Revolution of the 8th Class MAge Chapter 51 Part 2 Release

Translated by: SaintSNack

Edited by: Me

Guys got lucky. Just woke up, had left over kfc and while I aws waiting for maple to update, I checked my email saw someone had commented on the patreon post for this part of the chapter. Was curious so I decided to edit and read it and man… What a shock… New Waifu appearances and new magicks. Good stuff. I’ll be back once I’m done saving the world as kinetic and being a boss. Enjoy

Chapters owed: 2? (Finally there yaaasss)

Chapter 51 Part 2

EDIT: RIPPPPP MAPLE IS UNDER MAINTENANCE!!!!…….kill me…restarting comp just in case its the comps fault…rippp I dunno what to do with my time anymore….

Page loading speed suddenly went up again… Everyone experiencing those problems yeah?

Oh ma gawd… Cong and roby… stop please… no more…give us some time…

EDIT 2: Maplse back and I’m out. See you guys in a few hours.

Aaaand I’m back. Need to reinstall….

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