia held a slight expectation in her. Thereupon――、




Flora called to the group as if summoning her courage.


「This is………… Your highness princess Flora」


They immediately straightened themselves to show their respect to Flora.  Though the formal manner to someone above them isn’t asked more than necessary for the students in the academy, due to the difference of the noble rank they should naturally show different attitude, is something that had become a tacit understanding.


「May I ask your bussiness」


And then, when Alphonse asked Flora as the representative of the students in that place――、


「……Why are you badmouthing that gentleman*」 TL * : This might be confusing as you already know who she mean and I can just use “He”, but Flora referring him with more polite expression]


Flora asked as if trying to guess their intent.


「That………… Gentleman」


Alphonse and Stead looked at each other and then tilted their head in confusion.


「……It’s about Rio-sama」




When Flora attached “-sama” to Rio’s name, Alphonse and Stead didn’t feel very satisfied with it. And then――、


「Flora-sama. Please let this humble me say, you’re the 2nd royal princess, for you to attach “-sama” to such a low birth is something that I can’t find admirable. It’s not something to show to the surroundings」


And so, Alphonse acted theatrically while saying one thing after another, it’s not scolding the royalties, he’s showing his disapproval to Flora’s behavior. But――、

Part 2


「………. I, your speech which sounds like degrading people behind their back is something that I find rather deplorable」


Flora calmly stated her rebuttal.


「Wha-That is……………….. In what meaning should it be」


Stead face is stiffening in the thinking that she might criticize him.


「Though I almost fell from the cliff, I was saved by that gentleman.   That gentleman has become my benefactor. I came to agree that he became a hindrance in other matters*」 [TL* : not too sure about this sentence]


「……………But, it’s because that man can’t use magic right? Even if for example he remained in that place, I think that he couldn’t do anything against that cow-headed giant」


Maybe due to anger that she met Stead’s opinion face-to-face, she then spoke with a somehow irritated tone.


「The one who couldn’t do anything in that place at that time,  was all of you right? Everyone was at their wit’s end, and aren’t the lot of you who scrambled to the first line. All while deserting a wounded person」


「T-That is something like a tactical retreat. Though if we felt like it, we should be able to beat that with everyone’s power, because fighting while in a wounded state is impossible……」


When Flora casually mentioned the truth, Stead tried to explain with a nervous tone.


「H-Hey, Stead-kun That man might be the one who attracted the attention of the cow-headed monster. Since he has the magic tool loaded with Abiliy Strengthening Magic(Enchant Physical AbilityPhysi)」


Maybe Alphonse felt that it was not a wise choice to confront the 2nd royal princess Flora from the front, he soothed the flustered Stead while nonchalantly praising Rio.


But, when it comes to Flora who knows the truth, maybe because she didn’t feel that Rio’s honor would be restored with just that――、


「………. Let alone attracting its attention, Rio-sama slayed that cow-headed giant」


So she told them that truth. Thereupon, Celia’s body trembled as she heard that story while watching the situation.


And yet, contrary to that, Alphonse’s group looked bewildered. The reason being――、


「What have you just said? I heard that the cow-headed monster is being dealt by the chivalric order. I heard that it’s a personal announcement from his majesty……」


Stead talked with a suspicious expression. That’s right, that cow-headed giant―― that minotaur is told that it was subjugated by the chivalric order of the kingdom.


Of course, though Flora appealed to her father, Phillip III, the fact that Rio’s the one who slayed that minotaur, unfortunately he couldn’t treat that as the truth.


In this context, forecasting that acknowledging the truth and giving merit to Rio was a bad move for the plot to frame him, and then from the fact that the minotaur is not the kind of monster that could be beaten by a single royal academy student, the truth was concealed by judging that the credibility is low even if they spread this kind of story to the surrounding.


That time, seeing that no one but Flora saw the fierce battle between Rio and the minotaur, doing something like twisting the truth by using the relationship of the most influential people of the kingdom wasn’t that difficult. But then, Flora whose appeal was ignored of her claims in this few days with reasons such as having a suspicious story, and entering a rebellious age like never before towards her father.




With expression as if going to say something, Flora was at a loss for words.


Despite being the 2nd royal princess, it might likely become a problem if she objected the official announcement by the king. Still, even if for example, it did become a problem, her father ignoring Flora’s claim is something that she knew would happen.


But then, though there was a part of her who wanted to oppose it, how to make him believe her when she explained it, Flora started to lose her self-confidence.


「It might be the benevolence of the gentle princess Flora, Stead-kun」


Maybe noticing that Flora couldn’t talk back to him, Alphonse smiled with a “poof” and whispered to Stead.


「Ah, I see……」


Stead consented with a sneer.


Flora chewed her lips as she was assailed by a helpless feeling.




「You lot, what are you doing Her highness princess Flora’s complexion doesn’t seems to be good but……」


Celia chose this timing to appear. And then, changed the topic and sent a lifeboat to Flora.


「C-Celia-sensei I-It’s nothing, we were just chatting a little…………..」


Maybe because Stead was flustered by Celia’s entrance, his body trembled a little.


「How are you feeling, your highness」


「………… I’m okay. No problem」


Flora firmly shook her head in denial when she heard Celia calling her name in worry.


「In that case, can I borrow a bit of your time I want to have a short chat with your highness」


Celia stared intently at Flora’s face and then told her wish.


「……Yeah, I don’t mind」


Maybe because Flora had no idea what kind of talk it would be, she just nodded in wonder.


「Well then, this way please~」




Flora walked as after being urged by Celia. And then, Celia turned around to look behind as they were leaving――、


「Well then, excuse me. You also should return before it becomes too late you know?」


She said the words which she almost forgot to say.




Stead replied with a slightly tense tone, thereupon, just like that he looked charmed by Celia’s retreating figure.  His muttering 「So lovely」 didn’t reach anyone’s ears.


And then, during that time――、


「Uhm, Celia-sensei. Where are we going to Just what kind of talk is it………… 」


Flora timidly called to Celia who was walking in front of her.


Celia let out a bitter smile hesitating slightly, she stopped her gait and――、


「If possible, will you talk to me in my laboratory regarding the thing about Rio」


So she said while peeking at Flora’s complexion.









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