Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 55 Release

Translated by: Saint

Edited by: Me, Anonymous (did 2/3) and ANonymous (did the whole thing)

Editors didn’t leave their editor names as instructed so keeping them anonymous for now. Also huge thanks to two other anonymous (Also haven’t got their permissions to use their names) for editing 54 which is now fully edited with me proofreading over it. Now good news and bad new. Good news is that for the next 10 days I will be releasing a chapter a day as thats when my holiday ends. After that we’ll get back to the 3 chapter schedule. I’ll try whip saint to do so. No bad news just wanted to say that as every movie, anime, cartoon and whatnot says both. Anyway do enjoy chapter 55 and I’ll see you tomorrow with 56. I’ll also put a teaser of 56 which is unedited.

Also donation button is still closed. I’m just too lazy to take it down and then put it up again.

Edit: If editors edit all the chapters tomorrow all the chapters will be released. If only 1 is edited only 1 release. If two are edited then 2 release. Decided to do it like that so a mass release is still possible.

Also new GD songs crazy good and got them crazy feels. Just thought I’d say and show my appreciation for the god that is GD

Server load finally went down and the site is all good now:)

Chapter 54 Edited

Chapter 55 Edited

Chapter 56 Teaser


  1. Trueeeee I bought the new EP of GD the day it was released because I just knew all the songs would be bomb 😀 Oh and if you have time check out Mamamoo~ they had their comeback yesterday (yeah, I am shamelessly promoting them lol). Thanks for the chapter!!

    1. Author

      Mamamoo is also good. I’m a lover of all types of music. Mamamoo, Blackpink, Sister (Feelsbadman), Kara, BTS, Bigbang, Kard, IOI (feelsevenworseman), EXID. All is welcome on this site

  2. Anon wanna be editor here. You sent the email but never linked me to the chapter on drive. Since there was no response I’ll assume you forgot to access your email or it is in spam. Sorry if I sounded rude

    1. Author

      No worries tbh I haven’t checked my gmail because I was busy editing and trying to release the chapter asap. I’ll have a look before I sleep at the edits

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