R8CM Chapter 45 Part 2

 ­ 5 Years Later (2)

After he decided that, things proceeded quickly.

Ian refused to take any bodyguards and supporting mages.

They would rather be a burden to him.

He just needed a small bag.


“Hey boss.”


Douglas, who was now 15 years old, came out of the mansion.

He still called Ian as boss.

It became a habit.


“Would you still call me boss even after you have become a grandpa?”

“No, of course not. Wait, maybe yes.”


“Whatever. Here, take this.”


It was bag which was full of flasks.

It was durable flasks that were shielded by defensive magic.


“Do you remember my father’s special half elixir? I made it in my own way. Perhaps…..”


While paused for a moment, Douglas looked at his father quietly.

And he whispered to Ian quickly.


“It should be much better than my father’s.”


Although he whispered, his voice was full of confidence.

His talent increased his alchemy skills rapidly.

Originally, the royal alchemy course was planned for 8 years.

He was supposed to study it for 3 more years. However, his talent was outstanding, so he already received the title of royal alchemist already. And he was still only 15 years old.


‘His talent didn’t go anywhere.’


As Ian had expected.

Talent never betrayed its owner.


‘I worried that he wouldn’t be desperate enough compared to his former life.’


Compared to his former life, Douglas wasn’t in a severe circumstance.

However, still, he grew up well and improved his talent very well.


“You sure about It that it works better?”

“Of course, Who am I? The first man of Boss! The alchemist who soon will be the best in the empire! Ian Page for the best mage! And Douglas for the best alchemist!”

“You cheeky boy.”



Today, Ian off to the Pieric province.

It was the first time Ian left his mother, since he had rewound his time.


‘I think it is first time that I move away which is out of communication orb’s range.’


During the 5 years, Ian was now finally able to control himself not to overreact about his mother’s safety. So, he didn’t worry that much about her. After the event of the spies, the city was more strict about crimes than ever. Furthermore, he was granted a favor from the royalty. Anyone would know that when they looked at the number of guards around Ian’s mansion.




It was his mother.

Although many years had passed, she was still beautiful, and smiling.

She handed over some food to Ian.


“Have it while you are on travel. I prepared a lot.”

“Mom, mages never starve. Wherever I go, I will be their precious guest. Even thieves might bow to me.”

“B, but still…..”


While smiling, Ian received her food container.

It was heavy, which seemed enough for more than two days.


“The first section is the food that must be consumed by today, and the other section are food that can be eaten after a long time. Like jerky and dried fruits……”


5 years had already passed.

Now Ian looked like a grown up young man.

But to Vanessa, still, Ian was her son.


“Thanks mom.”


The burden was more than Ian had expected.

Half elixir and mom’s food.

Ian needed some good carriers.




After short moment, Ian drew a summoning formula in the air.

Ian had a good solution.

A solution that only could be used by the high class Archmage.




A 5th class master’s conjuring skills were on a different level compared to others.

Unlike 5 years ago, it wouldn’t be just tiny pups.


“Spirit of the horse, Unicorn.”


After he cast the spell, a horse was conjured.

Silver eyes, white skin, white hairs, and a white horn.

Its body size and muscles were much bigger than normal horses.




“W, wow ….. !”

“Is it really exists?”


The people inside the mansion paid attention.

Vanessa, Ledio and Douglas.

In addition, all the maids and guards.

It was a natural reaction.

It was a ‘unicorn’ that Ian just had conjured.


‘A unicorn is the perfect creature for carrying burden.’


Whether people were surprised or not, Ian didn’t care about it.

A unicorn was no more than his good companion for carrying burdens.

Sometimes, for riding.

(ED Note: That feel when a unicorn is used for carrying burdens… and sometimes.. just sometimes, used for riding…)


“See you later everyone.”


Ian put all of his burdens on the unicorn.

He said farewell to everyone. It might not take him more than a few months, but Ian felt a little bit awkward since he hadn’t parted from them for 5 years.


“I will be back soon, so you don’t need to worry about me.”


Behind everyone’s good bye,

Ian moved forward.

He couldn’t help himself from looking back.

It was rather Ian, who was worrying for them.


‘I have to trust them.’


He had to trust.

Trust the guards who were protecting the mansion,

Trust the increased safety of city,

Trust the Crown Prince and Oliver who would visit quite often,

Trust those young mages who were following Ian.

And also,


‘I have prepared what I could.’


Ian installed a ‘mana trap’ that covers every side of the mansion, that could only be activated by Vanessa, Ledio and Douglas. It would solve most threats.


“Let’s go.”


Hostile eastern province, Pieric.

Ian started his journey to the province.

He breathed the air of the outside of the royal palace, that he hadn’t tasted for 5 years.
(ED Note: Finally a new arc outside the empire… Exciting times to come…)


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