Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 49 Part 2 Release

Translated by: Saint Snack

Edited by: Js

Last test chapter before I decide to upgrade the server or not. Sorry for the downtime yesterday and not posting. Was meant to post but I had to renew the server I’m currently on first and they said theyd give me 3 days time but went down at exactly 12 for me… Anyway enjoy the chapter, I’ll be back after a few games of OW and the editing. (I also really want to get back into maplestory for some weird reason. A weird urge…)

Chapters owed: 4

Chapter 49 Part 2

Also posted chapter 50 on patreon but its completely unedited so dont blame me if you cant read it:/ (Thanks for all the new pledges guys. Appreciate the support)

Also please leave a comment below on the time it took to load the page, so I can get some accurate information thanks:)

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