SGKSDK Chapter 57

Chapter 57 [Explaining The Situation ~Part 2~]


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ED : Shance

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Part 1


The rock house couldn’t be seen as nothing but a normal gigantic rock from outside, Miharu who entered was taken aback.


The first things that entered their field of vision was a spacious living room.


A round table and sofa set in the middle of the room, there are also stairs that continue toward the loft in the corner of the room.


Because of the magic tools that light the inside of the room, they could see that there are many doors in the inner side.


「Please sit on the sofa」


Taking the initiative to make a movement, Rio leads them to sit on the sofa that was placed in the living room.


Miharu also timidly sits on the sofa at the opposite side of Rio.


「Well then, should we continue with the talk from before」


Rio saying that while looking at the three.


And confirming their mental condition he started his story.


「I saved you guys since I sensed a huge reaction of space-time magic」


Rio bluntly said that.


「Space-time ……. Magic?」


A question mark seemed to appear on the face of the three.


Even if the word “Magic” does exist in the earth, this type of skill was but a myth to them.


So their reaction was just natural.


「Yeah, magic does exist in this world. Magic is a skill to causes a change in the world phenomenon by pouring magical power to a magic formation, it’s hard to understand when I’m just explaining it vaguely like this right.  That’s why ……」[TL : it also exist in the earth too, there’s even immortal magic in the island where I’m living in, or more like a curse. Oh they’re basically everywhere in underground society]


While saying that, Rio taking out pen and paper and similar writing instruments and placed them on the table, and then made a sketch of a geometric pattern.


「Though it’s an extremely basic one, this is a magic formation」


After showing the pattern drawn on the paper to the three, he put it on the desk.


The three looked curiously at the pattern.


「Though each one of the figures and letters that was drawn have their own meaning, I won’t explain that for now. And when we pour our magical power into the drawn pattern like this ――」


Rio poured his odo after placing his hand on top of the paper with the magic formation drawn on it.


Thereupon, light gushed out of the magic formation as it’s starting to meddle with mana.


A small water polo with around several centimeters in diameter manifesting on top of the geometric pattern, then fell in accordance to gravity and soaked the paper.


「This is how it changes the phenomenon of this world. This is magic.  What I showed just now is a magic to produce water.  Though the quantity of the magical power poured is small, it could bring forth a small amount of water」[TL : Unfortunately magic or spirit arts isn’t strong enough to cure Rio/Haruto V-Curse]


The three were looking at the paper that became wet with water as if being engrossed by it.


In addition, the one he drew is the magic formation that didn’t need any catalyst, the effect of the magic[魔術] will rise even further using the same amount of magical power if one uses a catalyst.


The same thing can also happen with magic[魔法], many magicians carry around a high quality cane as a catalyst. [TL : The previous magic is using Majutsu[魔術] which means sorcery or black magic, while this line magic is using Mahou[魔法] which means magic or witchcraft]


「A ……… AMAZIIInG!」


Coming to their senses, the first to react was Masato.


His eyes shining brightly, it’s as if he’s dancing in delight with his excitement completely exposed.




「Can you shut it for a moment. Your voice is too loud」


Aki was giving a hateful glare at Masato who’s shouting loudly on her side.


But, Masato ignored her rebuking look —.


「I mean, you’re also seeing this right, Aki-neechan? Water just appeared from empty air! It’s magic! THIS IS MAGIC! 」


He could not help but raise his voice from excitement.


「I know. It certainly was amazing but, there’s no need to be that excited right」


Aki answered as if amazed by his reaction.


Though she calmed down with Masato’s answer, she was more surprised about the existence of the house.


(Like hell I’ll be surprised just because a little amount of water appeared out of nowhere. )[TL : She got the point here]


Was what she thought.


Miharu is smiling while looking at their interaction.


「Since you want to hear the continuation of the talk, will you calm yourself first Masato-kun」


Rio said that to Masato who’s still in high spirit.


Thereupon, Masato felt a little awkward.


「okay. I’m sorry!  」


Rio let out a weak smile at Masato who’s apologizing while scratching his head.


「This one’s magical power is directly supplied by me but, there’s the type that can also absorb magical power on its own, and the type that needs an aria.  Well, I think we should leave this one first as it is.  And then ――」


Rio’s following explanation was in a sequential order.


「I already said space-time magic in the beginning but, the level between space-time magic and magic to produce water is like heaven and earth.  You might vaguely notice how difficult it is to interfer with time and space right? 」


「…… You’re right. It’s like reaching something impossible in a normal way right」



Aki answered while holding her head.


「Yeah, I don’t mind even if you’re aware of that. By the way, since there’s no magic in Earth, all of you should be unable to use magic. Are you okay with this ?」


After saying that, Rio paused for a moment while looking at them as if to gain their consent.


Catching Rio line of sight, The three slightly nodding their head.


「If it’s come to that, then there’s only one thing left which is an undoubtedly a truth. And that is the fact that someone of this world is using space-time magic to summon you guys」


Thus Rio stated his own deduction.


Though the problem is that even Rio didn’t know who’s the one that summoned Miharu. [TL : You should send your gratitude to them(Author-san, who summoned Miharu) and truck driver-san who send you flying to another world]


「I wonder if there’s something abnormal that happened before you guys came to this world. Can you please tell me, I don’t mind even if it’s something trivial?  」


「Even if you said if we know something, we were already on the prairie before we ……….  Ah, that’s right Miharu-oneechan has said something about light right? 」


Aki was looking at Miharu.



「Yeah. Vortex of light spreading in a moment from our acquaintances ……. Takahisa-kun and Satsuki-san………. I think they were also being swallowed by it along with us.  I really don’t know for sure about it myself since it really was just in an instant but …….. 」


「Vortex of light ……… 」


Maybe Rio recalled about the characteristic phenomenon for the space-time magic.


(Maybe, Actually seeing it is faster than explaining it.)


So he though.

Part 2



「Does this feel similar to that ? Please look carefully on top of the desk」


After saying that, he gathered the attention of Miharu’s to the top of the desk.


「Discharge[Release]」 [TL : The “Release” here using kanji [解放], while the “Discharge” is the furigana written in katakana[ディスチャージ]]


When Rio recited the aria, the space on top of the desk distorted a little then started swirling into a vortex.


In just a moment, a complete tea set appeared on top of the desk.


The black tea was already brewed and placed in the pot.


Inside of the room that shined brightly due to the magic tool, the distorted space that can be seen due to it being dyed in a pale grey color.


「Y-Y-Yeah. N-Now that you showed it, it gave off the same feeling……..   Though I think the scope was even bigger than this」


Miharu answered while nodding her head vigorously.


「Did the vortex of light appear from your male acquaintance or female acquaintance ?」


「Ah, ehm, I think different vortex materialized from them.  And they [vortex-es] might be going toward us while colliding at each other」


「I see …………  Here you go」


Rio dividing and filling the tea into four cup while hearing Miharu answer.


When receiving the cup, though they’re bowing in gratitude, they’re looking a little on guard.


Rio smiled wryly at their reaction, when he drank the tea in front of them, the three also timidly starting to drink the tea.


「Delicious …….. 」 [TL : Why my family said that the caffeine in my tea rivaling that in coffee?](Impromptu Editor aka IE: Tea has a lot of caffeine, about 3 tea cups = one coffee.)


The moment she tasted the tea, Miharu’s eyes opened wide.


After looking at her charming figure, Rio decided to advance the talk from before.



「In that case, there’s high possibility that your acquaintance are also in this world」


「I-Is that true!? 」


Aki asked with the upper-half of her body bent forward in excitement.


Rio turned his line of sight to Aki.


「Uhm, it’s just a possibility. In the first place, I think that they’re the target of the summoning.  I think the three of you were just accidentally dragged in」


Was his answer.


「Being dragged into it ……. Our oniichan is somewhere in this….. 」


Aki muttered in low voice.


「Maybe. I think their being separated from you guys is because the interference of their space-time magic has messed up your transfer coordinates」


Rio explained as if answering Aki’s words.


「Then, how far we …….. ?」


「……. I don’t know the exact location but, I can roughly guess which kingdom」


Rio was thinking that the possibility is very high that the acquaintance of Miharu is within one of those six pillar of light.



「I-Is that true!? 」


And “poof”, Aki complexion became brighter.



「Yeah, but I think it’s a bit difficult to find him at once. I know nothing but the fact that he’s being summoned somewhere in this area and at random, there’s even six of those location.   I think those two also already moved from that area or……. 」


Rio paused in his answer as if being troubled by it.


Though he didn’t dare say it, since there’s also the possibility of them being caught by evil people like the three of them.


「Ah …….. 」


Maybe because she suddenly thought of such possibilities, Aki complexion turned anxious again.


Miharu and Masato also showed a gloomy expression.


When he looked at those three.


「……. I, due to a certain reason am travelling around those country. I’ll try to looking for the information about those two during that time」


Rio bluntly said that.


That’s just how out of the norm that event was.


There are already a great number of them. Even if it’s just the eyewitnesses, so he might find some information during his journey.


「Thank you very much. Please」


The three was bowing their head deeply.


But, they somehow showed discouraged looks as if being tormented by a vague anxiety even after they raised their head.


「Well then, should we have dinner first? You can’t live unless you eat right.  I’m going to cook after this」

Part 3



Rio said that as if trying to change the gloomy atmosphere.



「For the time being, since I’ll be using normal ingredients, I’ll hear if there’s any request.  I wonder what it’ll be? 」


At least he wanted to raise it by eating delicious food.


Since the current him can do nothing but this.


Though the three of them looked at Rio as if becoming a little senile —.



「Eh, Ah, Ehm ……….. I’ll also help you! Since I know their taste very well」[TL : I used to think that clumsy wife who can’t cook is just a myth, only to realize that I was too naive …………………….. Fried rice with curcumin]


Soon, Miharu hurriedly offered her help.


「Ah, Yeah. Ehm, may I ask to help you then? 」


Rio slightly stiffened to Miharu unexpected proposal then he smiling as he immediately responding to her.


「Yes. If you insisting on that! 」


Miharu was eagerly clasping her hand tightly.


「Ah, I-I’ll help too!」


Thereupon, Aki who sat beside Miharu also want to help them.


「Don’t you dare. Aki-oneechan is hopeless at cooking.  The hamburger from before was turned into charcoal right」


Masato quickly said that from Aki side.


Aki expression turned into an angry one.


「S-Shut up! That’s just accident! Beside, oniichan said that it’s delicious! 」[TL : You’re a hero, sayonara, Takahisa]


She rebutted.



「No way, how can aniki even praise THAT. I mean the other dishes are –」 [TL : Eh! there’s still more!?, You’re a true hero, Takahisa, RIP]


But, Masato also didn’t yield to her.


The gloomy atmosphere until a while ago was vanished by the two of them who clamored at each other.


Before they know of it, the atmosphere of this place became brighter, Rio and Miharu were looking at Masato and Aki with thin smiles.


Not even trying to defend Aki, it seems Aki completely couldn’t triumph the trial of cooking even from Miharu’s view.


「I’m glad that Miharu-san is helping since I need to make dishes for four people. Both of you can enter the bath[Ofuro] first」


Rio suggested that as if trying to pacify those two.


When hearing the “bath[Ofuro]” word, Aki was staring dumbfounded.


「T-This place is even equipped with a bath?」


Such comfortable place, this house is.


For Aki who was thinking that they’ll be sleeping outside on the prairie as it is.


Far from just for enduring the wind and rain, this house is even equipped with a  bath.


Though the series of surprises left her astonished, she’s extremely happy that she can enter the bath.


「Yeah, the door over there is connected to the open air bath. You can use the towel in the dressing room as much as you like」


Such thing is —–.


「Eh, AH, yes. Then I’ll accept that offer……….   Thank you very much」


Aki’s timidly told her gratitude.


「O~h, thank you very much! HARUTO-ANCHAN!  」


Aki became envious of Masato on her side who can easily say his gratitude without any problem.


「Then, can I accompany you since I’ll need to teach you how to use the simple tools? Please follow us too, Miharu-san」


Just like that the four of them went into the bathroom, after he explaining about the important points to easily use something like soap and magic tools in it, they decided to enter the bath starting from Aki.


It seems Masato was exploring the house since sometimes ago.


By the way, the house is installed with space-time magic of expansion for its insides, the size inside the house became slightly unnaturally bigger than the outside rock.


「Then, let’s start cooking. I should give a brief explanation about how to use the kitchen first right」


Incidentally, it’s just the two of them when they’re returning to the kitchen.


「Yes, Please teach me! 」


Miharu replied while bowing politely.


Just like that, he taught Miharu about how to use the magic tools that will produce water or fire, the placement of the cookware, the storage of the seasoning, and the cool dark place for the ingredients.


After that, they decided on what to make and began to cook.


The menu is salad and Japanese centered dishes, rice, miso soup, karaage*, stir-fried vegetables, kinpiragobou** and, ohitashi***. [TL* : Fried chicken in starch][TL**: Chopped burdock root[sometimes carrot] cooked in sugar and soy sauce][TL***: Boiled greens in bonito flavoured soy sauce](IE: Yum)


When looking at the cooking preparation, and were astonished that both of them could work efficiently without hindering each other.


Somehow Rio was happy with that.


Because he can cook shoulder-to-shoulder in this way with the girl that got separated from him, by more than 20 years if he includes his previous life.


He sent a fleeting glance at Miharu. [TL : Even I was speechless at this guy]


The form of Miharu who was putting an apron lend by Rio was extremely family-oriented. [TL : Damn it, that fried rice incident left a huge trauma in my heart]


As if she was experienced in cooking, there was no hesitation in her movement.


「Miharu-san is extremely skillful at cooking huh」


「No, how can I. Haruto-san is also skillful. This is the first time I see a man who can cook like this among the men that I know」[TL : Coz he’s an incurable bachelor for life](IE: Gary Stu was it?)


「I’m driven to learn it since it’s necessary.  It’s not that great either」


「Nono, the way you prepare the ingredients is extremely careful, I think you even put an extreme consideration in it 」


「No, even if you said that ――」


The two of them were mutually praising at each other.


Incidentally, when they’re looking at each other face they lost themself and simultaneously giggled a little.(IE: the word giggle always gives me a weird feeling, giggle.)


「Ehm, please say if there’s something that you didn’t understand」


「Yes.  So far it’s alright.  Thank you very much, Haruto-san」


Miharu said her gratitude while giggling a little.(IE: giggling)


「Beside, thank you for a while ago」


「A while ago?」


Rio tilted his head as he didn’t know what the thank you was for.



Part 4



「Didn’t you try to change the atmosphere that turned gloomy just now?  By saying that you will cook for dinner.  That truly saved us」


「Ah, it’s actually nothing like that ………」


Rio smiled awkwardly while replying to her.


「Thank you for worrying so much for us. Please say if there’s anything that can be done by me and I’ll do it」


「….. Yeah, thank you very much」


Rio replied while smiling happily.





At that time, Aki who fastened her hair up was looking absentmindedly at the night sky with her body sinking in the stone open air bath.


(Today is full of surprises)


When she thought about the time she came to another world, almost became a slave, then saved immediately, and even taking care of them in the end,


But one thing to say is, nothing can stop Rio.


Only that was certain.


「Haruto, hu~m. Haruto……」 [TL : So here the explanation, it’s look like the japanese under assumption that most foreigner mistaken their “R” for “L”, thus they’re mistaken the First Haruto[ハルト] as Hard/Hald/Halt while the second Haruto[春人] is the correct pronounciation. though they’re totally wrong with that, Foreigner[especially country which using alphabets] didn’t have any difficulties when saying “R” or “L” like japanese[Most japanese can’t say “L”, you will know if you look at their katakana, and hiragana table since there’s no “La-LI-Lu-Le-Lo” in it]]


Aki expression turned sour when she muttered that name.


Amakawa Haruto.


Was the name of her older brother.


The son of that man who left the house and abandoned her crying mother.


The person who followed the father who abandoned her mother. [TL : I won’t be surprised if it turned out that the author is actually fan of KimiMachi]


The boy who might be the loved one of Miharu.


As various information intertwined and mixed in her head, she felt this hard to describe swirl of emotion inside her heart.


Aki loved her mother.


The kind and gentle mother who’s pouring her love to Aki. [TL : And cheating behind her husband back, it might be rape though]


Though she heard that it was her mother’s fault that caused the divorce, after the divorce, her mother suffered a lot.


Though she didn’t show it on her face, she stood firm and smiled at her during the day, and often cried alone when the night came.


Aki always watched that kind mother even before she turned 4 years old.


At last when she married for the second time when Aki was in middle grade of elementary school, she finally stopped crying at night, she didn’t know whether her mother already recovered or not.


There no chance that Aki will like the man who abandoned that mother.


She’s also unable to like the Haruto who left with that man.


(This isn’t something like reason)


That’s why they’re never touching the topic about Haruto in the house, her family didn’t know the fact that Aki loathed Haruto.


But, Miharu is the only one who knows that she loathed Haruto.


Because she once burst into rage in front of Miharu when she was happily talking about Haruto.


And said “How can you like that jerk”.


Since then, though they’re still on good terms, she never talked about Haruto.


(But, maybe Miharu still likes haruto)


Aki could vaguely feel that.


Though Miharu received the confession of many men in her middle school, she rejected all of them.


(There are certainly many men who love Miharu though they’re not confessing their love)


Sendou Takahisa, Aki older brother is also one of the men who love Miharu. [TL : Could it be that she’s actually really popular?]


People will know immediately when they see Takahisa attitude towards Miharu.


Because he’s sticking on Miharu’s side like a guardian deity, is the reason why the other men didn’t approach her during the normal times.


Looking at Miharu who always rejecting their confession, though the surrounding people come to the conclusion that Miharu might like Takahisa, Aki vaguely couldn’t think so. [TL : Could it be Miharu is actually female version of Haruto? A female type FLAG-BREAKER](IE: together no flag will stand in their way!)


That was because she knew an existence called Haruto.


Aki remember that Miharu and Haruto were extremely close.


Anyway, their distance is really close, they’re intimate.


The atmosphere between the two of them was completely like that of newly-wed married couple, the two were really close to the point that there’s no gap for her, Haruto’s sister to enter between them which made her jealous.


But, she felt that such atmosphere didn’t exist between Miharu and Takahisa.


In the first place, Miharu being on good terms with Takahisa was due to Aki.


Takahisa and Masato are the children of Aki’s mother second husband from his previous marriage.


Takahisa came to know Miharu due to Aki who was yearning for her as if she’s her own sister even after Haruto left.


From that time, because Aki was yearning for Miharu as her sister, Takahisa and Masato who came along naturally also became on good terms with Miharu.


Takahisa fell in love to Miharu at first sight, since then, he kept appealing to her without even confessing his love.


Though Aki’s trying to help Takahisa who’s her older brother, she didn’t know how special Takahisa is for Miharu.


But, since Takahisa wholeheartedly thinking about Miharu, she couldn’t help but to instinctively wish for Miharu to also respond to his feelings. [TL : Now we got male version of Sayo]


At least, she absolutely didn’t wish for him to lose to someone like Haruto.


(That’s right, how can that man’s son ….. )


Aki mood unintentionally turned sour when he recalling an existance called Amakawa Haruto after a long time.


(Now I feel guilty for what I did to Haruto-san today……. I mean it’s because that idiot Masato keeps calling him “Haruto-anchan”)


Even if she knows that the Haruto that saved her isn’t Amakawa Haruto, she couldn’t help it since a complicated emotion always swirles in her heart whenever she hears that name.


She let out a deep sigh to let out that emotion.


(……… Come to think of it Haruto-san said that his real name is Rio, how can it turn like that?)


Suddenly, Aki was thinking about the reason why Rio using an alias.


(Uhm, he said that he didn’t want his personal information to leak to outsiders, I wonder if I can ask him ?)


She then recalled their consent to not tell anyone about Rio’s personal information without his approval. She thinks that it made her want to hear more about this and that.


There’s no one but Rio to protect them, she couldn’t bring herself to hurt his feeling by poking her nose into his private matter.


Besides, there are also things that she didn’t want to hear and she didn’t have any plan to inquire about it due to simple curiosity.


It might be something that was highly classified.


(……. Nevertheless, father and mother must be worrying right?)[TL : They already made a “New” one]


Aki’s face turned gloomy as she thought about the people that were not in this place.


She might be unable to meet the rest of her family soon.


She felt extremely sad when thinking about it.


(Moreover, Oniichan and Satsuki-san is also …….)


She’s also worried about the two people that were somewhere in this world.


Satsuki was Miharu and Takahisa senior from the middle school era.


She’s one year older than them, she, who’s an excellent person to the degree being paid attention as the next student council president, is a daughter of a company president of a famous enterprise.


Though Aki had talked  o her several times, there was an image of a perfect superwoman without any flaw in her.


The was unexpectedly coming home together before coming into this house.(IE: no idea what you wanted to write, I would change it intoà They were unexpectedly coming home together before coming into this world.)


(How can it turn into this. Well, there’s no need to worry if it’s Satsuki-san though.  I get this feeling that that person can easily adapt wherever she is….. )


Part 5



It’s from the image of Satsuki that she knows, even if they can’t talk in this world language, she though that Satsuki might be able to do something about it.


(Beside, oniichan is also a superman. Different from Masato)


Aki was smiling lightly as she’s recalling about how mismatched the things that the two of them can do despite being similiar sibling.


For Aki, Masato and Takahisa are her important siblings.


Though Masato is a little mischievous, even that didn’t change the fact that he’s important to her.


The Takahisa that she knows is someone who’s excelling both in literacy and martial arts.


He’s kind, has a strong sense of justice, it seemed like he didn’t have any flaw but, there are some points in which he is similar to Masato.


Moreover, when it comes to Miharu, becoming a little jealous might be just like a tiny scratch on the jewel. [TL : that scratch will eat you later, is this a foreshadowing?]


But, setting that aside, he’s an ideal and perfect older brother.


(Yeah, he definitely was safe. Beside, Haruto-san said that he’ll try to looking for them)


Aki gradually stopped her breathing and sink her body till half of her face sinking in the bath to calm her feeling.


And then, thinking about Rio.


(Haruto-san seems like a really nice guy, so it should be okay)


With his age the same as Miharu, He had an extremely calm atmosphere and well-ordered face. (IE: Well-ordered as in symmetrical?)


Though he didn’t seem that strong, he has frightening physical strength which made him very reliable.


Thereupon, her imagination strayed in various ways but.


That was Aki’s impression of Rio.


(Why did you want that person, Miharu-oneechan. Well they’re different person anyway, how can there be such a coincidence that that they’ve same na …….. )[TL : Must I insert a tsukkomi here?](IE: it would be very fitting)


And then.




Aki’s reaching the limit of holding her breath as she’s coming out of the bath.


She’s taking a deep breath while looking at the bathroom in her surrounding.


「Nevertheless, this open air bath itself is extremely ridiculous ……. It’s extremely obvious that the size inside of the bathroom didn’t match with the size that I saw from the outside」


She’s muttering in astonishment due to the out-of-norm facilities.


Since its called open air bath, though there’s dressing room inside, the bath is established on the outside.


The bathtub is divided into two types, cypress bathtub and rock bathtub, each have different water temperature.


A noren* installed with Rio’s playful mood at the entrance gave the feeling of reserving the bath during travel.  [TL*: The sign that usually hanging at the entrance of the bathroom]


Though she couldn’t enjoy the scenery since the bath is being surrounded by wall, the open ceiling let her enjoy the night sky.


And, since it’ll be cold in the rainy day, they can close the ceiling.


By the way, the hot water was always kept clean due to spirit tools, there’s no need to clean it regularly except during regular maintenance.


Wooden floor boards spread over the surroundings of the bathtub, Aki was trembling due to the excitement unbecoming of her age because of the atmosphere of the place that somehow looked like a hiding place.


If she must say it frankly.


It really was comfortable.


Though it’s not enough to be explained with just that.


「Geez, I won’t be surprised if there’s something else …… 」 「


Aki muttered with cramped smile.


Recalling many crazy events that happened up till now.


A person who can run with a speed that couldn’t be imagined will come from when carrying two people with him.


Taking out tea and a house from empty air.


Camping while carrying a hiding place that was equipped with open air bath must be a norm in this world. [TL : ……….](IE: ………)


(That’s right, this was normal for this world.)


(Let’s just keep it that way)


「Haa~, the hot water is syoo~ go~od ……」


The nice fragrance of the shampoo that she used some time ago to wash her hair was tickling her nose and washing away her stress.


Though she enjoyed an excessively long bath since it felt so good, she’ll feel dizzy if she didn’t leave soon.


After thinking that, Aki stepped out of the bath.


After changing her clothes, she went back to the living room.


When she’s taking a look in the kitchen, Rio and Miharu were cooking harmoniously in the kitchen.




Though she tried to call them, somehow she instead stared intently at them.


Though she somehow felt a deja vu when looking at them together like that from behind, that deja vu vanished right away.


After shaking her head a little.


「Thank you for your help, Haruto-san. The hot water is so~goo~d」


Aki is called to Rio with cheerful voice.


「AH, I’m glad. Then, can you help me tell Masato-kun since it’s his turn to enter the bath? 」


「Ah, Yeah. Understood」


「And, since there’s cold beverages inside that box over there, you can drink as much as you want. The glass is inside that shelf」


「T-Thank you very much」


Aki said her gratitude as she’s bowing timidly.


It was truly perfect.


Just like that, after she’s calling Masato to let him know that he can enter the bath, Aki was on standby as she drank iced tea in the living room.



(Such sweet fragrant. It gives off a tropical feeling)


Thus, she enjoys the fragrance of the tea that entered her glass.


Thereupon, Masato stepped out of the bathroom soon.


「Then, should we have a dinner soon」


Rio called Masato and Aki when the dishes were done.


An aroma that stimulated their appetites enveloped the living and dining room.


Though she knew of that appetizing aroma since some time ago, she couldn’t confirm the menu since somehow she’s unable to call the two who were cooking together at that time.


When she stood from the sofa and left for the dining table, delicious meals were already arranged on that place.


「Japanese style ? 」


Aki was solidified when she saw the many kinds of dishes that lined up.


「Uwoo, it’s looks sooo delicious!」


Masato’s looking at the lined up menu while spilling drool from his mouth.


「Then let’s eat. Please sit wherever you like」

Part 6



All of them then sat on their respected chair with that signal.


The seating arrangement is Rio and Masato sitting on the opposite side of Aki and Miharu.


Miharu’s serving the miso soup while Rio’s serving the rice.


「Then, Itadakimasu*」 [TL : Let’s dig in]






「Itadakimasu …….. 」


As if already decided on what to eat first, Masato was stretching out his chopstick without hesitation toward the karaage.


Then he stuffed his mouth directly with the piping hot karaage.



「It’s sho Goo~d!」


The meat juice of the karaage that was made with high quality chicken meat was spreading inside his mouth, Masato face looked extremely delighted.


「This karaage is so very extremely delicious! The outside is crispy and the inside is juicy! Is Miharu-oneechan the one who made this? 」


「Uhm, That’s made by Haruto-san」


「Is that so. Haruto-anchan is awesome.  This chopped burdock root is also delicious」


「That was made by Miharu-san. The balance between the flavor and crispness is superb right」


While saying that, Rio also savored the flavor of the home cooking made by Miharu.


The compatibility with rice is outstanding, thus his chopsticks moved quickly.


Even the stir-fried vegetables that came with the meal are crisp.


「Thank you very much」


Miharu smiled as if being embarrassed.


「This rice is also delicious」


Aki who was eating vegetables, tasted the rice and stated her impression in amazement.


That’s right, the quality of the rice is extremely good.


Might be the reason.


Rio was carrying back the rice seed since he wants to cultivate it in Seirei no Tami village with the cooperation of Dryad.


Though there’s some variety, amongst that, he choose to bring the kind liked by the Japanese.


Even compared with the rice that was being improved for many years in Japan, he still can say that the quality of this rice is higher.


Rio’s not the only one who ate such delicious rice in this world.


In the first place, for Strahl region which staple food isn’t rice, they never cultivated rice except in one area.


Even if the rice being cultivated is very small in volume, the Japanese won’t like it with just sticky large grains*, since it’s only raised by them as the ingredients for soup and salad. (IE: probably different types of rice? DoJapanese use sticky large grains for soup and salad?)(TL : I never even eat salad, so I don’t know]


「There’s no need to hold back since we still have a lot of them」


Rio’s smiling while looking at Aki who’s eating the delicious meals.


Thereupon, Aki looked delighted.


「Yes!.  Thank you very much! 」


And said her gratitude.


That’s the first meal of this four people.


If only this good time can last forever.


He won’t ask for anything.


The gentle atmosphere was drifting around from the beginning till the end of their dinner.





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