R8CM Chapter 51 Part 2

 ­ Break The Limit (2)

Freedom, Neutral, Trading, Port.


The free city ‘Demidera’, had many titles. At such a place where the council would be held, the embassy from the Greenriver Empire had arrived, including the Crown Prince, ‘Hayden Greenriver’.


“I know it’s late, but what about we call Ian now?’


In the carriage, the Crown Prince’s face was darkening. From the Tower Lord to the Great Captain of the Imperial Army, and all the other core members of the embassy were standing on the 5th prince’s side, Ragnar. It wouldn’t be easy for him.


“Stand still, my lord. No one would able to harm you.”


Oliver was right. They were not even thinking about it, nor they could they harm him, since they were ordered to protect the Crown Prince. Except the Tower Lord, most of the other members of the embassy just supported Ragnar as the ‘Proper Reclaimer,’ and not followed him as their ‘lord.’ Since they were ordered to protect him by the current Emperor, they would protect him with their best.


“But still, it makes me nervous. I miss Ian so much. But he is busy for doing some duty of Archmage…..”

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While the Crown Prince was uncomfortable, on the other hand, the 5th prince Ragnar was full of confidence. He was full of the proudness of a powerful and smart man. He didn’t ride the carriage. He rode on the horse and went through journey from the royal palace to this place.


“You all did your job very well. Today, I will prepare the dinner party for you guys, please enjoy.”



Furhtermore, he was building a good relationship with the guards and knights who were body guarding the embassy. Literally, he was the text book of a ‘good leader’. Even the lowest ranked soldier supported the 5th prince for being the next emperor.


‘He matured very well.’


The Tower Lord looked at Ragnar with a warm smile. Finally, the long awaited fruits had bloomed and were about to reveal its power to the whole world. Finally, a moment had arrived, a moment that the empire became ‘the Empire of the Ivory Tower’.


‘The time of harvest has come.’


For today, he planned and prepared for a long time. He persuaded Helene to work for him, who was almost wasted. Through her, he did many unofficial movements. He brought a maelstrom to the Great Grass Field, and with that he created a chance to hold the council of the three countries. It could be done with his unique social power and network.


‘And I removed the unexpected interrupter.’


He already knew the characteristics of the most annoying interrupter, Ian Page.

Ian always set his family as a first priority.

Whenever his families were related, he would dare to against the whole empire.


‘He must be rushing to the royal palace.’


Of course, he didn’t touch the family directly. He just let few thieves to invade his home. It was good enough, wasn’t it? There was no proof the Tower Lord manipulated this event. Since he sent him far out earlier before, It would take a lot of time for Ian to go back to his family.


‘And after this council nearly finishes, the Crown Prince will be….’


When the Tower Lord was sure about his plan, people started to make some noise, while looking up something coming from the sky.




The Tower Lord also looked up the sky. From the sky, a man with a robe was approaching; with a blue robe, decent flying skills and a familiar silhouette.




The Crown Prince recognized him first, and he rushed out from the carriage. His pressured face was no more. His handsome face started to make a decent smile. He almost screamed.


“I – AN – !”

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The Crown Prince shouted at Ian.

While jumping around, he shook his both hands.

In front of him, the man with the blue robe landed.

Soon, he kneeled down with one leg to the ground and bowed.


“Sorry for being late, your highness.”


The man was Ian Page, who was supposed to rush to the royal palace, and instead had appeared at the free city, Demidera, in front of the embassy of the Greenriver Empire.




It was the Tower Lord who was shocked at first.

What was he doing here?


It didn’t make sense at all.

It was much more than just out of expectation.


“Did he indeed, give up his family?”





At the same time, at the royal palace located at the capital Greenriverdium.

Vanessa, Ledio and Douglas was staying at the royal palace. Since the stranger invaded the mansion; they were staying in the special room of the royal palace. Numberless guards were protecting them.


“I want to see boss.”
Douglas murmured. It seemed he wasn’t scared about the strangers that much, rather, he seemed he wanted to go to the academy as soon as possible.


“Soon, you will, my son.”


After a short reply, Ledio looked at Vanessa. Although a lot of time had passed since the invasion, she still seemed uncomfortable.


“Mrs. Page. Do not worry. We are in the palace where our highness stays, aren’t we? There will be no place safer than here.


Even with Ledio’s trying, Vanessa made a weak smile. She was trying to endure, but she wanted to see Ian. Only after see his very face, she might be calm down.


“The Ivory Tower sent the message to him, didn’t they? Soon, sir Ian would open the door and say ‘Tada!’…….”


Ledio wanted to change the atmosphere.

Nothing more than that.





As he said, Ian appeared. The door was opened, and the blue robe young man came in. It was the man who they had awaited for long, Ian Page. It seemed Ian was listening what Ledio was saying.

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Ledio and Douglas reacted first with Ian’s appearance. Ian also said hello to them lightly. Then soon, he stepped towards his mother.


“Sorry for being late, mom.”


Ian held his mother’s shaking hands. The man, who was supposed to kneel down in front of the Crown Prince, was meeting his family at same time.


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