Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 53 Part 1

Translted by: saint

Edited by: Me

Only came and edited the chapter coz there were so many bloody complaints. Read other novels. Be a leecher and you would’ve read about the situation… Although I should’ve probably just created an announcement or sth. (So my bad…pls forgive me….) Anyway. Long story short. Parents said you gotta learn how to be an adult so they said pay your own fees and own everything. Had to borrow from government for fees and textbooks. Cant fk around reading novels anymore as much coz if I fail the unit I need to pay another 1.5k for each unit which is bloody wayyyy too much. The first assignment for most of my units are due first week April so I’m kinda actually tryna (focus on TRYING TO) to not fail the first assignment and actually study for the units. After thats done I’ll be posting the 4 Regular Chapter + 4 Sponsored chapter in 1 week or sth. I might spew out a few chapters this week when I’m free or when I’m sick of marketing or accounting or whatever. So please. I’m sorry I ran away but RL is a dog and I can’t help it.

TLDR: Life sucks, money is hard to earn, 1.5k is crap ton of money, part time sucks, I’m behind in every single novel so killlll meee naaaooooo and I’m having withdrawals. (I don’t understand how a person can translate, do well on uni, and have a part time jobs. Their all monsters im telling ya)

Owed Chapter: 7.5

ALSO don’t donate Saint also failed a unit last year so he wants to focus on uni as well. We’re both dumbasses so please. Show us some mercy pls….

Chapter 53 Part 1

Chapter 53 Part 2 Teaser The full unedited crap is on patreon. It sucks so read at your own discretion. I warned you. Also other chapters are out on patreon but they’re also unedited


  1. Honestly – f*** anyone who has complained – dickish move tbh… if they’re that desperate learn Korean for ffs ! Anywho hopefully things will work out for you! If life gives you lemons make lemonade ^^ a degree in this day and age is quite important, but don’t forget yourself! See when you’re baaaaack 👍🏾 And good luck!

  2. It is almost end of May. Where are you guys? T^T

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