Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 52 Part 2

Translated by: Saint

Edited by: Js

So, few things to says

  1. Sorry for not posting yesterday was busy searching the internet and reading through your comments on how to fix maple and restart my maple career. However even until today I have not found anything that works. Ive tried everything however, I’m downloading it on my crappy laptop and hopefully that’ll work and my maple career will be back on track and I can abuse this double EXP thingo I’m reading about on reddit but not enjoying. Also tried cs to alleviate my depression. Didn’t work. However it seems like urf is fun so I’ll be playing that until it finishes downloading. If it finishes downloading and it works I’ll edit another chapter or sth and release it out of joy.
  2. Please stahp josh… You’re killing me and saint man. Also as uni is starting in 2 days from now we decided only 1 sponsored a week and 1-2 regular a week. So we should finish Josh’s donation by the end of march? So please don’t donate until the queue is cleared. Me and saint aren’t CK and Jasparrrrrr. We aren’t Translating machines pretending to be humans. Please understand that fact. Cheers

Also if maple doesn’t work on my laptop as well, don’t expect anything as i’ll be crying in my bed dreaming about my maple career that could’ve been or playing urf with my mates.

Chapters owed: 1 (+4 from bloody someone)

Chapter 52 Part 2


  1. lmao I think this is the first time I’ve seen a translator beg someone to NOT give them money.

    To Saint and co, thank you so much for all of your hard work, as always! I always look forward to updates.

  2. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one suffering trying to start maple. I can’t open it because my internet is supposedly “not stable” Welcome to the club.

  3. Pretty sure I heard somewhere and that once money gets involved translators go into transformation sequence like Power Rangers or magical girls into translate machines

    1. Author

      If only… Those guys were Power Ranger Translation Machines already but the money unlocked their true power. We’re just normal human beings…

  4. Its been 2 fucking weeks if u wanna leave the series the inform us dont keep us hanging here

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