R8CM Chapter 48 Part 1

 ­ The Great Grass Field (1)

“It’s worse than I thought.”


Ian murmured after he searched through some monster nests in the northern territory, which was half of the grass field. It was a severe situation.


‘Are these monsters of the grass field united?’


The grass field was known to have 70 percent of its territory being conquered by monsters, and rest by aborigines. During the past hundreds of years, the aborigines had successfully united and formed one whole tribe. On the other hand, every different species of monsters used to kill each other, until only a few months ago. But from a few months ago, they suddenly became united. Furthermore,


‘They are not only attacking the Pieric Province.’


Monsters weren’t only attacking the Pieric Province, which represented the Greenriver Empire’s territory. From the point of view of the Great Grass Field, they attacked the Coldwood Empire located at their north side, as well as the principality of Lo located at their north-west side.




Ian couldn’t search through everything detail. But what he knew was that monsters were invading all of these three countries’ border lines. And it was the Pieric Province which was under the most attack from monsters. The reason must be due to the valley of the big snake.


‘The paths to the other countries are narrow and spread out.’


For the other countries, monsters had to invade the country with a small sized squad due to its narrow path, but the Greenriver Empire was connected by a huge valley, which allowed massive numbers of monsters to invade the border line at once. It was natural that the Greenriver Empire received relatively more damage by the monsters.


‘Then what about the aborigines?’


Monsters were literally, attacking every side of the grass field. Then what about the aboriginal villages which were the closest to the monsters nests? Were they being invaded by monsters as well?


‘I better check.’


The south of the Great Grass Field was the territory of aborigines.

Their union was formed by hundreds of small and big villages.

After Ian reached the border of their territory, Ian dispelled his fly magic. So much mysterious things were happening, and Ian didn’t know what he would confront, so he chose to save his mana as much as he could.


‘It’s quiet.’


It was totally different to the northern side where it was full of noises due to the monsters.

The southern territory of the aborigines was peaceful. There were no monsters, and Ian looked rather like an invader.




And that made it more suspicious.

A quiet atmosphere as if Ian was no longer standing at the grass field.

In this situation, how this could have happened?


‘It’s supposed to be the aborigines who should be in conflict with the monsters.’


When everything became more suspicious, a small sized aboriginal patrol surrounded Ian with their spears and axes.


“Identify yourself!”


Black skinned aborigines surrounded Ian. Every one them had a big body as much as Kalian, the great land lord. Their appearance was quite threatening due to their accessories made by monster skins and bones.


“I am not your enemy.”


Ian started to speak a language that was unknown to most people. Ian had learned many languages while he was researching the dragon chants, as well as the aborigine language of the Great Grass Field.


“I came from the Greenriver Empire.”


The aborigines looked a little bit amazed.

Their language was spoken by a foreigner.

They had never experienced such a situation.


“How do you know our language?”


The biggest man of the patrol asked. His black and flexible muscles looked like obsidian, rather than human flesh.


“I don’t have much time. I came here to meet the King of Shamans.”



The King of Shamans.

They were like the aboriginal ‘Tower Lord.’

There were also aborigines who were born with a mana heart and a mana brain, and they were raised to become shamans, instead of mages. Since a shaman also yielded the power of mana like a mage, they both had common things, but also different things as well.


“I want to discuss about the northern monster invasions with him. I am sure he would know about this situation……

“You dare!”


Ian explained his request gently in their language.

However, their response was cold

Rather, they seemed hostile.


“You arrogant dog of the empire dare to mention his name. Do you think he is your friend that can be called whenever you want?”


The aborigines started to smash the ground with the end of their spears.

To Ian, the King of Shamans looked like a Tower Lord, but to the aborigines, he was more than that. Literally, he was a ‘king’ to them.


“Get off you arrogant bastard! If you speak nonsense one more time, we will sacrifice your body to the spirit of the Great Grass Field!”


A rough and clear order was given.

However, Ian wouldn’t follow their orders. Rather, it made him angry. Ian wasn’t a bad tempered man. He wasn’t the type of mage who invaded their homeland and started to burn down their homes before speaking. Not in his former life, as well as this life, unless there was a special case. However, the situation was different this time.


“Then, for you guys,”

Ian treated them politely enough.

There was no need for a second time of politeness.

His opponent didn’t deserve it.


“Do I look like a man who would follow your order?”


Ian leered at them sharply.

The aborigines also grabbed their spear firmly.


“Let’s see if you can say that after your death!”


The aborigines started their assault.

However Ian didn’t deal with them with his magic.

More precisely, it wasn’t ‘only’ magic that he used.


‘Ice Spear.’


A long icicle was formed in his hand.

It was a thin and sharp icicle like a sword.

Only the end of its body was dull, so that it was easy to hold.

Ian made it like this on purpose.


‘For mana,’


Ian took a legitimate sword fighting stance.

It was obviously the ‘Imperial Sword Art.’

It was only an icicle that had replaced the sword.

Actually, an ‘Ice sword’ replaced the sword.


‘I will try to save it as much as I can.’


For the last 5 years, Ian didn’t just duel with Oliver. Ian did some physical exercises that may help his mana heart grow. Naturally, Ian had a chance to learn the knight’s practice and Imperial Sword Art. It was quite interesting.


‘I wasn’t talented as a physical fighter, though.’


Ian wasn’t that talented as a swordsman.

However, Ian was mage. If he enhanced his body with mana and a supportive spell,


‘I will be strong as a young royal knight.’


Supportive magic such as enhancing agility and reaction speed, with the help of those, Ian’s sword skill wasn’t that bad. It was quite good actually. That was the evaluation by Oliver and the other knights. There was no boot licking, but an honest evaluation.




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  2. a rank 5 mage, lower himself to fight with sword, why not just froze them all to ice sculpture, or kill it with ice arrow to the head ?

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    1. Look up the idea: “Counting coup”.
      Ian is doing something similar.

    2. Sure, Ian could kill them easily.
      But theose guys are a patrol.

      As a patrol they probably have some means to contact their tribe and warn them of the attacker.
      Or maybe there is a hidden man watching the situation to report if anything happens to the patrol.

      Ian doesn’t like being ordered around by them but he also doesn’t want to become the enemy of the entire tribes of the aborigines.

      So Ianm intends to show off his superiority to them without inflicting serious damage to those patrolling men.

      When they recognize his strength they might agree to give him the chance to ask their “king” to have an audience.
      That’s most likely his plan.

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