R8CM Chapter 59

 ­ Unexpected Benefit (2)

*BANG! Crack…..*

The desk where the jewels had been stored was destroyed by the skeleton warrior’s spear. That massive spear worked more like hammer rather than spear.

“Can I kill him?”

(He is not a living being anyway. Furthermore, it seems soulless now. You may attack it without hesitation.)

Originally, the main part of a skeleton warrior was their spirit.

And this skeleton didn’t even have a soul in it.

“I see. Then, thank you.”


“I have no more mana to attack him, haha.”


The amount of mana consumption for the Dragon Chants was still too much for Ian to handle. He risked burning out his mana because he trusted the loyalty of the Fairy Queen to the dragons. However, he didn’t expect the Dragon Chant to bring down the skeleton warrior.

“Hold it for me as long as you can. I will restore my mana as much as I can.”

(Humph! I am the most precious servant among my masters’ servants. It’s piece of cake for me to destroy a soulless skeleton warrior!)

The Fairy Queen rose up arrogantly.

She was as strong as Ian.

Her arrogance was reasonable.


Ian drank the last half elixir he had. Then, he quickly stepped backwards and focused on his mana breathing. The speed of his mana regeneration was faster than others. He might be able to join in quickly.


Noises of lightning from the Fairy Queen shook the basement loudly. Most of the fairies were born to specialize in ‘light type magic’.

And lightning was a branch of light type magic.

(Soulless bone servant, you picked wrong enemy today!)

It was the first time he saw the fighting scene of a Fairy Queen.

(You must be totally mad. You dare try to challenge me, you mindless creature?)

And the first impression was quite simple.

Unlike her gorgeous angel like appearance,

‘Talks a lot.’

With that tiny body, she tweeted noisily, and smashed it with loud lightning magic. Thank god that this skeleton warrior was soulless; otherwise her combat would stimulate its anger.


(Ah ha, you can’t say anything since you have no soul, can you? What a relief. I hate your tribes’ slow speed of conversation anyway. Hope you just stay soulless!)

Regardless of her noisy combat style, her combat skill was superior. Instead of shield magic, she dodged its attack with her swift flying skills, similar to Helene.

‘Actually, the queen is much more fluent than her.’

Natural born agility and reaction speed, using the advantage of her small body, and powerful 6

class lightning magic. It could be the ideal goal of Helene.

(Humph, your body is tough, at least!)

But even Fairy Queen had her own limitations. Precisely, it wasn’t a fair match for her. The skeleton warrior was abnormally strong as one of the dragon households, and it never got tired.


(Fall down you stupid guard!)

On the other hand, the Fairy Queen didn’t have a good method to give some heavy blow to the skeleton warrior’s hard bone. Unfortunately, they were fighting under the basement, so there were only a few lightning magics that were allowed to be casted. So Ian was the key person for this fight.

(Human! Do something!)

“Weren’t you full of confidence a few minutes ago?”

(If I was fighting outside, it would’ve already become dust!)

As a queen, she tried not to lose her pride. After a long sigh, Ian checked his mana. More time was required to filling it fully, but he had enough to use some good spells.

‘I better finish it with a single blow.’

It was the best solution for that tireless skeleton warrior. Although its armor and bones were amazingly hard, but the Fairy Queen’s previous attacks must’ve left some damage on it.

‘The best spell I can cast with this amount of mana.’

A spell that may quickly defeat that rampage skeleton warrior, Ian was thinking about it. Only a few seconds later, he could remember one.


(Why do you call? I am busy now!)

“I will do something, just prepare to dodge it.”


That was the last conversation.

Ian started to move.

Firstly, powerful freezing energy snared the skeleton warrior’s leg. It wouldn’t be able to hold the skeleton for long due to its abnormal power, but that moment was enough for Ian.


Ian immediately casted another ice typed spell.

On the air, a giant cone-shaped icicle was formed. Its enormous size made the room look small.

“Of Ice.”

Cone of Ice.

It was the name of spell of Ian’s choice

The giant cone ice flied to the skeleton warrior. Rather than penetrating, it attempted to demolish the skeleton warrior


Soon the giant ice block smashed the skeleton. Not only smash it, but it pushed the skeleton and started to destroy the wall behind the skeleton warrior. The skeleton tried to escape from the collision between the ice block and wall behind it, but it didn’t have enough power to.

“Pant! Pant!”

After Ian casted the chain of spells, he breathed roughly.

He quickly consumed the mana he regenerated in a hurry.

It was a natural reaction of his body.

(Y, you barbaric human.)

“Not yet.”

However, Ian’s spell hadn’t ended yet.

After he gestured the chatty Fairy Queen to move away,

“Ice Bomb.”

After he casted the spell flicking his finger,


The massive ice cone started to explode.

Quickly, Ian casted a shield spell to guard him and the Fairy Queen from its shards.

(You completely demolished it.)

“That’s what you would do if we weren’t in the basement.”

(I won’t deny that.)

Ian wasn’t trying to fawn upon the Fairy Queen. If they were standing outside, the Fairy Queen would call a numberless amount of lightning from the sky, but anyway, Ian’s magic was impressive. With the limited place and mana, he destroyed the skeleton warrior with great efficiency.

(Let’s go further. As the skeleton warrior appeared from the other side, maybe on that side, there might be…..)

Their Masters, who she and her tribe had waited for more than hundreds years, especially the owner of the book of Dragon Chants.

(My master, Laden Zu.)

The Fairy Queen went first to the end of the aisle.

She seemed twice as excited now.

(Master Laden Zu!)

With full of excitement and expectation, the Fairy Queen shouted.

With the shout they arrived at the end of aisle.


It was an old living room.

There was a bed, tables, bookshelves and stationeries.

Tools of alchemy and burnt out lanterns.

‘Thick dusts are on those.’

Ian reasonably investigated the room.

Thick dusts and color change due to age was observed.

It mustn’t have been used for ages.

At least tens of years,

‘Maybe hundreds of years.’

The Fairy Queen also acknowledged it. As she didn’t find what she had expected, she became depressed quickly.

“This must be disappointing for you.”

(Humph! I shouted just in case he might still live here.)

Still she had enough energy to guard herself.

There were no worries needed for her.

(Investigate closely. There could be something in here.)

Ian totally agreed. The situation was telling that the dragon, or something similar very likely had stayed here for a while. There might be a critical clue to translate the Dragon Chants.


And soon, Ian could find one of the clues. On the table, there was diary, with a simple memo like when he first found the book of Dragon Chants.

[You reached this level, really?]

[I do not know you, but I am impressed.]

[I will give some award for this.]

Like before, the memo was written like the trick of a naughty boy.


And it burnt just as before.

‘Present, huh?’

After Ian waved his hands to blow out the ashes of the memo, he picked the dairy which was regarded as a present. Its size was tiny.

(What is this?)



The Fairy Queen asked since she didn’t see the memo.

Answerlessly, Ian opened the diary.

‘Another Dragon Chant maybe?’

It wasn’t.

The content wasn’t Dragon Chants.

It was written in the letter that Ian could read.


The diary was full of a complicated and long formula.

Amazingly, it seemed the whole dairy was about one single formula.

(Hmm, It’s the formula of a human.)

The diary was small and thin. However, considering that it was about one single spell’s formula, it was unique. There was no spell this complicated and long. Even overwhelming 8

class spells didn’t have this much length for a formula.

(It seems quite tricky, can you do it?)


Ian couldn’t answer easily to the Fairy Queen’s question. It was first time he saw this nonsense formula. But,

‘It is worth a try.’

As a mage who represents humanity’s mages, and curiosity as one of those mages he was challenged. Ian was born to do this. He never wanted to be defeated by magic.

“Whenever I regenerate my mana, let’s try it straight away.”

(Straight away?)

“It’s not something that impossible.”

The book of Dragon Chants and the diary. A memo that plays tricks. Ian felt strongly that he was being played by someone’s plan, but Ian would generally play along.

‘Playing along is worth it.’

According to the Fairy Queen, the one who planned this must be a dragon. It was a trick that was planned by the legendary creatures which were the beginning of magic.

‘By the way, I can’t even guess about this formula.’

Generally, formulas had their own unique features. And a great mage like Ian could easily be able to guess the aim of the formula by having a look at the formula. However this formula was totally out of his common knowledge.

‘It is totally messy.’

By clicking his tongue, Ian finished reading the diary.

After repeatedly reading the diary, Ian could memorize the formula.

(Yawnnn…..! When will you start? Is it even possible to do it today?)

After waiting for a long time, the Fairy Queen asked while yawning.


Ian closed the diary.

He gathered enough mana.

And he memorized the formula completely.

He was indeed deserving to have the title, the strongest human in the world.

‘With no mistakes.’

After drawing enough mana to his brain, his brain started to calculate the formula. Ian didn’t allow any single mistake and pauses. It was basics of magic.


Stimulating his brain he started to read the formula.

Soon, it started to cast out a result.

Attractive golden lights started to spread out.

*Wieeeng – !*

With a little vibration, the golden light emerged.

It was released for only a short moment, around ten seconds.


That was all.

No more effects.

Ian couldn’t feel any difference.


Surely, the formula worked well.

Ian felt it, and mana was consumed.

But neither effect nor change had occurred?


(H, human?)

The Fairy Queen called Ian with embarrassed, shaking voice. With curiosity, Ian looked at her.

“…. What are you doing?”

What the Fairy Queen was doing was extraordinary. The Fairy Queen, who used to call Ian as ‘human’ arrogantly, was now bowing to Ian while shaking her body.

(I, I do not know. W, why why……)

The Fairy Queen was embarrassed also.

(I sense the power of the household from you….?)

“Power of the household? What is that?”

Ian hadn’t heard about the word.

(Only the masters can operate such regulations on us….. But how you, human can….?)


(H, how you….)

“Stand up.”

With his word the Fairy Queen quickly stood up.

“And bow down again.”

(Y, you dare!)

She was angry at Ian’s order.

But she couldn’t resist.

Her body automatically bowed down.

‘Now I see.’

Ian made huge smile.

Now he understood.

“Calm down. I just did some experiments.”

(E, experiment….?)

Ian had felt something different from the Fairy Queen.

It was hard to describe.

‘I felt more like… she was under my power.’

Ian couldn’t think of any suitable expression.

“I guess that’s all I need. Let’s move out, queen.”

(S, stop! Explain!)

Although she was shouting, her body was following Ian.

There was no ‘authority to refuse Ian’ for her.

“As I promised, I will bring jewels to your nests. 70 percent, actually, I will just give you all of it. I guess I can assume it now as my safe storage.

(ED Note: GG fairies under the MC)

Ian was full of confidence.

Now, Ian wasn’t giving jewels as a trade.

It’s more like he ordered her to keep it safe.

“Instead, I will not ask for the egg of fairy.”


The Fairy Queen couldn’t say anything more.

She could expect what Ian would say.

“You come with me, and protect my family, directly.”

(I can not! I have to protect my tribe’ nests….)

“I know fairies can communicate with each other even in far distances. Whenever your tribe’s nests are in danger, we will go there immediately, so no problem.”

The Fairy Queen’s self defense word wasn’t effective.

(Y, you can’t do this! You had promised……!)

“But you requested me the book of Dragon Chants, as well.”

(But I canceled my request, didn’t I?)

“You canceled it because it was out of your plan. Similarly, unless my plans go wrong, I want to ask you to protect my family.”

(Eik! Human you dare….!)

“Let’s travel quietly.”


She couldn’t say anything.

The ‘Master of the Household’ wanted it to be.

“It’s good to have a quiet moment.”

While enjoying the quiet peace, Ian moved out of the basement, followed by the Fairy Queen who was upset.

As Ian had expected, he had gained a lot of unexpected benefits.


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