Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 56

Translated by: Saint

Edited by: D of Dao, Wafflez, Spaceship With A View and me

Please do give a bow to all these new editors. There are more I have to check but editing and TLCing this chapter took me like an hour or sth no joke. Especially big thanks to Spaceship as we went through that hour together. there are edits for chapter 57 and I could release it today but please forgive me… I must read the new ISSTH chapters I haven’t read since uni… You guys know my email im the no1fan of issth so the binge will be real. Also have to read so many other novels and catch up while listening to GDs top quality songs. Also hyped for SMTM 6 which is finally coming out. Anyway enjoy and peace. Teaser for 57 is also out.

I also miss the memes from issth. Theyre actually so funny…

Also seems like theres a new harem other than item harem as well….

Chapter 56

Chapter 57 Teaser

8 More chapters foooo freee

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