Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 53

Hey long time no see. Extremely sorry for the long ass break and unfortunately the break will be going on for a little bit longer. Long story short, me and Saint suck at uni and exams are next week so we’ve both been concentrating on that as we don’t want to fail (dont want to fail again in Saint’s case:/). Anyway, next weekend is when we’ll be back and we’ll start it off with a 10 chapter mass release… Extremely sorry to all readers and I understand how mad you must be at us… Please forgive us and look forward to the 10 chapter ass release

Chapter 53 (Unedited)….

Once again please do forgive us…


  1. It’s alright bro i mean as someone who is a university student i understand your struggles, so no worries there mate.

  2. It’s fine,it’s not like you guys are our slaves………
    Anyways I wish you good luck and to break a leg and whatever else there is. I’m also anticipating mass release ^^

    1. Author

      Thank you thank you. the release is now incoming depending on the editors

  3. It’s alright!! Good luck on your exams.

    1. Author

      Cheers cheers. My pain is being understood:)

  4. GL IRL. At least now i know this novel isn’t dropped. Welcome back

  5. Thanks for coming back,

    People tend to get burnt out or just abandon projects entirely so glad it’s still alive.

  6. glad you’re back, I was wondering what happened lol.

  7. I have exams coming up as well so I know a bit of how you feel. Good luck with everything IRL.

  8. I’m just happy this novel is back. Good luck for the exams

  9. Lol good luck to both of you!!!

  10. To help others read something good one must first survive.

  11. Good luck in the exams, and its good to know this isnt dropped, i was sad =(

  12. sounds good. May your studios efforts show through on your exams.

  13. Dude it’s fine. Real life comes first. Good luck with your exams. May the force be with you.

  14. Just give us some extra chaps of u are sorry I am already drooling from the talk of 10 chap mass release

  15. next weekend ah??
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

    1. 10 Chapter release was supposed to be last weekend

      I knew I was mistaken removing this from my dropped list,.

    1. Promised to be out around 6/10, a second week came and went with nothing.

      They were probably thinking that more donations/patreons would come from empty promises.

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