Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 54 (Unedited) + Update

Translted by Saint

Edited by No one

Saint and I have safely passed through the tribulation which are the exams. Saint has said he will start traslating again and he has done 1 chapter so far and I have edited none. I just don’t have the time to do so with a new part time job (plus I cbs) so I reallllllyyy need an editor to edit chapters. I have 1 editor atm but he hasn’t done anything in the 2 days I’ve had him/her so I can’t blame him/her but yeah. I need/want new editors so please apply to issthno1fan@gmail if you want the chapters released quicker. Anyway here’s the unedited chapter I’m off to sleep and sorry for slow releases. BTW I will release all the chapters in the stock once theyre edited by someone so apply quickly for the greater good.

Also I’ve edited chapter 53 so reread it if it was terrible and you didn’t understand or something:/

Chapter 54 (Unedited)


  1. As a fellow issth fan I thank you for keeping the translation going, I would like to help editing but college is a savage and my English is not that good to begin with :/

    1. Author

      I understand brother college is a savage. My heart goes out to all college strugglers like me

  2. What are the job requirements for an editor? Do we have to know Korean? Or do we just check your translations and make sure it’s readable?

  3. Ah, I thought the translation was dropped and no one is picking this up….thank god!!!….not many mother complex novels out there…*sigh* welcome back!!! #GuyWhoDoesntUsuallyReadTranslatorUpdates

  4. finally!! I’ve been waiting for this chapter for ages!!

    Thanks for the chapter! \(‘0’)/

  5. yeet thank y for ur hard work :)))

  6. if you need an editor, I am willing to try it, but I cannot guarantee maximum quality until I get into practice. Furthermore, I am spending this weekend somewhere with spotty (at best) internet connection… but after that lmk

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